Friday, November 23, 2012

More Filofax stuff ....LOTS OF PICS!!!

I'm going on no sleep in over 2 days.. maybe a nap here and there .. but not a long good night's rest.. Having our Thanksgiving dinner on Wed , then going to black Friday shopping on Thursday night.. We was out from 6pm on Thursday until 930am Friday..
It was actually not that bad.. just having to wait for certain stores to open. I'm not going to go into details about that as just talking about it makes me more on with the show here......
I had my new Filofax Holborn for a few weeks now and I'm loving it. It is so soft and love carrying it around.. I been making some tweaks to it and trying to get my own personal setup going. I won't be showing my week pages as I know some do.. but I will show some of my new dividers and things I made for it.  
Here is my first page. It looks funky huh?  What in the world?????
I like to use post it's ......of course.. I have TONS of these refill pads for a dispenser that the notes peel out staggered.. So I came up with this little do hickey looking thing to dispense the notes. 
 I used a clear report cover and cut it down to my size , put a pretty paper inside it, then I added a strip of washi tape and cut a slit in the middle of the tape. Just big enough to pull a sheet of note out. The pad is stuck down on the pretty piece of paper . Here is a photo trying to show you what I mean..
You can now pull the notes out one at a time.. I don't think it will work on the normal note pads. Just the pads that are made for dispensers, because as you pull one out the next one will pop out behind it.

I will never ever run out of post it notes.. my sister works at a Staples warehouse and they use to have yearly warehouse sales for the employee's and one guest.. I have a Chevy Trailblazor and we had the WHOLE back end STUFFED to the windows of any office or stationary product you can think of! 
Next up .. I made myself a "Today" page divider. Did I mention I got a new laminator?  Oh I love using that little thing.. 
The Today page keeper that comes with your Filofax are just too short.. I needed it to stick way up so I can actually see it. I found some cute paper online to download with different library cards stamped all over it. 
I traced around the Today divider but made it a bit taller on top. I laminated it and slapped a label on it and shaaazam !  Being a book lover and reader this fit perfect for me.. 
I punched holes in it and slit the holes so that you can pop that little sucker out without opening the binder rings every time.. ( I have pinched my fingers twice so far on those .. owies.)
Do you see my week inserts there ?? I made those.. I do not like the weekly inserts at all that come with . So of course I have to make my own .. I like to keep it simple as I will be decorating the pages with stickers, stamps or tape. I made these pages just using Photoscape. 
I like the title of my week days bold enough to stand out but not to take over the pages. I slanted them and will write in the day above it in the corner. I have a little box on the top to write in my month and a extra box on bottom for notes. 

 See how you can actually see this tab?
Now here are my new laminated dividers!!
I have my month tabs sticking on the top and my other stuff tabbed down the side.
 Just a few pic's of some of the dividers..

 My vet tab gets used alot.. sadly.
 Behind my Vet tab I have my "top secret" tabs.. it holds my passwords. I stole from Sachiko her idea for passwords. I like the idea of seeing the icon of the place I need . Sorry had to cover the good bits..
Speaking of Sachiko, she has a shop called Japan Corner and it is HERE. I ordered  some mushroom stickers and a keychain for my son and she made me a few rubber stamps. I have just started learning to carve my own . I can't wait to receive these!!

Thats about all about that.. I have been sewing some. Most of them are Christmas gifts and can't show you those..
Have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stamping it up

I always loved rubber stamps, the littler and cuter the better .. I bought some erasers and tools probably a couple of years ago to try it out.. I tried it... I messed it .. so I put it away until I saw some on a new blog I'm following.  
( Go HERE to see Sachiko's cuteness!)
So.. I dragged it all back out and failed again... lol 
I can usually craft just about anything, so this bothered me that I couldn't work this out..One thing I can't do is draw, even my stick people look a little on the thin side.. and one thing you need to know a little bit for stamping is knowing how to draw. 
I went to Youtube to check out some pros at carving on the erasers. So I made a simple heart and took my time. I got all excited when it was finished that my heart wasnt broken.. or limp... and it actually was curved!!!
Long story short and 3 days later I ended up with these..

There is my little heart and a fat cloud and what was suppose to be a apple looks more like a cherry.. so eh.. whatever .... 
I made the little squares for little lists on post it notes.. Which the same blog as above uses her's for.. so I had to steal her idea..  you can see how she uses them HERE , down towards the bottom.
All left to do is glue them on a piece of wood to give me something to hold when I use them.
Oh.. I ordered me self a new sewing machine and got that today.. I got the Janome model 8077. I sewn something up tonight and love it!!! My Singer machine will go to the shop to get surgery.. and will be used for a backup or something.. Its still a good little machine.. My bobbin winder on it was sticking so back after I would wind a bobbin it would set and whirl when I tried to go back to sewing.. blah...
Have a good weekend!

P.S... I received my new Pink Domino Filofax yesterday..hehehe.... shhhh don't tell Sasha 


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tutorial! And something my Momma gave me

This is a small tutorial for a folder for a personal size Filofax =0)

A couple of peeps wanted a tutorial for this little thing so here ya go...

You will need a small plastic folder thingy from Staples, or if you are lucky to find one similar to this one with a plastic snap..
I found mine in the clearance bins for .50cents!

 1. First you will be disassembling it by cutting it up.
(ignore the markings for my holes. We will get to that later)
 2. On the side seams there are folds, just cut down
the middle of the folds on each each and the bottom .

 3. You will have 2 pieces with some ugly sides..
 4. Just trim the ugly parts off along the seams, and you will have 2 pieces like this.
 5. Now take one of your inserts and center it inside
with the long edge up at the top of the folder and you will need to trim the sides and bottom edges off. You can tape the insert inside down so it won't shift around.
( again ignore my holes punched.)

 Now you will have a nice trimmed up folder.
 NOW we can punch holes!!
6.  You can tape the paper down if you like to the folder piece or go for it with out if you have a steady hand. I would advise to use a hand hole puncher. The plastic is sort of tough to punch through, just put some elbow grease into it..

 7. Insert your folder inside your binder and put your papers in between

 Now you have a cute little folder to tuck your paper inserts inside and they won't flop around as you try to get your cash or whatever out.
Let me know if you have any questions about this.

 Ok on to sewing stuffs....
I said my Momma made me something...
I went to her house the other day and she had a few of these pretty pouches laid out.. She told me to pick one..yay!
 I tucked some goodies inside.. my needles, a extra seam ripper ( buy them by groups now. I swear I have a seam ripper bandit inside my sewing room)  and I put my marking pencil refills inside as well.
 Later on I want to sort all my sewing machine needles in size groupings. I have a habit of taking one out and sticking it in my pincushion then forget what size it is.. or if its a good or bad one..

How was your weekend?


Friday, November 9, 2012

Pic heavy post!! Sewing and Filofaxing

I have a lot of photos to show you.. Its been a long busy week , or it seems like it.. Either been sitting at the sewing machine or sitting in the drivers seat or chasing Zoey.... I grabbed my coffee and my laptop and flopped my butt down in my recliner and not moving for awhile.. so thought I would get this post out...

First for my sewing crafty friends here is my sneaky peek of what I did sew up.. some gifts , yep they are towels...but you can't see what I did to them..hehehehe..will have to wait...
I also made some flaps for a gun belt.. the clips slide down inside. The cheap little elastic things weren't working to keep the ammo clips down inside very well... so I made some custom flaps for them

Now some Filofax stuffs...
I received my newest Filofax hehe.. the Holborn personal. One of these days I will learn all the names!
I love incorporating my sewing skills with my Filofax's. I have some other things I want to try out but this is one of the ideas I had to try out first... 
As using my Holborn personal I love that my pens stays put in the little pen holder. But one pen? NO, I need more then one.. I need color choices..
I had this idea of a pen holder pocket that I did try out.. not bad, maybe show it another day. It used up too much space though.
So anywho...I  go to looking at the flap and wondered if I could make something to slide over it.. no it wouldn't look right... then I looked down and saw my solution.. the pocket on the inside front.  

 This is all it is.. cardboard, of course I will pretty it up with fabric another day  lol or maybe scrapping paper.. I taped my elastic on so when I was sewing it down it wouldn't shift..

 ( shhhh , lets not tell the postal service I cut up their box before use)
 Then I just slide the card board inside my pocket. I thought sewing through the card board would be a hassle but my machine chomped right through lol
 Another little thing I made. I used a report cover .. those plastic covers.. cut it down to size and sewed the sides together. I added a decorated stitch on the bottom... = 0)
That is Zoey's art work btw...she loves her pens and paper just like her gramma.. I just have to keep her out of my good stuff!!!
 Isn't this pretty?
 And of course I have to show my kid off in the pocket.... I use this page to put a post it note for my things to do for the next day.. (not shown because I did all my things today!!) See my new FF keeps me very organized!!
I will be doing a layout post soon.. I'm just not ready for that yet.. I'm waiting on my laminating machine I ordered. I want to make my new dividers and show them off soon..I made some out of scrapping paper and with tabs and will laminate them. I also bought a label maker ! lol Well, because I have to make new labels to go on my new tabs!! 

I noticed some of my newer followers just follow Filofax peeps.. Should I do a separate post from my sewing posts? Or just keep it all blobbed together??? 
Have a good weekend! 
Since Veteran's day is coming up.. thank a solider !!! I do every time I see one.. oh that is my hubby .lol.... but if I see one out in uniform I will say thank you.. 
I'll show you what my momma made for me next post!!! 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A happy customer

I totally LOVE when I get great feedback from my customers.. This gentleman wanted a certain size and layout for his cards, cash and pen and moleskin notebook, I showed you on last post my photos.. but he sent me some photos with his goodies tucked inside. I love it = )
 I can't wait until I get new labels.. maybe I should of hidden this label inside?? He didn't say nothing about it but I try to hide the label if its for a man's order.. I didn't think about it this time.. lol

I checked on my tracking for my newest Filofax that was held back from shipping because of Superstorm Sandy.. 
Its on the truck for delivery today!!! yay!!! 
I also been sewing gifts for the holidays, I'll be showing some sneeky peeks later in the weeky.. lol 


Saturday, November 3, 2012

My new obsession.............

Other then sewing... I have a obsession with paper , pens, stationary, planners, stickers, stamps......well you get the picture... I been using my own planner with printable pages for some time. I started following some new blogs on Filofax. Yes the expensive binders.. But with Amazon and good ole' Ebay you can get them at a affordable price.  I took the plunge and ordered my first Filofax last week. I won't go into details about all the different size's and names for these. I ordered a "personal" size , which basically fits a 3.75"x 6.75" paper inserts. This is the size above the second to last smaller of the size binders.. I think.... maybe third in line.. 
If you are bored you have permission to stop reading lol...... 
Well I received my order and thought oh this box looks small.. EEEKS its a pocket size.. I thought oh they sent me the wrong size.. looking at my order form on line .....oops!! I ordered wrong.. well geez they all look the same size on the web lol
I was getting it packed back in the box but got to looking it over and thought oh how cute it is.. SOOOO I decided to keep it ............and went back on line to re order the original one I wanted.. hehehehe 
It was a treat for me from selling some orders!!! 
I found out to be a Filofax user you can't just have one.. sort of like those certain potato chips they sell that are mmmmmmmmm so good... 
Ok here are pics of my new little baby that I am using as my wallet.. yes, I am NOT using a home made wallet and that has not happened in many many years.... 
But this is the Holborn pocket in brown. 
She is very soft.. its made of buffalo leather.. and as you can see the scale of the cutting mat it is sitting on its very little but holds a ton of stuff.. 

 I have room for my cards and there are 2 pockets behind that that is holding my cash. It came with a plastic divider that I keep doctor reminder cards inside..and of course I have to have my little post it reminders to what I need at Staples..
 I got this idea on a FF blog I follow to punch holes in a little zipper pouch.. I found a vinyl one and was a dilly to punch those holes in it but I made it happen.. It holds my change.. there is zipper compartment but my little fingers can not get down to get the change, plus it would never hold ALL my change that seems to breed inside my wallet.. breeding money?? YES that I do like!
 Another thing I made for it is a little folder like thing that has a plastic snap and it has all my note papers inside. I didn't like when I opened this wallet all that paper flipping around.. I found these little plastic type snap folders at Staples on clearance for .50cents and grabbed 3 of them. I knew what I wanted to do with them..I cut it apart and down to size I wanted and ta da!
 See, all snug behind its little snap
 The back of the wallet has 2 more pockets and a pen holder. Something else bought on my trip to Staples.. I heard a lot of good things about the Pilot Frixion erasable gel pen.. OHH I love them. It rubs off the ink not actually erases.. but I think its the same thing??? They don't leave any markings at all on the paper.. and it fits perfect in my little wallet.
 You can see the slot behind it all for cash or receipts, Which hold a tons of credit/debit card receipts...
This little baby can expand quit a bit!!
Did I tell you its soft??
I am jealous of the Filofax users that live across the big pond as they have shops they can actually go to and check them all out in person.. all the colors,, all the softness..
I get this way with fabric too LOL

Still with me?? If you are then be prepared to see more about these babies.. My second one I ordered was stuck in transit from the east coast and we all know who visited there ... I got a email Friday its been shipped from the warehouse and on its way!!! yay!!  You know, I will have to show that one off too with pics...=0)

I did sew this week.. been doing some custom wallets... have to show you this one as it was made just for a moleskin notebook... (another obsession I could easily start!!! )
This customer wanted a elastic on the outside for closure. The inside holds up to eight cards. has 2 cash pockets, one will hold his little notebook.. cute eh?? 

The note paper is just a demonstration to show where his little notebook would go. OH and it will hold a pen in the middle when closed.. as requested. = 0)

I started sewing some Christmas gifts up this week. My goal is to get them all done by the first of December! HA right....
ps.. I am eyeing another size binder that is a purple color.... I need to sell more stuff!!!!!!!!!!