Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bags,Bags,Bags,, and backpacks.

 Do you remember these backpacks??? They are for sale. My friend didn't back out on buying them at all. I won't go into detail of the reasoning but I was wondering if anyone had a couple or at least one little boy they know that would love these???OH and their names would have to be Ben or Vince!!  FOR SALE!!! lol $15. a piece They are lined and have a Velcro closure. I don't want to mess with putting them on Etsy. But I would like to get rid of them asap!!!  Pass it along for me!! Link me to the picture , anything!!! lol

I'm still making bags! lol I think I have enough to give some more to the library and get my giveaway started in a few days!! I'll have a little surprise to go with the giveaway!  = )

My kitchen table was full of bags!! (its not a big table though )

 FINISHED! I think there are 18 bags here...
I made some Halloween prints to take to the library. I think the kids will like those..

My serger is great! I love it!! Its about two years old,, I've used it alot just in the last month, but there is ONE little annoying thing I hate and I don't think I can fix it..
See that gap right under the plate??? It has a trail of fabric hanging out of it.. Well that gap lets those trails of fabric...

to do this!!!!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRR I have to stop and clean all that crud out!!! It makes me very angry.

I'll be back Tuesday (thats the day I'm shooting for at least!) to post the giveaway. = )


  1. Still want someone to test drive a bag or two??? I'm still available! :-)

  2. Oh my!!! That's alot of thread lol!!!!


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