Friday, August 26, 2011

A gift and organizing..

My friend's little boy had a birthday a week ago and I'm just now getting his present finished.. I'm lame ...

But I think he will like this..It's a toy car roll up! I got the idea HERE, I only used fabric I had on hand and stamped on the numbers instead of painting them. I bought a couple of little cars to put in them.. see his name is Cooper and I got a little red cooper car??? = ) CUTE. He loves what his Snoozy makes him : D

I've got into the organizing thing lately.. been pulling things out of my cabinets and re arranging things.Even printing new lists, and calendars off to make a home binder.. I got one but its a mess.. so new one is going to be born!!
I'm tackling the kitchen first... I was going to take a before pic but was ashamed of the clutter.. was bad.. I did the pantry closet. I took all my can goods and actually put them with all the same kinds.. hmm don't look too hard at the boxes I cut up.. is that destroying federal property?? I'll say they were "damaged" before I cut on them.. = ) You can get them free !!
 I think I got enough stocked up.. 8 mustards ,8 ketchups ,5 relishes  and 6 dressings ...oh and have 6 red hot sauce(Doug's) and 6 soy sauce..I use coupons and got alot of these either free or under $1 . Same as personal bath products, haven't got that far to organize that yet..
If you want to cut some boxes up for yourself you can use this idea HERE. I also use this system for my patterns and printed off tutorials.

I gave myself a break from sewing , but not sure if its a break after cleaning all this mess out!
Getting back to sewing more bags up tomorrow. Please pass it on about the giveaway , one more day left! I've added a few more things to the other goodies.. some Command hooks and a bookmark!!!
Thanks for entering to those who did!! Good luck! I love giveaways and I entered plenty of them..and won a few!!

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  1. Cooper is going to love his present!!!

    you crack me up with all of your organizing =P


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