Saturday, August 6, 2011


Sort of !! = )
But not intentionally ! (did I spell that right?)

Just when I think things are slowing down to get things set up in my sewing room , put water in your iron, adjust your machines, feed the dog ( no pun there intended) , got grocery shopping done for the month (or in this case bi weekly this month) checked in on Momma , etc etc...the phone rings and we are rushing to pick up new uniforms for Doug two hours away.. So.......I turn off the iron and machines,,make sure the dog is watered, gas tank filled and thinking.. well its for the good! Doug (aka husband unit)  applied for a part time job this past Monday and he was hired Thursday and they wanted him to start Friday..(yesterday)
He didn't think much about it when he applied. Usually how it goes though huh? You want and want something and nothing happens,,but if you do it and forget it.. boom! it goes hay wire...
Doug is retired from the USAF and didn't last long before he was bored.. alot of it was he sold his tractor a couple of years ago (play toy) sold his JEEP.. (play toy) then its been so awfully hot outside he won't go out, as his allergies act up and plus he HATES hot weather. He's a cold weather person (NOT ME! yuck! )
So,, he thought why not earn a little cash while hes being bored!! I said Great Idea!! I'm thinking more sewing time for me!! hehehehe.
I swear it was like getting a little kid off to school his first day.. He did pack his own lunch, snacks. But I had to check off the list to make sure he had everything he needed.. Uniform on ? key? (for company truck) lunch box, thermos of coffee, water, badge, belt, flashlight ( oh they supplied him with a maglite.. that right there will make a man drool )
So finally he's all set out the door, I'm headed out the door as well to take Zoey home and I asked before shutting the door.. car keys?
eeks! late for work first day not good! lol

Well he got home this morning (3rd shift) and he said its the easiest job he's had. So of course he will like it.. Oh I never said what job he got! A security guard at some local mines around us. He wouldn't let me take his picture of his first day! lol But I'm just glad I didn't have to sew on any patch's , I did that for 15 years while he was in the Air Force and wasn't happy about it.

But anywho... I finally got home about 10pm last night after taking Zoey home and thought I would relax, I had a computer mess to clean up. Trying to add some programs in a computer I bought off my neice( for coupon printing lol)  and my stamps program doesn't want to load in right..grrrr

I hate when I keep going and going on... I did manage to get a bit sewing done and working on a wallet. then a dress...I decided to stop taking custom orders for now.. I don't mind doing them at all, but want to work on Christmas and Etsy projects. So my customers that have orders to be finished I'm still doing them!! lol
Have a great weekend everyone....Baby decided to enjoy her's in my completed projects basket..


  1. Awwww look at Baby!! sooo cute!!!

    You've been a busy bee!

  2. Lol!! I love this post!! You're so good at writing and telling stories. I'm laughing at the maglite making me drool, so true! And how it was like a first day at school. Little Baby looks so sweet in your basket!


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