Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another order finished!

Stop laughing at my poses!! hehe. and my bathroom photo shoot.. I have to take my own pictures because Doug laughs when I pose for things I make.. so the big mirrors in my bathroom does the trick! 

The dress is abit big in the hip/waist part but it fit me perfect above waist.. This was a super easy dress to make. I might make me one to wear around the house.. I don't wear dress's at all btw.. never had and never like to.. My customer wanted sleeves.. but I totally got lost in my mind somewhere and have no idea why I made her a sleeveless dress.. : / I"m really really sorry if you are reading this! lol  I think this was bothering me to make for so long that everything she told me I didn't keep it jotted in my narrow brain.. ( that post it note fell off my desk maybe???)
Well she did like it.. now I hope it fits! Thats the trouble with making clothes for people and just going by size.. I don't think anyone could get my dimensions right!! I'm short. round and oval lol and bumpy...
I think it looks nice with the white shirt over top huh? Then I tried a shirt under it so she can wear her sleeves if she wanted.. Doug said,,couldn't you sew them on anyways. I looked at him like he asked if our country was out of debt yet.. no.
OH and for my friends across the big ponds.. the dress fabric is Colts. Indiana football team.. I personally don't follow any sports.. unless you count Rodeo as one?? !!!!!  
( I will not get into our countries crisis.. it makes me very upset and angry and and and...sad... )

I made some baby gifts too!! ...........but can't show them yet ..bummer.. I don't know if she reads these posts!!!
DOGGY UPDATE:  I took Baby (my diabetic dog) for a check up today.. Her blood sugar was down to 60!!! Mr vet said thats abit low but its still good. I guess 80 - 120 is good for a dog. Considering it was 700 + when this all started and then last week it was 200+  But she's doing alot better!
And I'm still hating giving her shots = (  

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  1. Nice job on the dress!!!! I'm so happy your customer liked it. I do like it with the shirt...I bet a cardigan would look cute too!! I haven't tried making any clothes yet and have fabric purchased for three skirts and a dress!!!


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