Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello = )

I've been a little sewing suzee  last couple of days.. Thought it was all going good until I found out I didn't get enough fabric for a dress someone ordered to make.. oh hum. BACK to the fabric store!! Not that is a bad thing but it's the drive there. : /
I did get a order for a wallet finished..
and of course I have pictures = D

I wasn't sure about the blue snap closure.. But Liz loved it!! I actually made her a keychain and  a chapstick cozy awhile back in some of the colors I used here, so it all matched!! I used the pattern from NapKitten . My goal is to make all her wallets!! I love them! She has a handbag I'm totally obsessed with that I keep going back to see it! I have to buy that pattern soon !! (need funds first)
So I must admit to myself that I did the binding on this a lot better!! I took my time and told myself I think I can,,,I think I can.. and was shocked to see the outcome! Ya, I know I've seen better out there but hey I'm learning !! Its actually the curves I have trouble with.

Tomorrow on the agenda is two toddler backpacks.. I made several of these and they are sooo adorable! and super easy to make! I had some pictures of the one's I finished last year but they are lost on some cd's laying around here.. Here is a link to the pattern I use from indietutes  . I line mine and put the children's name on the front top closure.. sure wish I could find that picture!
I also have some baby items to get finished for my friends baby shower this Sunday..eeks.

Remember the post a few days ago about my blog/sewing list planner? I kept to it but lost a day on it but still did alright. So it did help me stay on track! I will continue it for sure!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!!!


  1. Wow Go Suzee!! You're whipping up those wallets and things! Your wallet looks wonderful!! I love all those bright fun fabrics. The toddler back packs sound great too!

  2. It looks perfect!!! I think the binding looks great!!! And the fabrics are so cheery! Go Suzee Go!!!


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