Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween with Kitties and Doggies

In the next couple of days I will reveal my new blog look! =0) Im super excited.. I think Kim is about to pull her hair out at me with all my changes I have asked for her to do.. eeeks.. I'm pretty pleased with my sneaky peeks I have saw so far!!!

I also ordered new Etsy banner and design for a new business card...

Happy Halloween to all that celebrates this day.. We took Zoey out to a few houses and she had a ball!! I think she had more fun looking at all the other costumes  other kids had on. She fell slept on the way home with a killer grip on her treat bucket ...

Here she is in her ballerina kitty outfit.. I Love her boots!!
LOL I just noticed Baby in the photo on the bottom!!! She always trying to get the lime light too...
Speaking of dogs.. we got a new one.. someone dropped her off.. a female Shepard.. and of course she is in heat.. soooooo took her to the vet today.. got her yearly shots, flea'd and get her in next week to get spayed.. We usually try to find new homes for the drop off animals but she has won our hearts..I fell in love with her white eyes.. she loves Zoey so she was a keeper.. I took this a few days ago but she has put on a little more weight.. Zoey named her Peppa lol after Peppa Pig??? If you have kids YOU KNOW WHO PEPPA IS!! ( I love that show myself lol )
 I call her Pep.. she just doesn't look like a Peppa...

Ok next post we will be a new look!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pouches , Poochies and Phones....

I got a few more things finished up this past few days.. yay!

First up is a Idea Pouch by Michellepatterns. This is going to be for Zoey if you can see the name.. My ink didn't show up very well so will have to try to restamp it.
This was pretty easy to put together. Its padded with fusible fleece. It can be used for a ipad or a couple of notebooks.
I had this farm fabric for awhile ( I'm bad about fabric names!) and love the bugged out eyes on the animals!!  I wanted the back of the fabric to show the the print right side up and when the flap came over it had them upside down, so I added the name tag to sort of hide that. Zoey won't mind = ) She loves her markers and paper just like her Gramma !!
 I also used some fabric my friend Jane sent me for the lining.

 This pouch has two inside pockets. It will hold two composition notebooks or a ipad.  There is another outside pocket for pencils and pens, markers, ect.. cute!?

I might be making some for my Etsy shop.. but not too soon.

This next thing is my second attempt .. and let me tell you this is 100% better then the first one! YUCK I won't even post it ...
I hate using my good fabric's when testing out a pattern that I have no idea how it will turn out..
but took a chance here.
I have a smaller touch phone. It is also a slide phone. It has teeny keys on the key board but that is how I like it.. I can NOT use the slider phones that is horizontal, I have short stubby thumbs and it just doesn't go well for me. This one I can use one hand ( one thumb) to text = ) 
Of course I do not text and drive (illegal in Indiana) but like to see my phone visible in case I get a call and I want to see who it is first (to ignore if I want) .
I used a thin clear vinyl I picked up at Joann's as a remnant. I made the clear pocket with a velcro closure.
 The inside has a smaller card pocket on the side and enough for change and monies.
 I made a matching strap. I like them wide to fit my wrist and know it is there.
I almost messed up and forgot to consider the thickness of my phone. It has a nice hot PINK cover on it.. and makes it abit thicker but it worked out good here. Snug and won't slide around. I even tested it and I can slide my open window on it.(not slide it open the connect slide button.. oh if you have a iphone you know what  I mean! as it is the same as my phone.)
I'm more of a person to carry a purse but I wanted to have something smaller to take with me for a quick run to town or when I go shoot.
I had to bring that up as the last time I went to shoot I hurt my wrist..again.. so I'm wearing a ACE support brace on my left wrist.. sigh. I just need to stay away from the long guns.. too heavy for me = (

OK next!!!!!!!

Still with me???

I haven't shown Baby my furry friend for some time.. since this blog was named in honor of her I need to talk more of her! Or change the name Zoey Threads lol
I made a little vest for her! hmmm I didn't get a good close up of the print but it has little doggies and dog related stuff written on it.. 
 She likes it = ) It is lined with soft flannel to keep her warm. I could never figure out dog clothes.. here is why.. lol They have fur! When we make them clothes we cover up the FUR! Their little bellies are exposed along with their butt and little what is the point?? Because they look soooo cute!!!!!!
I have bought her booties but she did not like them and she kept flipping them off.

I do not dress Baby in bows and ruffles , she is a tom boy doggie, like I was as a young girl. We live in the country so she has nothing on Paris's doggies.. but you have to admit they are so cute and sweet! Look at those face's!!! (not including Paris) oops did I type that out loud? 

Ok if you hung in there with me this far I wanted to say I'm excited to get a new blog layout! 
Kim over on 733design will be working on my new layout last part of October!! I filled out a form and let her know what I liked, disliked and wanted, and she will take it from there.. I can't wait to see what she comes up with!! She did Sasha's blog and did a hit on the bull's eye job! Kim designed my little Applehead logo for my tags I make, so I'm hoping she will include that in my page as well. 
Have a good week!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Six wallets finished!

                                  These are now for sale in my Etsy.. !!!!
                                          Got a favorite team???

                                         Or something cute or manly??
                                      phewww I got these done fast! lol

These wallets are my own pattern. I always hated on a hand made wallet how you fold it flat and it all bulky and wonky.. I added 3 rows of stitches on the spine of the wallet.. And I double stitched around the whole thing to give it a bit of a professional look = D      

One day I want to make a PDF pattern of this and ..cough cough.. sell the pattern.. But we will see lol
They are really easy to make and the card slots as you can see are a bit deeper then others. The cards won't peek up above , as I had trouble with them falling out.. so now they stay snug inside the pockets.
 I tried to make a clear I.D. pocket on the bottom but it did not work out well and after I sewed them all up I had a brain fart.. just sew it down ON TOP of the finished card pockets, instead of as a pocket themselves.. get me? I will try it next time.

I made a Ipad / notebook case from Michelle's patterns , but still need to attach the buttons.. I LOVE all her patterns!!! I have several of them!

On my list to do in the near future is a Reversible Lunchtime Pouch by Projectsbyjane . I just bought this pattern and its on sale right now along with her other PDF patterns!  I own all but 2 of her patterns.. lol
Not sure how long her sale will be, so snap to it!
When I look at this bag I think Lego's for some reason!!! SOOOO I might have a idea for a little boy gift this year!!!

I think today I'm being so nice and advertising my favorite crafty people!!! Sasha over on Stitchedbysasha has added LOT of pretty things to her Etsy shop recently!!! Lots of nice eye candy over there! If you are knitter she sells knitting / project bags.. or they can be used for just about everything!

It must be the holiday season coming because I'm on a crack down to sew..My goal is to get every gift I'm making finished by the end of NOVEMBER!!!  I want to relax in December .................and make cookies and candy!!! hehehe

You know me, I can not post anything without a mention of my Z-bug, Zoey.  I like to think of this as a little journal for her to read someday years to come.. and laugh at herself..
But, me and Zoey was in the Dollar Store a few days ago.. I was looking in the clearance aisle.. (my fav aisle) and she was looking at some things on the bottom shelf. ... a few minutes later I heard her say.. Gramma.. do you need some lotion?? I wasn't thinking about what she actually asked.. so I said hmmm no Zoey we have plenty at home.. then I sort of looked down and saw her little hand filled with a BIG glob of lotion.. OHHH MY GOSH !! What else to do?? rub it all in.. her and me!!! LOL She was giggling so hard as I was rubbing it on her tummy and arms.. my arms. my face , ugh.. you get the picture.. I got to laughing as well.. I told her why did you do that?? She said.. it smells good!!! So needless to say we left there smelling very good!!.. Doug asked me if I bought the bottle.. I just blinked and
I guess I should of huh??? I was just ready to get out of that store.. lol

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sneak peek!

I got all 6 finished tonight! This is just a little look at my cute little buddies I made.. Just a little look for now.. I will take better pics tomorrow , I worked on 3 just in 2 hours..yikes.. If you are football fan (I'm not lol) I have 2 different teams there...Can't wait to show them all to you!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Something for me

I only sewn one thing in two weeks.. ugh.
But its for me so that counts more = )         It looks like a mug rug huh??  If you look closer there is a cd inside one of the pockets.. I made it using alot of my Apple of my Eye scraps and maybe one or two other pieces. I really needed this in my car . The elastic in my old one got that rotted in the sun too much look .. and when I turn my car just a little bit too "fast" all the cd's would go flying towards the passenger side.. yeah not fun for the passenger.. It would be like little chinese stars cutting through your head..but only round stars ....that hurt...then the passenger would see stars....
The cd's stay nice and snug in this hehe
I'm still not very good at binding lol AND my elastic on the back is too tight.. I guess I should of measured my visor , its a bit wider then most visor's.... so just a quick fix on that..
I lost both of the two seam rippers I have in my sewing room.. when I wasn't happy with the binding I first had on it I had to use scissors ... ... Its always something.....
OH almost forgot I used this free tutorial HERE