Monday, May 27, 2013

Its been a while...

First I want to say Thank You to all the Veteran's past , present and future..

Its been a while since last post.. but I have been sewing!

I'll throw some pictures up for ya..

I made a little guitar pick holder.. I saw this on Pinterest or some web site and just wanted to try it out.. My son , brother and youngest sister all play guitars.. I'm not musically talented. I tried in school but wasn't for me..

I am making a few iPhone case pouch's for Etsy.. I have some cut
out and hoping to get those finished later in the week..I made this
black one with fusible fleece and thought it would be too thick since my friend that wanted it has a cover on her phone.. IT FIT! so she took it.. and also took the second one lol

                                                                 This second one was made with just heavy  interfacing. ( forgot to sew the clasp on top so its hanging down but its been fixed! )
 I have this one next to sew.. The kids like the zebra pattern's and of course in pink!!!  If you like your own pattern for this you can get it here at ProjectsbyJane ! ( or if you want me to make you a custom one I can do that too! lol)
I will have some loaded on Etsy soon...

 I made a bag! FOR ME! My birthday   is coming up soon and I made this for myself.. I wanted to take a pic outside but by time I got home this afternoon it was raining.. I will take better ones soon! I love this bag! Its a pattern by Bari J. You can find her patterns HERE .

 Ok remember the pencil pouchs from the giveaway? I made a few more.. I was playing around with sizes and the blue one made from Sew Stitchy is a bit skinner then the other two.. I didn't like it so went back to regular size..

I have time for one more photo..
My precious Zoey Bug.. she is modeling a dress I made her in some of her favorite fabric I been hoarding just for her..If my memory is correct this is Out to Sea by Michael Miller.. I'm very bad with remember fabric lines and names.. 
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend !!! 
Hoping to get some more sewing done this week!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day and some cute wallets!

I worked on my Etsy shop today!!! 

I had some phone/cash wallets made up for like FOOOORRREVVER!!! I finally opened my Etsy back up and got these wallets put on.

These will hold any phone up to size 6" x 4.25" x 1" So they are perfect for your iphone or Android Razr or other same sized phones..
It has room for your cash bills , or receipts and there are two vertical slots for cards!
I use my phone to take pictures and I had to dig out my little phone and stick in there..

The best thing about these wallets ??? I am using my new labels!! =0)
Would you like to see more details? Click on the Etsy shop on the right side!! 
I'm going to try .. and I mean TRY with a capital T to get my shop going again!!

If you are new to reading my blog ,you will find out I love to  make wallets, bags, and little cute things! 
I promised myself I will make me a couple of summer tops soon too!
I don't mind making clothes.. just not for me! My body is all wonky and I'm very short and its very hard to find clothes that fit a lumpy bag of tators! LOL 

To all the Mothers out there have a wonderful Mothers day!!! We love you all!!! ..
and Mom I know you read this.. so I want to tell you that I love you alot and love all the times we go shopping together and laugh and have fun!!! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have my sewing passion that I have!!! ...Did you eat that HUGE piece of coconut cream pie yet?? LOL 


Friday, May 10, 2013



I did a give away without my comments numbered!!! OH MY GOSH HAHA!
but......I did it.. I let pick for me then,,,,,,,yes I went and counted each entry.. wasn't too bad..but lets get this thing finished and I'm headed to bed....!!! =0)

I emailed the winners and hope to hear from them so these goodies will be shipped off Monday!!!

The winner of the first set with the cute pouch and Sewline set is...
Michelle Olsen!!! 

And the second pouch paper /pen set goes to...

Tina C.

Thanks sooo much for entering and for you new followers thanks double!! 

This was fun and probably will do it again!!!
I hope I win some goodies!! hehehe
Good luck to you all in the other give aways!!!

OH wanted to share what I made for my Zoey.. she saw the pouches and did a UH!! I want one!! so of course gramma made her one! its smaller sized =0) 


Test for bloglovin

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A while ago I claimed my blog at Bloglovin.. I had to sign up again.. I guess they took it off.. but when I went to claim my blog.. says there are two .. one in the uk... hmmmm Need to check that .. 
BTW this is just a test


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I'm shocked so many people are signing up for my give away and its awesome!! I thank you , thank you , thank you!!! And a big THANK YOU if you are new to following me!!
I am going through all the comments and reading each and every one! I will answer each one, I promise!! 

I love to sew about anything.. my passion is bags, wallets,pouches..,etc... and little items.. I sew clothes for my 3 year old grand daughter, Zoey. She loves Gramma making her things!
And as a matter of fact I finally finished a fleece jacket she wanted sooooooooooo much and it HAD to be Spongebob "Kool Kants" !!!! I had some trouble with the collar and ended up doing it my way and threw the pattern instructions down LOL.. 
here is the jacket...
It looks big here but its a 3-4T  

I like the back.. I put some elastic through the back .

The one thing she wanted special was "secret pockets" and she said it in a whisper lol So I added one on each inside behind the front pockets..
We are still having some cool mornings and evening.. (Indiana) and I made this a little big so she will be able to wear it a couple of years!

I cut out the fabrics for the second pencil pouch I promised to make to go with the pencil set in the Give Away!

My next bigger projects are summer clothes for Zoey.... I hope I get them done before summer is over!! 


Monday, May 6, 2013

Give away time! -- closed!----

 I am participating in Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day!!
 I have different followers.. not all of you do crafts I'm thinking so to make it fair I want to do TWO give away's! You can only enter one set though.. sorry , I want to make this fair for all! I hope that sounds fair???
Heres the deal.. tell me in the comment below which set you want.. 
And PLEASE PLEASE tell me your name and email.. PLEASE!!! because if you are a no reply blogger how will I know where to send your email to you telling you won!!! We can't have that!!! 
I will draw one and if it says the sewing kit , then the next draw I will draw until it says the Paper/pen kit.. sound good? 
Ok on to the goodies!!!!
First the sewing kit.. ( I gave a sneaky peek yesterday)
I made this skinny pencil pouch the other day and thought oh I must put this in the give away.. so it wasn't planned.. and worked well with what I giving away! I used what I had handy.. 
and look at the cute little strawberry! cute! 

wow I just noticed everything is pink LOL Also included is a Sewline Fabric Pencil... I love these pencils.. It includes a set of pink and yellow marking refills. I use the pink alot and white.. I thought the yellow would be different.. 
Oh I made cute little magnets too!

Ok now for the paper/pen set..
First of all I want to say I am making another fabric pencil case to go with this set!! I have not finished it yet but by time the week is up I will post a pic to new post! It will be in different colors too.

***** UPDATE*******
I finished the pouch that will go with the pencil/ art set below!!!

what is included in this ..

2 post it note pads...
1 removable label pad 
4 sheets of white Avery round labels.. (I stamped on a few to show that they are stickers.. thats how I use them in  my Filofax planner,) 
A GOB of paper clips and binder clips..
A pack of 2 Easytouch Pilot retractable Pens. black ink.
1 Rolly Pentel 4 color pen .7mm (refillable)
1 red ink Deluxe Micro uni ball pen
2 BIC mechanical pencils
1 little pen (Staples brand) 
plus a fabric case not shown...

OK now for the rules..
This is open to anyone!
There are two chances to win to win one set!
  • As I said PLEASE include your name and email if you are a no comment blogger.

  • I will pick by random draw.
  • Please tell me what set you want!!! If you don't give me a preference I will have to redraw a name !

  • For a second chance !!! Let me know what project you are working on and if you have a blog let me know and share it here! I love inspiration!!! 

  • If you follow my blog already thank you so much! If you like to (but don't have to) you may follow me through RSS feed or Face book or any of the other buttons I have on top of the post here!
This give away is open from today May 6 until May 10 at 5 p.m  PST!  I will pick a winner by random on May 11th and post it here! (and email the winner )

If you like to join in other give aways and there are TONS to enter!! Go HERE to Sew Mama Sew

! Good luck!! and have fun!!!

------------UPDATE>. this give away is now closed. thank you!---------------


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello! Ready for a giveaway...........????

I been trying to get my crap together..this that and more.. my sewing room is a mess..again.. and I have been  doing a organizing cleaning .. Trips to the recycle store.. to the trash.. and resorting.. and I can't tell! lol
but I busted my bum to get something together for Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!!! I get so excited every year for this! The first year I entered for these was about 3 years ago and I won several things! The next year  not so much.. and then last year......nothing lol But I still love them.. I find new craft blogs to follow and new friends as well! Thats always fun! It starts tomorrow but I will give you a peek at what I'm going to give away.. because I will join in the giveaways this year! yay! 
I noticed I have my sewing followers and I have some Filofax peeps.. So I will be fair to you all and explain in the giveaway post tomorrow.. But these are some of the goodies I'm entering to giveaway! 
yes I made that..

For my Filofax, paper / planner lovers I will have something too.. will just have to read tomorrow !! But this little pouch can be used for pencils too!!!  ( do you see the cute little strawberry on the zipper pull!)

My focus this month is to get my blog in order .. post more and get some things on Etsy.. I think I said that a few months back.. but life goes on different curves and you just have to do what ya can... 
See ya tomorrow!