Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm still here = )

I've been watching my granddaugther so not sewn much,,BUT did cut up tons of those bags!! Today is sewing bag day!! I'm going to have to drag my serger into my kitchen so not wake the hubby up, as my craft room is across the hall from his sleeping chambers...(he works nights) and well my serger is LOUD! At least when the whole house is quiet it seems loud lol
Also, since I will have so many of these cute bags I'll be doing a giveaway!! My first giveaway!! yay!!! I'll be posting that sometime next week...

I won a giveaway from Cynthia at The Sewing Dork. Isn't this little clutch the cutest?
And I do love scraps of vintage!

I also was selected for a swap of sorts called Pay it Forward. I've not heard of this till,well I read it on a blog and I commented and was one of three selected! lol
The way it works, the person that selects her three persons to send to has received her pay it forward swap , then after I receive my swap from her, I post on my blog about it and get my 3 persons, and I will have 365 days to send that out to them..then each of them do the same and on and on...sort of like a chain swap??? I'm glad they give a year to do it but of course I wouldn't wait as long a month to get them out!!! I would like to keep it going! = )

I hope all is good out there!!! Isn't the month of August flying by??? The grocery shelves are stocked of Halloween treats now,and I started my Christmas gift list of home made goods...I'll be holding my breathe til January now ...hoping to get all my sewing done!!! And its the weekend ALREADY???


  1. Oh Congrats!!! That clutch is adorable!!! I love the new blog background too!!! It's cute!!!!!

    Your new swap sounds fun!

    I was at Target last night and didn't see any Halloween stuff...maybe they are just slow =P

  2. You really are the luckiest giveaway winner!! You're so right that August is flying by!! I hope you had a fun sewing day!


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