Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I made a purse.. and more...

I wanted a new bag but didn't want to take long making it.. I didn't want to use good fabrics either lol
So I took a pair of old jeans that was soft and thin..
I took a pattern I received from Jane at ProjectsbyJane .I made it a tad bigger as I liked the shape of the clutch . (Sorry Jane I hacked your pattern! lol )
I used fabric scraps received from Sasha at StitchedbySasha.. thank you Sasha!
I used a old purse strap ..
and came up with this..HA.
 Like I said I used old fabric for the case I didn't like the outcome of it.. and wouldn't you know I love this bag!!!Its not even heavy like I thought it would be either.. the strap is adjustable so it can be a shoulder bag or sling bag.

I reused a couple of the pockets too.

I have this much more scraps to get through.. I decided about a week ago I MUST USE THEM .. 

I started off making these...My sister-in-law wanted them. I like the little one hehe.

I ordered more....yes more.. washi tape...this came from HouseofWashi on Etsy.. the dotted piece are little strips ..cute!

hmm what else can I show..
Oh I made home made stain remover !!! and it WORKS! I used about everything to get smashed down jelly out of my carpet.. I found on pinterest this simple solution part hydrogen peroxide, one part baking soda and 2 parts water. Spray it on that nasty stain..( and it was nasty mean too) took a tooth brush at it and poof ... that sucker was gone like a freight train! 
this is good for whitening teeth too.. just a teaspoon of each ingredient with your toothpaste and brush those stains off your choppers! 

I hope everyone state side enjoys their holiday !!! 
Happy birthday America!