Friday, August 26, 2011

Last day for giveaway and a question

If you haven't entered yet go to this HERE or tell your friends please! I finished up 19 bags today!! That's not counting the 20 I made for the library!! I'm bagged out lol. This is open to anyone near or far , = )

Ok I got a question... I'm looking for a pattern to make a i.d. sleeve for college kids.. I got the lanyards to hang them on,, I know I can probably make a pattern, but I sort of lazy right now ... and I love trying other peoples crafts out !! I have searched the WWW and Pinterest. Found a couple but not what I'm wanting.. or I'm not searching for the right words.. dunno.. It will have to be so I can sell them so maybe I will have to make a pattern, hmmm I thought about just taking a simple coin wallet and put a clear pocket on front..

So send me links if you know any.. Thanks!!!

EWWWWWWW look what is in my backyard!! Its a hornets nest! ..a HUGE ONE!!! Its located up inside a old electric pole under a dusk to dawn light lol

I've been watching it lately and its doubled in size in a week!!


  1. Eww Whats in the tree? The wallet with a plastic window sounds as though it'll work.

  2. I updated the post ! lol sorry its a hornets nest!!


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