Saturday, August 27, 2011

And the winner is........

Ok, I'm a dumdum. I made my number generator and couldn't figure out how to put the picture of the winning number drawn on my page.. : / so.......... I took a picture of it lol its fuzzy but hey it worked.. and you will have to take my word for it that I only hit it once! Maybe there was a bit of tiny print somewhere I missed. But I'm so sorry for this.. blah. Maybe I should of let my doggie pick the winner!! I have saw a few do that !! ok ok the winner.......
OK it says comment number 10 belongs to Jasmine1485!! and I'm glad you left your email! thank you!! = )
I'll be sending emails to everyone and get a mailing address. Because........ EVERYONE else wins a bag!! I need to get rid of these , they have taken over my sewing room!!!
Actually I'll probably do another giveaway later down the road because if the comment counts stay little I could do it to where everyone wins something again! Hey, I enjoy making things for people = )
Check your email's ! Because I will need your mailing address to send your bag.

I'll be AWOL for a bit this coming week,(but you can email me and you know who you are my faithful emailers!! ) I have some orders to get finished, got behind a little and I'll be watching my Zoey bug later in the week a couple of days... so later gators..and thank you to each of you for playing with me!!! I hope you don't get too bored while visiting = )

To my new followers.. I would love to follow your blogs as well if you have one.. I'll do some snooping around..I am good at that!! lol  A big mushy thank you to everyone!!!


  1. You're so sweet! Thank you Suzee!!! I have a blog and you're welcome to pop over at your leisure. Have a great weekend, Anita

  2. Congratulations to Jasmine!! She'll have fun with her bag of goodies!!Have a fun week of sewing and looking after Zoey!!


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