Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thank you

Just a fast note to let you all know Thanks a bunchies for entering the giveaway!! Theres still one day left so let others know please!! I got tons of these bags lol My sewing table is over flowing , the hubby walked in there the other day and just blinked.. (he doesn't know I'm doing a giveaway haha) Its funny he doesn't go in my room much , he was bored one day and I said "here help me with this" .........well that's why lol, it would be like me going into his garage and he asking me to get a monkey wrench out of his toolbox........errrrrrrrrr???????? does it look like a monkey??? hehehe
I got a few pics to post but don't have the time , but that could happen tonight.. I made a friend a gift for her little boy and need to get a couple things to add in it THEN take pics!!! And made my brother his birthday gift (his birthday is Friday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON!! LOVE YOU!!) but can't post that until he receives it ..I'm pretty sure he reads my blog = )
OK off to the post office!!!!!!!!

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  1. Monkey wrench, hee hee!! That Is how I feel when I walk into Phil's garage. It all looks like a mess and weird tool things everywhere. I know that's what he thinks of my room too.


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