Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Playing around.

I started using a program called Windows Live Writer recently and I’m still checking the extras on it.. today I’m testing the publish date.. I’m writing this EARLY Tuesday morning and going to set it to post at 9AM.. I tried that on blogger once and it didn’t work,,it never posted at all!         Or it could have been the poster..
Any of my furry baby mom’s ..and dad’s out there heard of Cedarcide? It’s a all natural animal and human bug repellent. I’m done with putting chemicals into my doggie, Baby ………….this is her. she has lost so much weight , which is a great thing!! For her size she should weigh about 7lbs.. she was 10+ and as a doggy mom I suck! Photo1345How can you not say no to this little face?? But it took a big scare and almost death of this little creature to make me think about things I feed her or put on her.. she is weighing 6.5lbs now. I think she’s too little now! I’m so use to seeing her with a big pot belly and bumps sticking out of her hips.. like me …
But anyways I feed her real boiled chicken……lol stop laughing …..and expensive dog food only from the vet. for her allergies..NO MORE TABLE SCRAPS but she still gets a Greenie!!! (they even smell good lol)
I went to get her flea meds this past month and got to reading up on some of the chemicals inside them. I was using Advantage but the vet stop selling the type I liked.. so I switched to Frontline. They both seem to do the trick. AND FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! DON’T BUY HARTZ!!!! It gets into the blood stream and can kill little ones like her and cats..I talk from experience here!!!  I shudder to remember that story!  But anyways..again… I did some research and order the Cedarcide (link above) and it has the cedar oil in this and I guess bugs hate this stuff.. I put it on myself first.. as its safe for humans and little kids even.. sortof oily but not bad.. and smells good! If you like cedar.. I spritzed it on Baby and rubbed it in.. she smelled like a little cedar chest lol  Its says it keeps all bugs, like fleas, gnats, flies , skitters,,etc away and off of you and your pet. Been using it for two days now.. I still find fleas on her… I guess they get hungry enough they still going to get on her for nibble.. its makes me mad because she is allergic to the flea saliva and we won’t get anymore allergy shots for her..Anyone got any suggestions?? I’m at a stand still..
The vet suggested giving her bath in Dawn dishsoap to kill the fleas.. its what they use. ok did that.. didn’t see any fleas dead in the water so was hoping she didn’t have any.. 


  1. It showed in Reader for me at 1:11pm est today!!

    I used Dawn dishsoap on William when I brought him in our house for the first time since he was a stray. I don't know of anything else to use. I'm with you...I don't like to put chemicals on the boys. I haven't had any problems with fleas, so I've never had to put anything on them. I wish I could be of more help!! LOL and Baby smelling like a cedar chest...too cute =D

  2. Maybe it takes a few days to work? for the cedar oil to get into the blood stream and taste awful to the fleas? I'm crossing my fingers that you find a way. I agree the drugs seem really full on. Sweet little baby, the photo of her is adorable.


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