Thursday, August 11, 2011

A test and backpacks finished!

Blogger is starting to tee me off lol.. ok I got that out of my system.. Is anyone else having problems getting their new posts to show the same day?? Or is it just me?? lol ( that happens alot..just me!!) I went into trouble shootings in blogger and found some old posts but saying it was fixed and the thread was closed.huh.... THEN I went to look in some of my account settings and it said down for maintenance and thought oh now we are getting somewhere.. so this post is a test.. lol If you see it today (Thursday the 11th) plz write a short note saying so??
Getting these post's take some time and I would like for it to work... Wordpress is starting to look good  to me right now!! lol Sorry Blogger,, this is getting old.. : /

I burned the midnight oil last night and had a early start this morning finishing these cute adorable little toddler back packs!!! These are so easy to make!! The actual pattern is smaller but I had it up scaled a bit .. I line mine too, the original pattern/tutorial from indietutes doesn't, but I'm just picky like that = )
I just checked this page out to be sure its there and she has a newer up dated backpack I haven't seen yet.. with a zipper.. CUTE!!
I have made quite a few of her things from her easy to follow tutorials.. The lip balm cozy is my fav!! I have pictures of those on my Flickr group over there on the side----------> maybe a bit upward.. no down.. ok right there.!!

I hope the two little guys I made these for enjoy them immensely!!!! ( you will have business cards to hand out as well little dudes!! hehehe)
I want to thank my momma for embroidering the names on for me!! She has one of those awesome embroidery machines that I need to take advantage of more often!!
One last thing.. I got a question.......I put my "watermark" name on my images.. I use picnik to do that.. but I have to ....... do for.............. each ..............and ...........every............ single............... picture one at a timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said that in a long drawn out tone too!!
Does anyone know how to just apply it to a group of pictures all at once??   


  1. sending myself a comment to test my email updates = )

  2. They look really great!!! Those little guys are going to love them!!! And they embroidered names are such a nice touch!!!

  3. Thanks Sasha.. I still not getting notified email for comments.. : /

  4. Great little bags!! The names really personalize them, Yay for Suzees mum and her fancy machine!! I don't know how to watermark lots of photos. It takes forever so I can't be bothered. I should figure it out... One day..


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