Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bookmark makings!!

Photo1357 Photo1359


I forgot to post these the other day. Actually I got busy with a little tator bug named Zoey = )Rolling on the floor laughing


I gave a bookmark to my “daughter-in-law” (she will be !!! ) and she said she could of sold these at work easily.. so I made MORE!!

I like making them as it only takes scraps, only thing is figuring out how to organize them !

I like using this program Live Writer.. Still trying to figure out all the settings..

Didn’t sew nothing , nadda today.. but I cut out more bags!! Me and Doug the husband, went shooting..yep I shoot guns = )

I was a little rusty but did ok. Just paper targets, nothing major like cars or people lol

He got a new gun (don’t ask what it is becuz a gun is one name to me….GUN. ) It’s a handgun and I didn’t like shooting it,

If I had bigger lips on my mouth I would of gotten a facefull of metal! lol big kickback. 

I entered more giveaways this week.. and two of them are for the Go! Baby!! yay!! ONE of these days!!! lol

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  1. Your book marks are so pretty I'd end up looking at them and forget to read my book! :)


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