Friday, August 12, 2011

More baby gifts!!

I sure hope my friends take a break now!!! Babies are everywhere I turn here!! hehehe... Congrats to you all!!
I made a few items for a good friend and the best hair stylish in the world!!! She's having her second baby and another boy!!!
I made these for the newcomer....
 reversible bibs..

 A boy outfit!! I have made SOOO many little girl outfits I finally got to make something for a boy!! and was low on boy fabric but managed to pull it together.. I actually made the t shirt... The neckline looks wide huh? well he can grow into it lol
I made my own pattern for that so what can I say???
Of course his first initial for Wade.
 I made these little soft/ taggie toys. I put some "wrinkly" stuff in it to be..well wrinkly and noisy!!
Dana, if you are reading this I found one good use for that Spongebob ribbon!!! ( and do hope you get up and about soon Dana!)
I found this cute little how to Here  for these...
And I HAD to make a tote to put it all in!!! So much nicer then those dollar store bags. and free! = )
My friend's baby shower is this Sunday but I don't think she looks at this blog unless I post it on Facebook..but just in case I won't yet.

My orders are slowlyyyy  getting marked off IN RED off my list!!!
After I finished this tote, I had a brain storm, and it hurt : /
but I have tons of older fabric that either my mom gave me or have had it for years hanging around , so I decided to make lots of these!!! maybe sell them?? gift wraps ( of course) or donate to library (which I have this summer to the reading program ) and let them sell them to buy all those awesome books I get every two weeks there!!!! I donate alot of books as well when I can't wait for them to purchase it then have to wait on the w.a.i.t.i.n.g list. I'm not a patient person at all .
Before I forget.. this bag is made from a pattern from This lady is awesome!


I wanted to post some great blogs I follow and some return the favor and follow me!!! If you are a new follower , Please let me know your blog as well so I can return the favor!!!

Not in order.. just random here.. so don't get all pushy whos first and all!!! hehe  <-----------my neice = ) also aka Stitched by Sasha soon!!
Of course I follow so many more ( you can check the list over next door there--- > )

Go check those out !!!

One last thing!! I added a purse to my Etsy shop!!!
Ok laundry is beeping me....

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  1. Oh everything looks just darling! I love the W on the t-shirt!


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