Thursday, June 27, 2013

BlogLovein it!

Just a short post ...
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I do not like Google doing this to us.... I liked seeing all my followers faces in my side bar!!! hehe
SOOO...Its the end of the month and I did not do much sewing in June.. and that means I did not get my wallet tutorial finished for the LYOF of June.. BLAH!
I actually have to start over as the one I did finished didn't turn out so great.. 
But I do want to show you something I ordered !!!!
As most of you know I love planners and paper, stickers and pens!! 
I ordered these cuties from my friend Sachiko over on filofaxlove. She does great work and love all the cuteness of her products!! I have ordered several times from her!!
These fit my personal Holborn filo. I was using a pocket and wanted to upscale a bit to have more room to write in. 
She lets you personalize the tabs whatever you want!
I also got the month tabs .. giggly cute!
She sent me a pocket today marker , magnet and smaller marker too! Thank you Sachiko!

Here they are set inside. (don't look at the messy background)
* since taking this photo I moved it all into my"Big Green" Franklin Covey binder!

I'll be taking photos soon of my set up with all my cute tabs ! I been going back and forth trying layouts.. ugh.what a hassle . so went back to week on 2 pages and just going to go with that. I also made my own month pages... 

I bought new Pilot Frixion pens and markers !!! These were ordered from Jetpens
The markers are on left. I love them! I also got the pencil like frixion gel pens..Love writing with these! and I had to get a single blue clicker pen , frixion also.. and the writing markers, they are post its like tabs and of course...they are doggies!
Does anyone know a stateside shop to order goodies like stickers and posties from?

I'll be getting back to my sewing soon.. I NEED to as my Etsy shop is bare!! 
Well anyways... Please follow from Bloglovin or some other sort of way you follow!! Pretty please!???
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Have a good weekend !!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New things for me!

I can't find the time to sew but I can find time to shop!! HA!
Been a busy week and really had lots planned to sew.. Zoey's summer clothes will be winter before I start on them!!!

I went shopping today and Hobby Lobby has a big sale on all paper punches and stickers and washi type tape and and and and LOTS.. I kept myself on a budget though.. I bought all this..
I also got some things in the $1 bin at Joann's.
No I don't do smash books or scrapbooking.. I will use these in my planner. I might as well be scrapbooking.. my planner looks like one anymore...
I bought the punches to use to make stickers from my decorative tape..I call it decorative tape as it isn't really washi tape but might as well be .. love it.
I found a tutorial HERE I have to try out!

I did make some simple stickers the other day..

I took some round white avery labels and marked all over them with highlighters and TA DA!
My pink stickers are for my Zoey days.. and I have green for doctors, red is important and yellow are Dougs work days.. I will do a full post on my layout soon.. I made my weekly pages too! 

I ordered new page dividers from Sachiko over on Filofax Love. I love her stuff she makes!! I hope I spelled her name right....
I can't wait to get them and pretty up my planner!! I'm using a Franklin Covey binder again.. but more on that later...


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Lovely Year Of Finishes !!!!

Oh LOOKY! I'm actually going to enter this month's LYOF!!!! YAY!!!

I had my wallet pattern/ tutorial on my desk forever and been working on it last month so this is a good project for me to FINISH!!! 
Since I posted the sample pictures last post, I made a lot of changes!! I can't wait to make one!! 

Here are some of the fabric choices lined up for my final wallet.
Oh .. I noticed the brown I took out already! HA!! I switched it to some pink..
You know I need a name for this wallet.....

Have a good week!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

I need help.

You remember my loyalty card wallet I promised a tutorial on?? 

Well the first was trashed.. I didn't like the clear vinyl I used for the pockets and I had a mess in my purse one day with all of them falling out! LOL
 I thought ok to the drawing board again..

When I begin something it bugs me until I get it right.. and I think I have it now, by George! 
( where did that saying come from?)

I used some old fabric for my practice.. its actually not that bad and its Red White and Blue!!!

I like the feel of this wallet.. As I like books and it reminds me of my little Pocket Holborn Filofax I carry =))) 
size wise I mean..

Don't look of the fabrics just the design LOL

Opened up first page.. I put a long deep pocket for coupons on inside front..or receipts too.
on next flap are 4 card slots.

Next page with it opened flat.. 4 more card slots on left and on right are 12 card slots for those little key ring loyalty cards. I use them more then the bigger cards.. 

opened next page is 4 MORE card slots and a back pocket on back flap. I have a checkbook inside.
I figured I could fold some cash bills inside one of the card slots or deeper pocket.

With it closed I noticed with all the cards inside it doesn't line up even.
I am going to add a little bit more to each side of the pattern. then leave the card page the same size.
I didn't use interfacing at all , didn't want to waste it.. I will use medium weight for the outer fabric only. It feels good without interfacing on the card slots. that way it won't bulk it up.

Ok my help question.. I want a flap closure.. or do I?? What kind? or leave it without???
The cards are tight enough that they wont fall out.. again lol
Any suggestions to add anything?? 
This is actually fast and easy project! Only thing that took time were the card slot pockets to sew each down.
I have some ideas for the fronts! 

Hey I added a few things to my Etsy shop! go check them out !!

pst my birthday is tomorrow..My hubby is going to give me money.. he doesn't know that yet, but anywho.. I will have to show you later what goodies I have in mind to buy!!!!
 I was going to do something fun on here but maybe you can just wish me a happy one! LOL