Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday....with lots of photos!!!

I have no good title for today ....and I've been a bad blogger.. last posted was a month ago..
Just been crazy busy .....

I have had quite a few custom orders for Kindle/ Nook covers.. and with all happy customers!!
I will be making iPad covers soon, because I finally broke down and ordered me , myself and I my own little iPad! yay!!! With some coaching from my friend Sasha and alot of deciding I thought oh heck go for it.. then she twisted my arm.. not that much ... to get the keyboard for it. so well I have to have the keyboard!!! hehehe

I perfected my wallet pattern I was working on for the last few months.. Its a easy wallet but I had it on the back burner for so long and wanted to get it done..I'm hoping to put some of these on my Etsy soon.. Christmas coming and people need to buy some cute crafty gifts!!! = )

I made this one using some leftover fabric I used for a custom Kindle cover... I like geen too =)
 I'm thinking of using snaps on some...
If you can see here I put three stitched lines down the center to make it fold better and not bunch up inside with all your cards and monies (a Zoey word) in it..
 I need to move the top card slot down a bit .. I tried putting a clear front I.D. pocket on the front but it didn't work out..
 Ok as you know I like planners, calendars and all things paper.. I contacted my friend Katrianna over on . She has the cutest planner ! I asked if she could do a custom size for me.. She worked with me and came up with these pages... I LOVE IT.. I like the smaller pages so I can throw it in my bag if need to but big enough to write all my busy days down in.. Lots of cutting, printing and punching the holes.. I can not find a small 6 hole puncher for it yet.. so each hole was with a single puncher.. sigh.. yes..I know...
This is a older dayrunner planner binder I had been using with just plain paper in it.. writing each week and month out.. I think I have just as much time invested in this one too lol but its all worth it.. I like the weekly pages to the left. and have the To Do page on the right.. you have to have lists.... right???
 I like to keep track of my books I read and and want to read so today I printed out this page real fast.. I found it Here from PaperLoveStory .. I think the lines are bit small and its actually for a Filofax size planner.

 My monthly views..

Ok for some fun....

Last weekend we went to a Pow Wow at our local Shakamak State park. It was fun. We took Zoey and she had a blast.. she is SO curious and is in the lots of questions age.. especially the WHY WHY WHY?? after each answer.. One family had stayed in their tee pee and the family invited Zoey inside.. She is petting the furs here lol .

 She loves this little girls outfit.. kept touching it and admiring it.. I think I will have to make her one now!
I asked the little girl to take her picture with Zoey. We got to watch her do her "fire" dance later in the show.. (without fire)
 Here is Zoey and Papaw eating some yummy fries and fry bread..
 She is so photogenic.. but its hard to get her to stay in one place , I had to do this one super fast! and turned out awesome! Doug took a picture of me and Zoey together and I accidently deleted it!!!!! I don't have many of us together either = (
 I can't remember what this man was called.. maybe the medicine doctor? We was told he came all the way down from Canada.. The music was nice as well..

Ready for more pictures?? hehehehe

I almost forgot about my messenger bag pattern I tested for Jane on projectsbyjane . I love her patterns! VERY VERY detailed instructions. This pattern with many others are available on her Etsy shop.
I made this one using the fabric thinking of a one person and sent it to her and she loves it..
 Yes, I know I should of used darker Velcro..

Ok I think I am caught up.. I am getting back to my sewing bug lately and with Christmas around the corner I really need to get busy!!! Especially with all the fabric I have stock piled I can't wait to use it. You can admire it for so long ....