Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sneak peak

I was over at my mom's the other day and she showed me her project in the making..I WANT IT !! the picture doesn't show the colors well, taken with my cell phone, so go figure.
 She's not finished with it and doesn't show the sides here but I will post a better picture later.. and..I forgot what the name of this is!! sorry mom :( 
She told me she starting this project few years back, lost the pattern and/or pieces and so she decided to make a whole different pattern.I wish I had taken picture of the block it was suppose to look like,its nothing like this and I do like this one much better.  Here is link to her page of a few quilts she has made.. I bet she has made over 200 quilts in her time..

Monday, February 21, 2011

A happy blogger...

I found a great site for some free backgrounds at www.freebloggerbackgrounds.com   
She has great instructions for adding the backgrounds as well.

I love the colors on this ,so I think I'm pretty much happy about it! Now, I want to get a label/banner for my heading ,but that will take some time.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Ok, I'm having problems designing this page. I wanted three columns but for some reason it wouldn't save that way.. I adjusted the column sizes,AND that did not work. So... if you come past and its all a mess...it's under construction...and left for abandonment!!
I'd like to add my own background but not decided what yet...
To be continued....  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I finally got my planner's finished!! I put together a couple of peoples idea's and made one book. (well actually made 3!) I used a cardboard front and back for mine,(the left pink one) using a old tablet and cut it down to size. It has around 300 pages. But the next two i made from a different tablet with vinyl/plastic front and a thinner back from a notebook. Much more flexiable..here is the insides...
I put a monthly page and then put weekly pages between those pages...
As you can see my days are quit busy!!
And I doddle alot :)

I want to give some people credit and thanking them for letting me use their printable and beautiful pages! From Sofiasworld I took her weekly pages as shown here.
She has the cutest blog!  I love her children's t-shirts! Thank you for the free printable pages!

Then I added the pull-out calendars and some plastic divider pages.

I love this front!! My son's girlfriend,Liz gets this one.We share a love for posty notes!

ok to wrap this up here is a few more pages inside...

For the monthly pages I used free printables from It's A New Day . She puts out one every year that is FREE! (downloading and assembly required )

Each book only cost me around $2.50 more/less to have binded at a local printing store. ( kept it local)

I'm thinking maybe next year making a smaller version for a pocketbook? I think they would make great gifts.

UPDATE I ended up taking this planner apart as I needed to move some pages around.. I use a half size binder I picked up from Staples and made my own pages. (and still use pages from Sofiasworld. Go here to see update http://appleheadthreads.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-planner.html

I get alot of traffic on this page and wanted to share another planner that is AAAMMMAZING!!!!!!!!!
http://prettychaotic.com/2012/05/08/diy-print-your-own-pretty-planner/ I think if you are looking for a great , functional and pretty planner you have to check this one out!!!
http://prettychaotic.com/ has a new planner ready and on SALE!!! It's just as great printed out!!!! Can be used for a blog planner or everyday and/or  family planner!