Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm a slacking...

Its been few days .. but it is that time of year.. and I have been accomplishing many things!

I wish I could post some of the things I'm making but they are gifts and will just have to wait. But some are gifts that who knows who would get them so I'll post those! teehee

I finished these up this morning. I finally found a site to get my flexi snap hinges (3.5"size) The were so easy to make. And the hinges were a snap to put in.. get it? snap.. oh boy. ok moving on...
 I used a variety of fabrics I had. Some were new stuff like Little Apples and I got some FQ's of the new Woodland..sooo soo cute! You can view it HERE from Julies shop, The Intrepid Thread.  The bigger one in the middle is the first one I made to try out sizes. I used some upholstery fabric ( I got tons of sample sizes). I decided  I wanted the pouches to be smaller. I used this tutorial HERE from The Happy Seamstress. (you ever notice the word STRESS in that word seamstress..hmm yah. lol) but anyways...I like the fabrics she used, but I didn't have anything like that one hand.. I have a purple cord fabric I'm saving back for one to embellish later for me!
I made something for my momma's birthday coming up and sure would like to post that but she reads this so..you have to wait mom!
I'm making Zoey some little p.j's and a pair to match her little dolly I'm making her. I found this flannel at Joann's awhile back and I was going through my pattern's and found one I used to make my boys when they were littler.. so its a old pattern, at leasty early 80's circa. I'm going to leave the arm and leg bands off though. She doesn't like things around her arms, but that's ok because I don't either!
I about forgot about this.. My mom made me something, or it was suppose to be for her and she knew I liked it alot so I got it hehehe..
I think the pincushion is for naps though hahaha. As long as I don't put pins in it...
 This isn't a good picture of it but I thought it was cute because Baby was checking it out. I turned my back after taking the picture and she was laying on it.. I could probably fit her inside the pockets.
I hope everyone had a nice holiday !! State side of course. My friends across the big ponds well you just enjoy that nice warm weather! blah! : P 
Do any of you have a Kindle Fire? I'm wanting it so bad but I get scared thinking its not all that great as it sounding.. I always said I wouldn't ever get a "electronic book" as I love my real books! But they have browser's too and would love to get rid of my second computer in my sewing room! My second computer is for sale btw.. for local's.. unless you want to pay for shipping !!!  = ) 
Oh and for my Pay it Forward swap I will be sending out this coming week!!! (you know who you are !!) 

--------Cyber Monday here I come!!! ----------

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

and oops! I was trying to post pictures from Flickr and didn't do it right and thought I deleted the post in time but blogger was too fast for me! lol sorry.. I did make something and its Here .. sorry!
Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving! If you travel be safe..if you go out to Black Fridays...helmet up! 
= )

Sunday, November 20, 2011

weekend sewing

I had some free me time this weekend and used it !!! I finished up my pouches! I had to at least have 8, and I made the last 3 this morning. Yay. Now I will fill them with goodies!   I love making these pouches. I can do it with my eyes shut..but we won't do that as I already almost dis fingered myself last week... Remember you can find the FREE tutorial on Sasha's page under her tutorials!!

 I made this cute little felt fishing game for Zoey for Christmas. Aren't they the cutest fishies ever! I made some last year for a friend's little kids and they really enjoyed them! For the fishing pole Doug found a wooden dowel and I wrapped the heck out of it with electoral tape .. I just hope Zoey doesn't use it as a head bonker on people because she does enjoy doing that.. then runs and laughs. She evil..pure evil!
I started on her baby doll accessories today too. One felt baby wipe holder with little fleece wipes. I'm slowly marking my list down!  You can barely see that list in the second picture up there.. yah, I only have 2 marked off, but actually got 3 done today   = ) I found this free tutorial HERE . I didn't put the eyes on which is Velcro but I did put a piece of the hook part of the Velcro on the "hook" and it snags the felt exposed on the fish. Thought it would be easier for littler kiddos.

Who wants a sewing tutorial? How about 101?? or more? On EverythingEtsy.com I might of added to my list........oh boy.
(thank you Sasha lol )
Ok coffee smells good and I'm hitting the recliner! I think Baby misses me!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Etsy code

I just had a brain fart and thought eh, what the heck, I have a code for anything in my Etsy shop for HALF off. I need to move some things off there. Not sure even if I have time to make some more items before Christmas, been trying to get gifts finished!

The code is ZOEYBUG I hope you can find something to give as gifts or for yourself!! I do custom orders as well. I have a few happy customers out there with the custom orders!

OH and there is free shipping on a few items listed!!! Stateside only though. sorry :( but I do try to make it ship as cheap as I can for you !!
Link for the store is on the side there.. thanks !

I never used the code thing before so hoping it goes ok!
Code will be good until December 1st !!!

New stuff!

A week or so ago I ordered something from http://www.pickyourplum.com/ for the first time. I been wanting a address stamp for us for some time as I get tired of printing them out or actually writing it.. can you imagine? lol Actually I do love to write, but when you're in a hurry a sticker or stamp will do the trick! They had a deal on stamps. (They are all deals on that site! ) I blotted out the one because it's a present so I didn't want to give it away. 
Look.. they sent me a Twizzler stick!! haha. When that fell out of the bag I laughed.. I can't eat it as I have a abscess tooth :( Will need a crown on it and won't have it done until Dec 5th.. blah. But the doc put me on antibiotics until then.

 I bought a couple of the patterns from http://www.keykaloupatterns.com/ sale and made this little cute bugger. My button is abit far up I think. But the velcro is on the back side and didn't want to put it inside that. I think I use the wrong size velcro.

Since this one is going to be mine it won't bother me much. It is a tiny thing and I love it!
I'll be making some more up for gifts!! Ok that button is starting to bother me.. 
Anyone else make these??

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Item's checked off my list!

I finished these up !!!  This are the projects I was working on, and now I can check another item off THE list!
 I used this tutorial HERE from i heart linen. If anyone has her books, I'm jealous. But on my list to buy!!!
 For some reason I got the linen pieces switched around on two of them.

 I sewn a outline around one of them but decided they looked better without. But only did it to not have to hand sew the seam down! Ended up hand sewing them..and all the corners. If you know me at all, I have one numb finger. Not fully numb but enough to bother me with hand sewing. Its the reason I can't cross stitch any more .. what I loved doing before sewing!

 I put some items in to show you how little these are.. so cute! 
Huh.. I wonder where I lost my marbles...
These little cuties are going to be gifts for friends for Christmas, and I think my mom wants a couple of them for her quilting friends. I hope I end up with one!!! 

Have to put the doll on the back table for now. Hmm wonder whats on my list next!!!

OH if you don't know who Keyka lou is then shame on you! hehe She is having a sale on her patterns! $5!!!!
From her Pattern Store here and from her Etsy shop. Not sure how long this is going on for but go get ya some cute things to make! ( Of course I bought some!) And you can sell items made from these patterns!
Have a great weekend! I know its only Wednesday but never know when I'll be back! Ok, have a great week!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Look what I went and did to myself! I'm just glad it wasn't worse then it looks. No blood was involved! (that red stuff on the mat isn't blood lol fleece bits!)The stupid ruler slipped out from under my hand and my finger took a suicide dive to the rotary blade. The nail stopped it from going too deep and it did get a tiny piece of skin. phew. scarey.

I guess us crafter's have to take the bumps and cuts and gash's along the way! But would rather not ! I was thinking my blades were dull..guess not!

OH look the dolly isn't in the buff anymore!!!

I made her a little Christmas dress! I'm working backwards on the directions, waiting to get some yarn for her hair and can't do the face until the hair is on..so she looked cold and had to get her dressed!
I ALMOST have the little unknown projects finished! I got a few good guess's on what they are. Gill was the closest so far in her guess!!!

I guess you can take a peek from where I got the tutorial I'm using!! You have to look for it  HERE. I love this blog and I'm sure you can find it on there! hehe

Sunday, November 13, 2011

More projects started!

Geez I'm on a roll of crafting and blogging here. You just never know when I will pop up!

First here is a sneak peek of something I started. Is it a quilt? Nope. (yeah right , me make AND finish a quilt??) Is it a wall hanging..nope, mug rugs? double nope. I'll keep you in suspense ..giggle.  If you guess you win a email from me how's that!? lol!

Sorry for the clash of colors with the background. My sewing table was a mess and the bed was the biggest thing cleaned off! I have been saving swatch's that I get from buying fabric from Julie's shop but not sure if there are any on these.. I made some other using a couple of pieces she sent me with my last order but can't show you as, well its finished!
I think this is the first time I've pieced fabric together like this! Maybe a quilt could be in the future.. distant future.
Some of the swatch pieces are from a giveaway I won from Rachael from Blue Mountain Daisy back in May..I believe? My favorite are the little elephants! There are linen pieces there too. Ok enough of this , I go on and on for just one little picture. But hopefully I'll have these finished up. They are going to be gifts !! And maybe for my Pay it Forward swap person that signed up. = ) I have to do some minor hand stitching to finish these up, that might take longer!

Ok last thing I want to share is a little doll I'm making for my little Zoey. I'm using this Tutorial from Quaint and Quirky . She even has a doll pattern to download! cute cute cute!

This is the beginning process. She's alittle in the buff right now but more follow ups later on her.  I put zig zag tights on her for her legs instead of flesh tone. The hair is next.. Of course I'm matching it with Zoey's wild hair!!

Will post her updates later in the week!! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hats and hats and mitts. oh my.

Yep I got time to post another!!

My good friend Sasha tricked me.. I knew she was making Zoey a little hat..but I didn't expect the hand mitts she made for ME!!! She posted them on her blog and I totally loved them. Not even knowing they were for me!! They are also really called Susie's hand mitts.. hehehe (the pattern said so) 
I was shocked to see them in Zoey's package we received the other day!!! 

The images above were swiped off of Sasha's blog hehe (with permission!)
And here is the little model sporting her cute, warm pointy elf hat!!! She loves it. I wish I got video of her when she opened it.. ooooooooooooooooooooooooo but sounded like ewwww but not meaning the ewww . I haven't mastered the spelling of two year old's yet.

 When she spotted the mitts she wanted them on and they look so cute on her! It covered he whole arm! She walked around with them on for a few minutes then got interested in tearing the paper up. Thank you Sasha!! Sasha is recovering from a broken elbow and still whips out crafts.. that's dedication!!!

I finished up a order of 7 fleece hats today!!! tiny yay! I actually have plans to make about 5 more for gifts.
Again I have my doll baby modeling for me...

 Do you have any idea how hard it is to take pictures of a 2 year old and to stay put! Can you see my hand in the corners?? Don't worry no harm was done! lol
I had to chase her down to my bedroom behind the bed and corner her and then after 3 or more times to get her to keep the hats on.

 I like this pose.. She was sticking her tongue in and out at me.
 Oh gosh dern. This picture looks horrible! Maybe I should of done some cropping!! At least my nose.. why is my nose so huge?? eeeks.. I have a small nose.. and all those wrinkles??!!! No no no they are lots and lots of laugh and giggly lines from having a blast with my girl! She has a adult size hat on her here.
 I tried to get her to laugh but she was getting bored and got into a stare down out the window. She her fingers trying to pull the hat off??

One adult, one child and one infant hat.(yes the crocs are upside down on one of the hats but shhhh the kid won't notice!) Its just swimming upside down.
And 3 adult girl hats and one boy child hat.
ALL marked off my list! Just 30+ more items to go !!! 

Have a good weekend everyone.. My plans are to sew all weekend, but when I actually say that out loud, it doesn't happen. It's just typed out so maybe I'm safe!!

Happy day!

For our Heros

Happy Veteran's Day to all the hero's out there!!!

I haven't posted anything lately, as I been busy being full time granny for awhile, and trying to get some sewing in.. I'll have to post finished pictures later this weekend.

Being a (retired) military wife I had to post about the vets!! My daddy was Army and served during WWII .
My husband Doug decided to join the Air Force right before we was to marry in 1982. So we was married in March and he was off to Texas for basic training in April.

He has recently retired putting in 29 years (It might be more? I lost track!) We lived in Georgia for 2 years, shipped to Turkey for another 2 ( we had the most fun here!) and then back to the states in Louisiana. He decided he wanted to get out and go back home (Indiana) and he landed a tech job with the Indiana National Guards. I just don't have the time to get in details with our travels and his time , but he served our country and he would do it again and not blink a eye. I forgot to mention right before he retired he volunteered to go to Iraq for 6 months.

I don't post alot of pictures of him as he doesn't like to be all over the internet but I'll sneak this one in!!!

He was proud of his jets!! He was a bomb loader. I think these was taken in Turkey?? So its a younger version of him.. maybe he won't mind lol

 I think he misses working out on the flight line. No, I know he does. Proud of him serving all these years. And proud of each man and woman that has put their time in for us.
I also think we should fly our flags half mass every single day for all our Hero's that has died in duty.
Ok my time is up.. Zoey is turning my house into her own personal national disaster area.. eeks.
 oh i had to update really fast.. This was taken in Turkey at one of the many castles we visited.. This one was called Snake Castle.. Those are my two boys when they were teeny tiny!! They are in their 20s now! And below is me and Doug, he was on leave from his schooling in Colorado, which I ended up quitting my job and going out there to be with him for 3 months.. Loved it there!!! Omg!! Look at my HUGE glasses!!! LOL but I was so tiny then = (

Sunday, November 6, 2011


If I had sewn anything in the last few days I have no idea lol. I been so busy that my days are running together.. I did get a weekend to do some momma time.. We are going to Joann's today . Yay. I hope they let me use my 20% off for veterans coupon (with I.D.) with my 25% off coupon!!!  My store here will let you combine alot of the coupons, but another won't . So we don't go back to that one..

I'm going to be making fleece hats in the next week.. so planned.
I made a few of these from this tutorial last year. I got photos of them.. somewhere.. I made them way before I started blogging last year.. but I know I have them!!      somewhere.

I remodeled my blog background.. My last one was temporary.. I like this one! Still tweaking the sidebar..
Have a good day!!
Off to Joanns!! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winner!!! and beware men, graphic pictures!!!

It is comment 2!! I tried to put the Random thing on the blog and it didn't work again, or I just don't know what I'm doing..but our winner is Sasha!!!  So Sasha I already have your address and will get the planner out to you asap! I hope you enjoy your new planner and it makes your life very organized!!! lol I will get a tutorial of this planner on my tute page .. soon.. but most likely later soon.
= (((

I want to thank everyone that entered a big thank you !!! And of course all of you that follow me!!!

I made my list of things to make for Christmas gifts.. oh my goodness.. It fill's each line of a page of paper!! and started on the back!!  So I told myself that every day I will go into my sewing room and BE PRODUCTIVE!!! Even if its 1 am .. well maybe lol

OHH I made a few things on my list too!!

I made a few of these Posey Pouches from Sasha tutorial!! (link above!) I love making these. I made them in a variety of fabrics,, I think I like the creamy vinyl best!! Then the flowered ones!!

These will be for my nieces. I will have to make more because.. I have alot of nieces.. I'm into great nieces now!! But they aren't old enough for these yet.. thank goodness. I'll  make them cute little dolls or something = )
I think I'm safe to show these on here as I don't even think they read this.. but if they do.. oh well! SURPRISE!
I had a idea.. I'm going to wrap each one and not label who they go to, then just hand them out to them, so that way I won't get blamed, because Aunt Sue gave you the one I want!!! ( three will be sisters.. oh boy)
And I will be putting little items in each bag !! I been getting some freebies with coupons.. of course!! I'm not a extreme coupon-er. but I do get a lot of nice freebies with them!! just not .. extreme...
A few of the items will include fingernail polish, nail clippers,eye liner, etc..

And,, don't laugh hehehe I made this today!!! I have to tweak it a little but its a tampon wallet.. My men readers.. graphic pictures!!           giggle
 I want to bring the front flap down to enclose the front pocket..
It can hold up to 3 and a couple of pantie liners. Or a debit card or cash if you just want to take it and put it in your pocket and not carry a big purse!! Me smart or what??       Just nod yes.
I will make one for each Posey pouch. I also want to make a tissue holder for each too.

Ok.. thats all folks..its late, and I did say it would be late posting this.. I had Zoey today. I am a full time grandma and proud of it!!
She got a sucker for pee-peeing in the potty!!!
(Maybe I should of cropped this one )

Has everyone started their gift sewing yet??? 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What have I been making?

Pictures tomorrow!! lol sorry I was going to upload my pics and I'm really tired today.. It was a Zoey day plus a funeral viewing with little things done in between!!
I just wanted to say the give away is closed and I will post the winner tomorrow night..probably late.
See ya then!