Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My winning giveaway and Goodwill

Hello people!! Hope you all are recovering from stuffed bellies and messy houses!
Its always a big rush to the finish line then its like POOF its done..I'm glad its done. I sewn so much I need to get my machine cleaned out good. My bobbin winder stopped working and my machine is whiny.. (sounds personal huh??)
But anways...I missed my posting.. I looked back and only did 4 posts for the whole month of December! EEK.
I'm recovering from the stomach bug and it was a mean one.. It hit me hard, was up all night and I mean ALL night 2 nights ago with my head over the toilet.. Thank you sister Debbie for giving me a thoughtful gift lol 

Well, I won one giveaway from the Sew Mama Sew giveaways this year. Last year I won several but I guess I had to let others win once in awhile! = )

I won this cute little mug rug from The Crafting Fiend. I received it today. I love all that green! One of my favorite colors. Look at that little embroidered coffee cup !Thank you Jen!

Do you see that adorable little mug there!? I found a great deal shopping at Goodwill a few weeks ago. They had 6 of the cups sitting on their shelves among all the other chipped mugs and glasses..(These were not even the slightest chipped or scratched!) I paid .49 cents a piece for the little cups. Then I look over and OHHHH matching saucers!!! There was a bundle of 8 for .99cents!!!!!!!!! What??? I snatched them and grunted at this other lady eyeballing them and she walked away slowly..hehehe I normally don't buy a lot dishes there after looking at the bottom label I about fell over.. It had a LOT number on them and said JAPAN..
After getting home I got on Ebay and looked up the Tulip designs coffee cups from Japan and got This!!! Well I was a scrappy happy camper! There is even a matching creamer set available.. hmmm
Doug said wow you could put them on ebay and make a small fortune. Well no I'm NOT!  This is my great find of the year.. and besides they are cute!

I redecorated my blog page.. go over and see it!! It's bright and cheery and I just LOVE it!
I have my Etsy shop closed for now.. Hopefully I will be getting new stuff made soon and get some stuff put back in there. My long term goal right now, but could to start a quilt top..I'm wanting to skim the patterns I want to do then narrow it down.. I'm skeered! My squares might turn into ovals or something wild like that lol

I have to mention that Doug got me a new rotary cutter with a package of blades with it, he only knew to get me those because I lost my pair one day and was tearing up my already messy room and couldn't find them.. After not needing them (as it always goes) I find them in a box of scrap papers..hmm wonder?  So he did good this year lol

If I'm not back before New Year .. have a safe and happy one!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas !! (lots of pictures!! of gifts!)

I been hiding lately.. but busy busy busy! I got all my gifts made except two and will probably do that this weekend.... I hope.
I have too many pictures of all my gifts to post!! These are some of them...
I will give a brief description of each, I won't go into detail..

Knife roll ups.. ( I forgot to sew the middle line on that top one but it was fixed before wrapped hehe) my own pattern.
 Lip balm cozy key chain's using This Tutorial here
 Children's play aprons using This Tutorial here
 Fabric stationery tray with hand stamped stationery by me = )     This was my mom's birthday present. She gave me the fabric with the hats on it. Noodle Head has a tutorial for the trays. I just measured the paper and remembered how to sew them up..

 A coupon wallet notebook
 Zoey's baby doll diaper bag.. ( I totally loved how this turned out! and was soooo easy!!)
I found a great tutorial for this Here !

 Fabric trays. Tutorial Here
Crayon wallets (my own pattern)

Fleece pig tail hat . Tutorial is Here

 Ear bud pouch (Easy!)  Tutorial Here ( I love this blog!!!)
 Fabric basket using old jeans. wow I can't remember where I got this one at..

Trash bins for cars..I used a milk jug cut in strips to support the opening in the front. = ) I used the tutorial Here. It called "boning" for the opening but I didn't have it.. so milk jugs was the closest thing!

 This is a Kindle case. It was made for a friends daughter... hope her daughter likes it!!

 And Zoey's dolly!!! ( I took this pic at night..eww)
 Sporting her little Christmas dress!!! One of the last things I need to sew is another dress for her!! Oh and a blankie,

I have more things I sewed up but if you are brave you can go Like me on Facebook and look at the goodies there!!! Will be putting up more later. (just click on the button for facebook on the right there)

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and safe holidays!!! My goal for the new year is to make more things for Etsy !!! I been buying new fabrics and patterns and I'm ready to sell! Well I have to make them first.. = )

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm slacking off big time here. But not because I don't want to ! I been trying to say everyday , I know I can, I know I can.. get everything done by that big day!!! AND I am! ALMOST finished with everything! I made all my Christmas gifts this year but a couple. And those will be gift cards! hehehe

But I'm not ready to show off all my pretty's I've been making. Will spoil the surprises if they read this!

But I got a sort of free sale here! lol  Best sale ever huh??
Remember those back packs a few months back I made for a custom order and well she decided she didn't want them. .. long I'm offering these back packs free! Just pay shipping!!! All I have invested in them is my time. But that time has been long gone lol so if anyone knows a couple of little boys that are names Vince or Ben they could be yours to the taking!!! They will fit a preschooler.. OHH heres a picture of them...

Yes again, FREE! with paid shipping of course......... but they are light about I could squish one or both into a flat rate box or envie for $5.  The only thing I ask of you PLEASE do not resale these?? That wouldn't be very nice now would it?? =)
I just need to clean out my cabinets and cubby holes because I'm going to get busy again after the holidays and make some things for my Etsy store..yay.
So there ya have it.. I got to post something!! I hope everyone is well and staying warm! You Aussies hush now ok??! lol

Did you go enter in some of Sew Mama Sew's giveaways!!!! eeeeeeee! of course I did!!!!
Stay safe!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hello out there!

Wow. 10 days since my last post. I've either been hibernating or super busy.. little of both. This post is picture-less, but I promise a good read.

Hibernating as not wanting to get out in the C-C-C- Cold! and wanting to stay in my jammies all day. But actually have been quit busy. I have had Zoey more hours this week, and on days I don't I hide out in my sewing room. I tried to organize it but it didn't help. Actually I moved my computer and desk in here to make room for our Christmas tree that I probably won't get up til the last minute! (Isn't that the normal tradition?)  
I wish we could have a real one like when I was growing up. But Doug the husband is allergic to pine.. thanks Doug. = ) Actually hes allergic to about all trees. Having one in the house wouldn't work out so well. 
Lets hit memory lane.....

I must say growing up we had some doozy trees though. But when you are 8 years old or so they all look BEAUTIFUL!!! One year I think my dad and brothers pretend to go and find a good tree but went across the road and cut any tree down. We had a Charlie Brown tree that year. Even the popcorn garland weighed the limbs down. Mom told us we couldn't eat the gingerbread men cookies that she hung up on the tree until after Christmas.. Christmas night I grabbed one down , unwrapped it and it had bugs in it. EWW. I think my mom sort of re used them from last year.
But all in all I loved each and every Christmas's with my family. My brother sporting the "DYNOMITE" thermal underwear. hehehe (Remember that sitcom  Good Times? yeah that one! haha) My dad getting his very own police scanner! I was scared we would get put in jail for sure because my dad said it was illegal to have them and he told me not tell anyone we had it.. well thanks dad for scaring the tar out of me for the rest of my life! He wouldn't turn that thing off even at bedtime! So I grew accustom to it and actually had all the codes memorized. Then it got exciting one year.. my sister went with her boyfriend out of town and wasn't suppose to and I got to hear on that scanner about it! HAHA. Because my dad called the cops for a runaway report! (I won't let her live that one down) 
My favorite Christmas memory was my mom had given me and my sister a brown grocery bag FULL of home made Barbie doll clothes!!! I thought my dolls were styling! I wish I had those outfits now!
OH OH This one is for you MOMMA!!! 
Remember one year you asked for a new sewing machine or.. something like that?? I forget..but you got three.................clocks. After unwrapping the third one you calmly got up and left the room... I always thought the time reminded you to take your pill or something. ( I think she was pulling her hair out in the bathroom) But it was the thoughts that counted!!! Get it..counted.. clocks. sigh. 

Then us kids would go sledding. We lived on country roads with lots of hills!! With the ice  storms we got back then it was best for sledding! Mom and Dad just pushed us out the door and we piled up on a Volkswagen Beetle hood (turned upside down) and go amazing fast down the hill, on the road mind you.. while cars were on that same road.. right towards a bridge. Wow what fun! By time we got to the bottom some of us (me) would fall off or get pushed off (Debbie) and we had kids laying left and right of the road in the ditch's. Did I mention half the neighborhood kids went with us? 
But I can't leave out the icy slightly barely frozen ponds we went out on..Running out the door with one mitten and mixed match socks and a candy cane I can still hear my mom.. Be careful!!! I think she was a little over protective huh???
It was dark when we would come home. All the neighbor kids would walk home frozen fingers and toes. We split our ways at the "corner" 
I would walk in and my dad would be picking at his banjo, my mom would have her feet propped up on the coffee table knitting something. A fire going in the fireplace. Geez sounds like a episode of Little House on the Prairie. But all in all I love sitting back and remembering when I grew up. I didn't grow up with my own cell phone or computer.Hmm actually the push button phones were just coming out! lol  We had a dial rotary phone that hung on the wall, and the cord was so long you could go room to room with it just like a cordless! If you could get all the knots untangled out of it , you could. 
I didn't actually own my own car. I sort of did. If it actually would run. But didn't need one anyways..started dating Doug and HE had a car! 
But before a car I had horses. Yep, I had friend with horses , we would meet up town and ride all day long. That was my transportation. If I wanted to go to town , the horse or the bike.. I'm just trying to say, kids now days, have it made. But I wouldn't trade my days for any of it! 
But the other day I left my phone at home.. didn't realize it until it was way to late to turn back for it. I told myself, you can do this Sue!!! And of course I did.. and actually forgot I HAD forgotten it after I got home and it rang. oh. my phone. So I think we could live with out them.. right??? ............right?

Oh I can go on and on... I'm sure the family will get a kick out of this. maybe add to it??? 
I sure would love to relive it again too. All of us together again. Daddy, my oldest brother, my Grandma. and can't leave out our old dog Norten.... 

I'll be back soon I promise with lots of pictures of everything I've been making!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

BEWARE...LOTS Of pics!!!

Sent and received!
I finished up my Pay it Forward gift and sent it out this week and Becky from Being Me Again received it and happy !!! I always wonder what to make for people I don't know well and end up making something I like and hoping they do too! You can go to her site and check out the goodies I made her! If you want to join in to receive something made from her just post a comment! ( the first three comments will get something)

So did everyone get a lot of goodies this past weekend from all the yummy Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales??? I bought myself my own Christmas, as me and Doug usually does, its easier that way and we get what we want! We end up getting stocking stuffers for each other too.

I got a few pictures to post and not sure where to start....

hmmmm....I'll start with a package from Sasha . She has been busy busy whipping (and knitting) out these adorable mitts! This is the second pair she made for me. The first pair was a surprise! But when my daughter in law saw them she wanted some so Sasha was kind to make her a pair too! The yarn is a borrowed item. Its going to be dolly hair for Zoeys dolly.. and I've made progress! (more pictures on that below!)
 These little magnets are soo cute and she made them in some of my favorite fabric!  She knew I love orange too!
 Ok here is the dolly.. I have yet to name her.. I want to let Zoey do that I guess. I'm thought of UMM.. as from Alice in Wonderland movie, and Zoey is always saying it.She went into the bathroom (off limits) and I said what are you doing in there??? Umm. lol I think my water bill will be higher this month too. She loves to flush.. what is it with toddlers and that???

The dolly has new jammies!!! I'm making a pair to match for Zoey too = ) I will work on her hair this week! (thanks Sasha for not letting my little dolly be bald!)

My next item on the board..I feel like a auctioneer.....

My mom gave me a little travel neck pillow a few years ago and I have used it alot! (but it's never in the car! hehe)
I took a pattern off of it and voila! I made jelly beans!!! No,, those are pillows!!! They do look like jelly beans???
I just used some flannel I had handy. I notice I have alot of fabric with cats, but no dogs.. hmmmm
I made 3 of them last night then I let Zoey stuff a couple today.

 I couldn't get a good picture of her doing that, she kept wanting to grab the camera before I could take it.. I was holding the pillow open here for her. She loves the stuffing out of pillows btw.. That brown pillow below is open at both ends.. she will pull hand ful's out and hold it while sucking her thumb.. it is sortof cute = ) but she leaves a trail of "fuzzies" When I pulled that big bag of stuffing out her eyes went LARGE. But she was a good helper and stuffed the pillows , then pulled it back out...sigh. OH see the pink pillow on the floor.. thats the one my mom made me lol...
 Ok moving on....
I get alot of orders from one certain customer for football items.. Here is a pair of flannel Colts jammie pants..and a little pair of Packers for her grand cute!
But she tells me she wants Steelers now as they could go to Superbowl.. I think she needs to decide who she is rooting for .......(just kidding Donitta!)
You can't tell on the pants there are pockets and she wanted the drawstring instead of elastic..
You tired yet??? sorry I'm ALMOST done! If I don't post these tonight I will forget them.
I made a sample wallet up for ...oops almost said! for a gift.. I wanted the checkbook and/or a small notebook to insert sideways down instead of the traditional way. and a lot of room for cards, or receipts and a pen !
I made another one but.. hmm we won't go there. I put a elastic and button closure on it and I just can't deal with those or is it just me?? So instead I put a velcro closure. Like much better! I sort of did it in a rush and didn't match up the threads very well ..yes I'm a myself criticizer .. the worse kind. But I do like this and hopefully get another one done for a gift. 
(note. I always use my older fabric for samples. and have tons of the brown paisleys as I love too!) I can't wait to do this in the fabric I picked out!

Is this lady ever going to stop???? I promise last ones!
I made little old  ole' me something!
I took scrap of paper (tons of it ) and stamped me up some little note and thank you notes! I bought the Just a little note stamp at Joanns awhile ago, and the flowers I received from swaps or bought somewhere , maybe Targets?? (love those dollar bins!!! ) and the bottom stamp with my name on it I got free from Vista prints.. I love that site! you can alot of free stuff there! They get my business .......a....... lot.
Well I'm done! I actually went back to see if I did have more to add..But I'm tired of typing lol
And what have you all been up to lately??? I'm slowly and at a good rate I must say checking off my gift list!
I'm actually going to get out and shop in the real stores tomorrow! I stayed in all weekend and I think its safe to venture out and not get shot or pepper sprayed! OH and there is a great deal on Connecting Threads. Thread for 40% off all December! I grabbed me a couple of sets!!!
Have fun!
I'm sorry if there are typo's I did not proof read it as I'm too tired to re read it .... : P

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm a slacking...

Its been few days .. but it is that time of year.. and I have been accomplishing many things!

I wish I could post some of the things I'm making but they are gifts and will just have to wait. But some are gifts that who knows who would get them so I'll post those! teehee

I finished these up this morning. I finally found a site to get my flexi snap hinges (3.5"size) The were so easy to make. And the hinges were a snap to put in.. get it? snap.. oh boy. ok moving on...
 I used a variety of fabrics I had. Some were new stuff like Little Apples and I got some FQ's of the new Woodland..sooo soo cute! You can view it HERE from Julies shop, The Intrepid Thread.  The bigger one in the middle is the first one I made to try out sizes. I used some upholstery fabric ( I got tons of sample sizes). I decided  I wanted the pouches to be smaller. I used this tutorial HERE from The Happy Seamstress. (you ever notice the word STRESS in that word seamstress..hmm yah. lol) but anyways...I like the fabrics she used, but I didn't have anything like that one hand.. I have a purple cord fabric I'm saving back for one to embellish later for me!
I made something for my momma's birthday coming up and sure would like to post that but she reads this have to wait mom!
I'm making Zoey some little p.j's and a pair to match her little dolly I'm making her. I found this flannel at Joann's awhile back and I was going through my pattern's and found one I used to make my boys when they were littler.. so its a old pattern, at leasty early 80's circa. I'm going to leave the arm and leg bands off though. She doesn't like things around her arms, but that's ok because I don't either!
I about forgot about this.. My mom made me something, or it was suppose to be for her and she knew I liked it alot so I got it hehehe..
I think the pincushion is for naps though hahaha. As long as I don't put pins in it...
 This isn't a good picture of it but I thought it was cute because Baby was checking it out. I turned my back after taking the picture and she was laying on it.. I could probably fit her inside the pockets.
I hope everyone had a nice holiday !! State side of course. My friends across the big ponds well you just enjoy that nice warm weather! blah! : P 
Do any of you have a Kindle Fire? I'm wanting it so bad but I get scared thinking its not all that great as it sounding.. I always said I wouldn't ever get a "electronic book" as I love my real books! But they have browser's too and would love to get rid of my second computer in my sewing room! My second computer is for sale btw.. for local's.. unless you want to pay for shipping !!!  = ) 
Oh and for my Pay it Forward swap I will be sending out this coming week!!! (you know who you are !!) 

--------Cyber Monday here I come!!! ----------

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

and oops! I was trying to post pictures from Flickr and didn't do it right and thought I deleted the post in time but blogger was too fast for me! lol sorry.. I did make something and its Here .. sorry!
Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving! If you travel be safe..if you go out to Black Fridays...helmet up! 
= )

Sunday, November 20, 2011

weekend sewing

I had some free me time this weekend and used it !!! I finished up my pouches! I had to at least have 8, and I made the last 3 this morning. Yay. Now I will fill them with goodies!   I love making these pouches. I can do it with my eyes shut..but we won't do that as I already almost dis fingered myself last week... Remember you can find the FREE tutorial on Sasha's page under her tutorials!!

 I made this cute little felt fishing game for Zoey for Christmas. Aren't they the cutest fishies ever! I made some last year for a friend's little kids and they really enjoyed them! For the fishing pole Doug found a wooden dowel and I wrapped the heck out of it with electoral tape .. I just hope Zoey doesn't use it as a head bonker on people because she does enjoy doing that.. then runs and laughs. She evil..pure evil!
I started on her baby doll accessories today too. One felt baby wipe holder with little fleece wipes. I'm slowly marking my list down!  You can barely see that list in the second picture up there.. yah, I only have 2 marked off, but actually got 3 done today   = ) I found this free tutorial HERE . I didn't put the eyes on which is Velcro but I did put a piece of the hook part of the Velcro on the "hook" and it snags the felt exposed on the fish. Thought it would be easier for littler kiddos.

Who wants a sewing tutorial? How about 101?? or more? On I might of added to my list........oh boy.
(thank you Sasha lol )
Ok coffee smells good and I'm hitting the recliner! I think Baby misses me!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Etsy code

I just had a brain fart and thought eh, what the heck, I have a code for anything in my Etsy shop for HALF off. I need to move some things off there. Not sure even if I have time to make some more items before Christmas, been trying to get gifts finished!

The code is ZOEYBUG I hope you can find something to give as gifts or for yourself!! I do custom orders as well. I have a few happy customers out there with the custom orders!

OH and there is free shipping on a few items listed!!! Stateside only though. sorry :( but I do try to make it ship as cheap as I can for you !!
Link for the store is on the side there.. thanks !

I never used the code thing before so hoping it goes ok!
Code will be good until December 1st !!!

New stuff!

A week or so ago I ordered something from for the first time. I been wanting a address stamp for us for some time as I get tired of printing them out or actually writing it.. can you imagine? lol Actually I do love to write, but when you're in a hurry a sticker or stamp will do the trick! They had a deal on stamps. (They are all deals on that site! ) I blotted out the one because it's a present so I didn't want to give it away. 
Look.. they sent me a Twizzler stick!! haha. When that fell out of the bag I laughed.. I can't eat it as I have a abscess tooth :( Will need a crown on it and won't have it done until Dec 5th.. blah. But the doc put me on antibiotics until then.

 I bought a couple of the patterns from sale and made this little cute bugger. My button is abit far up I think. But the velcro is on the back side and didn't want to put it inside that. I think I use the wrong size velcro.

Since this one is going to be mine it won't bother me much. It is a tiny thing and I love it!
I'll be making some more up for gifts!! Ok that button is starting to bother me.. 
Anyone else make these??