Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two posts in one week!!

Wow, you would think I've been busy sewing my fingers off but nope.. I just try to fit it in each little minutes I get..
But I was messing around wanting to make a different size zippered pouch and came up with this.. what was on paper came out way different!!! I've told you all before.. I can't draft a pattern for crap.  But this little darling came out looking pretty good...
 I like my little handle I made for it.. I'm not sure why lately I been picking out yellows and rose's. I'm a daisy person.. lol I do like yellow though. This fabric is from my mom. Oh it does have little daisies on it if you look close!!!
 See she has (of course its a she!) a flat bottom like her creator ...
 I didn't intend to have that wide of a bottom.. I was going for a smaller angle...oh well.Maybe I got something new going here.. I do not have any solid colors for lining.. so I went with black and white ...roses lol
If Zoey see's this I will just have to let her have it.. but she will have to love and love it first and then maybe I'll be... ok.. its your's ... then she will run to her toy box and find little things to stuff in it and I will be ..awwwww so cute.

Did you notice I tried to do a backdrop? HAHAHA I took these at night and only good light in the house in my Ottelite i won last year.. (yay) I do want to get some foam board and set something day. ( I keep repeating myself lately)

I need a name for this pouch.. so I can label it in my folders along with the other zillion patterns and tutorials I shaped like a coffee cup lol  

Friday, January 27, 2012

A fast post...with a lot of pics...and a funny one.

I noticed in my past few post's I ramble on and on about stuff!! lol but today I won't , I promise...kindof tired and wanted to get these pics posted before I totally forget...again.
I made another Posey Wristlet !! Well , actually two.. 
( and don't scroll to the bottom to see the funny pic.....ATTT no! wait!!) 

 This one is for sale and hopefully get it on Etsy soon! I been trying to make a few things to add.. one day...
(Thank you Sasha for permission to sell some! )

I made something from a new pattern I purchased from
It's called a Sexy Zipper Wristlet.. (because it has curves) hehe

 I really liked making this one , and the zipper is done abit different then what I'm use to doing. I also made a few new labels.. I usually go all out and print them on sticky stuff and iron them on ribbon.. I wanted to do something fast and different. My mom gave me one of those old school label makers, the one you have to painfully and carefully apply EACH teeny letter to the base?? Then I just stamped it on some twill tape.. Easy peasy..
Next on my list.. 
I made these bookmarks.. or wait ...
or are they business cards???  
Another easy peasy project!! I wanted to make some bookmarks for my local library and always make them for the kiddo's , well thought maybe the adults would like some! And hopefully get some sales on Etsy lol
My fav are the Little Apple prints.. (the second in second row and the last one in red, for my non crafty people) And the little panda.. love that one too!
I love when I combine my sewing with my paper !!! = )

Ok best thing I saved for last.. I haven't posted Baby for some time..
Here she is in all her glory.. I enlarged it so you all can read.. I was going to edit and thought.. oh I'm so sure everyone's house looks just like mine!! Its been Zoey'tised...
I had her Thursday and took this tonight (Friday) lol I past that paper she is sitting on all day and still can't pick it up...sigh.
Baby has gained a bit of weight as its been too cold to go out for our daily walks everyday. I take her out and she runs to the trees, or trash can, or tire wheels reading her pee-mail and replies and off back to the house!  Today it got up above 40 I think.. so she took me back around the pond behind our place.
Doesn't she look like a bowling pin???
I finally got a day for ME and went to get my hair done!! I thought it was time..
Ok ,ya'all have a great weekend!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy is a over rated word

I haven't even looked when I last posted. I've been a full time granny for a couple of weeks.  In that time I got a couple days in to sew.. I did get two days in a row off , but got sick !!! GRRRRR again!
The second time in about two months.. stupid stomach bug can kiss my fat-er kester (not sure if that is how its spelled?) but you get my meaning!  I didn't get the pukies this time but I wish I would of just to get it over with.. YUCK that feeling in your stomach is enough!! I lived off barely eaten toast and 7up all day yesterday. I went to bed early (10pm) that's way early for me too!  I woke up at 6 feeling so much better! I didn't get to drink my coffee all day yesterday and that sucked!! I'm a big morning , noon  and evening coffee hound. I craved it so bad too but just didn't taste good. But this morning I made it and MMMMMMMM yummy! I got my fix! The whole pot!!! hehehehe Was I wired the rest of the day?? Nope.. caffeine does not affect me at all. I can drink a cup or two before bed and sleep like a .. well, a good rested person.
 (because babies DO NOT sleep lol) ----> grandma<------

I got a custom order finished yesterday with a matching wallet..

 I would like to move on to a different fabric print but this print seems to be a hit with the younger kids. I do like the blue!!!

I used a tutorial from Vibrant Designs blog and changed the handle a bit.. just one piece instead of two. I think I was to tie it at the top or something but just  made it one piece.
And the wallet is from Keyka lou . I love her patterns.. they are easy to follow and I got quite a lot of her patterns!!! If I ever get some more time I want to make at least one of each them!!
Hmm I can't remember if I posted these???
 I made another custom order using the pattern Go Anywhere bag from Anna at Noodlehead I do like this one!!! I'm so sure I posted about this one.. If I did.. well excuse me for being senile in my very-near-to-old-age mind.And.... I'm just too lazy to go back to check lol
(maybe it was facebook I posted?? hmmm dunno?)
Well hope you all are having a great weekend!! I woke up this morning to a lovely ice covered landscape. I let Baby (my dog to my new followers) out to tinkle and she slipped right down the steps.. I went to grab her before she hit the second step and oops too late.... down she went.. she was ok.. but well.. seeing a little chihuahua splat out all fours is sort of funny.. sorry Baby =( mommy bad. She would of laughed at me I'm sure.. and I know dogs has a sense of humor!!
I have another OLD and I mean OOOOOOOOOOLD dog that I figured up to be at least 17 years old!! she was a 'drop off" dog and we kept her around, and she has been the best dog we have ever had. So faithful and good with the kids.. it took her awhile to warm up to Doug but.. well I did too..he looks mean at times  (lol) Well anyways, I let her out of the garage this morning and she went out front where the cars come out of the doors and I couldn't believe she actually walked that far out.. but she made it and well didn't quite make it back in .......I had to go out and rescue her. Zoey was looking out the window and laughing.. (she's silly) and said Gramma.."weety haha"(her name is Sweety)  I said what?? I look out and she is trying to get back up on the sidewalk part of the garage front. Poor thing couldn't get a grip because of the ice and no traction and well she can't walk anyways.. I went out and told Zoey to walk Gramma fall on her butt and she can laugh more.. Sweety was glad to see me.. wagging her tail and smiling at me (her trademark) so I get behind this 70 pound.. and yes she is every bit of that!!! lump of hair and just pushed her and she glided off the sidewalk... she was happy and limped the rest of the way in the garage.I took this photo this past summer, she was just then losing her way to walk good. I think she had a stroke (can dogs ???) because now one of her eyes droop on the top = ( We really need to put her down.. its so hard to do that to a faithful friend , ya'kno??
Wow that was a long post about my doggies lol

Ok have a good week!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

One order done!

I'm so glad to get this purse finished! It was ordered before Christmas and I just didn't have the time to get it done.. and since I knew the person she didn't mind .. THANK YOU! = )

I used Noodle head's pattern. I have made a few of these purses and they are pretty simple to make. She has several great purses to choose from to make and I probably have made them all!!!
For this purse she wanted camouflage because her boyfriend is in the Army. I really like how it turned out if I do say so myself = D ..pat on the back..
 I took this tonight and I had poor lightening.. I think my next project needs to be a white board background set up thingy to take pictures in !!! I'm sure you all love my recliner background! I sure love sitting in that old chair!!! hehe
 The inside has a big pocket, with a section to slide your pen down into.
 I have one more of these to make and the colors are WILD! The lady wanted peace signs..its a trend I reckon?? = )
I found some nice colors for it and can't wait to see it finished.
Wow I'm TIRED. Its been a Zoey week.. all week. So, I'm not sticking around long here.. Have a nice weekend!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flash backs.

I almost forgot to post these. I mentioned something awhile back about finding some things I had made and something my mom bought me in the early 90s..
Remember these "puffy" purses? I don't even know what they were really called but I call mine that. I think I wanted to make one when the seem popular way back then. But my mom found one and bought it for me for my birthday. I can still remember the day she brought it to me.. I was at work , on break sitting out on the front steps and she pulls up and gives me a plastic bag.. first I have to tell you my mom gives all her presents in plastic bags.. mom you really need to start making clothe bags! Plastic is so OUT lol
I was happy to get this purse! When I found it a few weeks ago I started using it again.. It's a bit big for me now. I can't use shoulder purses as I had surgery few years ago and it pulls down on my neck and shoulder too much. Maybe if I wouldn't carry so much stuff in there huh? But I'm a Gramma and Gramma's are always prepared!

Anyways..hehe here is my puffy purse! Those wooden handles would be excellent clubs if you got mugged! 

Does anyone remember the arcade game Q-bert? 

When me and Doug started dating in the early 80's (eeks) arcade's were as popular as cell phones are now. 
I started on this quilt top for Doug as he loved to play that game. Along with Asteroids, and we both played Space Invaders!!! HAHAHA, just thinking of playing that game made me laugh OUT LOUD! lol...oops see I did it again..
I was such a geek...errrr still am??
I managed to get this far!!! Just looking at it makes my eyes hurt and dizzy. 

 Look at the back.. part machine sewn, part hand sewn. Not sure what I was up to??? A mess...I have it hanging in the sewing room,, wondering what to do with it!!
 I have a hand embroidery pillow I made of a pony I had growing up. I will have to get a picture of that ! haha. So I guess sewing was in my blood at a early age.. I use to help my grandma tie off the little hand ties in each quilt block... the old fashion way. She use to sew on a foot peddle machine.. She use to have that old machine flying and I remember I was always so scared to get too close to the wheel I would get caught in it!!!

Do any of my readers use I just signed up for it the first of the month. Its more of a way to track books you read and read others comments about the books they finish, etc. You are welcome to add me as a friend there! I'm always looking for new books! Oh I also opened my Twitter account back up, I used it some to follow my FAVORITE actor Michael Cudlitz. If you are a Band Of Brother's fan he played Bull in that movie. ( he follows me on Twitter too! eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!) I'll be making my social media icons soon to add to the side there. I'll probably just ramble on about my sewing things like I do here! lol But hoping to get some pull for Etsy !!!!
Hope everyone's weekend went well... Ran out of interfacing, so making a fast trip to Joann's tomorrow with my coupons ready!!! I have 3 orders to finish and not sure when I will even get any of it started soon! Take care!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally -- Busy Bee's Quilt Shop.

I finally took a couple of hours out of my crammed packed week to go visit Rilleda's Quilt/fabric shop!!! Its called Busy Bee's Quilt Shop and can you believe this wonderful little shop is only a 15 minute drive from me? As I said before I knew it was there but just couldn't get around to getting over there. I'm happy I did and will be back ! = )

I didn't have a lot of time to browse and take my time but I did a quick run through and was happy to see a lot of nice , new fabric's along with some older prints. She has a whole wall of 1930's circa prints!!! (and on sale until the end of the month) I got a couple of yards of this (below) from that wall! I'm in need of a new ironing board cover and thought this would do the trick.  And I was excited to see she carried the Sewline pencils!!! I always wanted to get one of these and and put it off and put it off until now. I bought the pencil set with a package of the pink refill leads. Now any of my family and friends reading this I just want gift certificates from this store for all birthday and holidays from now on! hehe

She carries all the notions and interfacing that I would use. And LOTS and LOTS of cubby shelves full of FQ's!! 

Ok sorry here are the pictures of her shop... She carries civil war circa prints too!
Laying around and hanging up on the walls are finished projects that you can admire.
 This one below is the 1930's line.. I'll be back for some of that soon!
 The notions wall..
 I must of not gotten a picture the shelves of FQ's but these are some of the civil war FQ prints here with sample packs, I believe.

 We got to talking about things (and couponing lol) but next visit I will have a list of things I actually need to make some projects and focus on that.
She teach's quilt classes in the back of the shop as well.

I feel like I'm just as busy after the holidays then I was before, and there has been no sewing involved!! About 75% of my time goes to our little Zoey bug, and I will never ever think of her as work! She is always laughing and bubbling nonsense words out that every minute with her is a breath of fresh spring air. I loved my boys when they were little , but there's a little something extra that comes with loving your grand kids. Until you have them for yourself.. I can not describe it!!
I read on a blog recently if you put a piece of soap in a microwave it does amazing tricks.. hmmmm Ok I'm game!!  Actually it called to use Ivory so I just happened to have a few bars and I got to cutting it up. Zoey kept saying.. soap?? gramma.. soap?? what you doing?? (but it comes out "Wha ewe dewin?" I said, "Zoey we are going to make fun soap" She said, "oh" and looked at me crazy. By time she is old enough to think I belong in a crazy house I probably will be there for real.
But , I cut a piece off , put it on a paper towel and we slipped it into the waver, as she waited she was saying mmmmm hungry lol , I said no we can't eat this.. I put it in for a minute and this happened...

 It's not really that hot to hold when it comes out but the middle is very warm, so we handled it very carefully. She was totally amazed at it.

We did the whole bar.. of course we did! She kept wanting it done over and over! =)
After we got it all "fluffy-tised" I had no idea what to do with it.. we washed our hands...a lot... with some of it.. then I had a idea to crumble it up into a can. When it cools it crumbles to almost dust..
Then the light bulb broke above my head.. (not really but mentally k?) I make my own laundry soap and you have to grate the bar soap.. this is just as good as grated, so I mixed a can of it up and laundry soap made!
We had a mess to clean up, she had it all over her face too. That green shirt use to be her daddies shirt when he played T-ball when he was little. I just can't bring myself to throw some items away..  Its our "wash-dishes-play-outside-help-gramma-make messes" shirt.

wow it's 1 am and I need to hit the hay. Tomorrow my dentist gets to work in my mouth and I get to pay his house payment...yay. = / Seriously I'm getting my new crown put in, and I so can't wait. I hate toothaches. Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year and a list

I looked back on my blog posts from this past year and looking at things I had made I noticed I improved my sewing , and learned new techniques and learned there is more fabric offered then at Joanns!! I still like Joann's for the coupons and some fast fabric I need in a bind. Hopefully I will get another 70% scratch off coupon like I did last year! woohoo (used on a whole bolt of interfacing). But I've drifted more to buying the better quality stuff on line. I lean towards 2-3 favorite shops not because they offer great lines of new and beautiful fabrics, but I want to buy from "local shops" .Now I know a shop in California isn't local to this little Indiana country girl but its as close as my fingertips lead me!! I want to support the "little man" more this year. And I'm excited to go to a very VERY close and local store soon called Busy Bee Quilt Shop! I have tried the last part of 2011 to get over there but the days she is open I always had Zoey. I had visited that shop a few times with my momma (a quilter) and she has quilted the tops for my mom many of times. But at those times I didn't have the sewing bug. (or the time or day!) So that is one to add to my list to do by the end of this month!! Sad to say this business isn't on line or I would direct you to it from here. But I will take pictures!

I did make a few things this past week.
Trying to finish up some little extras I had on my list to do but had to wait til after the holidays...

Made this for a friend's little brother. He had to have a super hero cape. I didn't do much to it.. Added the fabric trim on the bottom and put ties on it .DONE. And modeling for me is Doug, my superhero in lounge pants lol

I whipped this up the other night. I have had it cut out for some time and wanted it finished. Just a little snap pouch. I forgot to lengthen the stitch length for the top. I hate when I do that! Will be making more of these, it uses very little fabric. And I got tons of scraps!

I'm making a list of Want To Do...
I had always wrote it down on paper and it ended up as a scribble pad by the phone or got lost in the oh I will pay that bill later "pile". So I thought I would add the list on this blog and that way I will see at least 3 or 4 times a week.. This list involves a reading list.. I want to re read and read for the first time classic books.. Like for example Treasure Island, Call of the Wild, and I am sad to say I have never ever read Gone with the Wind.... or.. watched the whole movie through.. eeks. Actually I want to read North and South first.. I like to read about history and thought that would be a good one to start with. So I'm on the hunt at flea markets some of the older titles of classic books. I am a big reader , I love books, I love the look of old books and have bought old books just for the looks and not the titles.  I still go to the library. Now that I take Zoey with me she has a love for books as well. I get excited when I go through some of the children's books there and see some of the originals I actually checked out when I was younger!

Another thing on my list is some things I want to do around the house.. Go through the clutter, organize better and finish painting a room. I have lived in this house now for 4 years and I have one bedroom that is only half painted!! geeez lol Oh and maybe I'll finish that little bit above the tub I couldn't reach too!(make my 6' tall son do that )

I've been going through my sewing room closet and sorting. I found some items I have to tell about in another post.. Vintage home made items.. I actually have a un finished project of a quilt top I started when I was ....younger, like teen young! And a purse my mom bought me for my birthday because I HAD to have it! I'm using that purse now! Getting a lot of complements for it.

On my list to do is also to finish out my sewing room. I been slowly adding shelves and pictures. I found this picture on Pinterest and I so have to do it for my room!

Pinned Image
original picture from

And of course I'm going to focus on getting items made for Etsy. Things have been a little bit on the topsy turvy side here. Zoey's daddy (my oldest son) moved back home for  a temporarily stay. And of course Zoey comes with him most days! = )