Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm linking this fab giveaway from retromummy . She is giving away TWO sets of fat quarters!! look at these colors! awesome! Two winners will be chosen on New Year's Eve.. I'm so adding my name! I got ideas for these! :o)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Birthday Girl

I wanted to show off my birthday girl..Zoey my granddaughter,she turned one yesterday.She's our bundle of joy and more !!! Happy Birthday sweety :) Will see many more pics of her here :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm really REALLY going Green....

I was browsing some blogs for gift tags ideas..and came upon this awesome little thing from this site.its made out of brown paper bags.. well mine is, lol. It called for something called Contractors paper, and I wasn't about to go to Lowe's to pick any up so...I found a brown bag waaay back in my pantry...I got two little pouchy thingys out of one bag.. I sewed them up and rotated the ends so they are sewn up different ways.. like this ..
I guess the Contractors paper is usable to send packages..hmmmm
I made my gift tags out of OLD Christmas cards ( I'm a horder in training) .
I can't wait to post pics of all my goodies I've made but can't as of now... they are secrets :) 
Thank you Dana for following me!! I need to learn more about adding stuff to my page and add your blog :)

Friday, December 10, 2010


I started this blog to keep track of my own sewing projects,but Christmas bit me in the bum and been busy doing LOTS of gifts and no time to blog ..heres some things I made for family and friends..I will put links to patterns and tutorials as soon as I get organized here...sorry.. i promise...wait actually I have links for these haha..the brown purse is from this site...
and the purse on the right is from here (phoebe bag)
They both were really easy to make..but the smaller bag I didn't add the seam allowance thinking it was already on the pattern..(didn't read before I cut ..ooops) but it still turned out fine..
This cute little thing is a pocket protector I made for my nephew that enjoys to draw and is crafty with a pencil..I found this tutorial over on this blog..
I'll try to post and link to all my favorite blogs and tutorials.. thanks for reading..I feel like I'm hearing crickets right now haha...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

First post!!

My laptop died last week and won't be coming back..:( So since I started this blog I've not had time to finish it and relying on my old clunky desktop with the HUGEEE fat moniter..ugh. but I wanted to start this blog to keep a journal of some sorts of things I make,so if ppl want to see what I make or want to order I can give them this site and not my facebook page as I like to keep it for family and friends. so anywho... here is what I have been staying up all night trying to get made for my projects.. my labels.. but thats it for now as supper is past due and this keyboard is driving me crazyyyyy ..