Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I made my little goody bags just today! I been running behind all week and so busy that I never got to even make special little things for my goblins!! I don't get regular treaters, just friends and family.. I used some printable labels and threw in some home made cookies and bought candy and picked up a package of cute sunglasses in the birthday aisle!
I forgot to take a picture of my little Batman girl last night!! ( my great niece) she was soo cute! But here is my other great niece and her little brother. They did the Wizard of Oz theme, and she had to have a Toto so we put our little bumble bee Baby in her basket! so cute! Excuse my mess in the back!! Its our dumping grounds for shoes and what nots and Doug's work clothes...ugh.

The of course here is Baby dressed up !!! her second year as a bumbling bee!!!

And of course excuse my mess.. It was a Zoey week!!
 Here's our little monkey now!!! and her momma. ( a not so Big Bad Wolf..or maybe she was?? LOL ) her outfit was a knock out though!!

 She even did the monkey sounds hehe
We made cookies today and home made cornbread..She kept saying ewww icky icky.. 

I hope all went well with your Halloween!
Don't forget my giveaway!!

I will probably leave it open until Wednesday night!! (the 2nd)
Thanks !!

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Planner

I don't remember ever , EVER using so many notes and reminders to myself in all my life!! In the last two years I have to write everything !! down or it will slip my mind completely. I always use to keep everything I had to do stored in my pea brain , but nope not anymore.. I have a notebook for my car I hang up on the vent for all the stops I have to make..My computer screen is bordered with tiny posty notes..and I have a big dry erase board on my refrigerator.  I think I remember hehehe, no pun there, that reading about as you grow older your brain cells die off. I'm IN BIG TROUBLE!! I had very few to start with!!!eeeks

But anyways I have always loved office supplies!!! planners, paper products and pens, post it notes,, etc. I'm so glad my sister works at the Staples warehouse!!!
Last year I made my own planner instead of buying the expensive refills.. one year I actually just bought a notebook and wrote it page by page, it got boring.. or someone would grab the notebook and use it for their own liking.

I made my own pages this year. I used a few different one's from blogs this past year. I like the half size planner the best. And I like to refill and move the pages if I wanted to. Staples has the half size binders and they are very durable.
Here are the pages I made..
 I was wondering if anyone would like a copy of these pages to use?? I print them out two on one full page then flip the page and print two of the second page , then I cut the middles. Make sense? I can email the pages to you if you like!! I  made these using Photoscape!!! The lines look like stitches, you can't see it well here. And don't look at the mistake I made , I punched holes on the wrong sides.. oh dear.

 See my last year pages?? I have the pocket dividers in the back and tabs inside as well.
I add a memo clip on the top of this weeks page. This is a page from last year I had been using. You can view about that one HERE from my blog. There are links to download those too if wanted from Sofiasworld.

You can still have a chance to win my planner I made!!! well the cover for the planner I made.. but it comes with a store bought planner!  Go RIGHT HERE!!! for my give away!!
Parting words.. my son was driving home from work a few mornings ago and he was looking out at a field of wild turkeys. I cringe when I see those birds! Word of experience here!! haha..but one decided they had to comment suicide flying right into his windshield! SPLAT. yep he was mad. 250$ worth of damage to his windshield.
I guess that turkey was wanting to go out of style instead of in the oven!

Enjoying the last few nice days...

I live about 10 minutes from Shakamak State Park in Indiana. I grew up here, and spent tons of fun summers here!! Swimming and jumping off a 32 foot high diving board!! What was I thinking?? They took it down years ago and closed the beach down.. biggest mistake ever if you ask me..
I went bike riding here, walked the trails, and road horse trails. In the fall and winter when they would shut the park down (but you could still get in without paying at the gates) I would ride my own horse into the back way and ride the park trails. Much funner!

I try to stay away during the summer days when it is filled with campers and out of towners.. so we took advantage of this past week with the warm days we had. Its COLD NOW !!! brrr. Did I mention I hate cold!
This is the western view of one side of the lake. Its divided up into 3 lakes actually, Lake Lenape , Lake Kickapoo, and Lake Shakamak. Shakamak meaning river of long fish.
 I end up taking pictures every year this time , even though they always look the same lol but I still love it! We go out in the middle of winter too!! When the lakes are frozen over and you listen you can hear it popping and groaning.. its actually creepy!

This is the easter view. You can see the new pier they built few years ago. The 32 dive board use to set at the end of that pier.Go HERE to check it out what it use to look like!! You had to swim out to it, as the life guards would watch to see if you could swim. I was not a good swimmer and I "faked" it haha. And would jump off that thing!! I hate heights I was weird I guess...or just wanted to have fun!!

 Here is a view of Dougie hehe, he is walking back towards the way we came from. You can see on either side of him are the two lakes you just viewed above. I love going out here when its very windy, and it was a pretty windy day we was here! The wind blows across the water and  I love to hear it splash and make waves. Last year a gust was so strong it actually moved me. I had to hang onto Baby tight!! It was funny though.
 And here she is.. She loves walking here just as much as we do. By time we get going back towards the car, she walks in front of one of us and we have to carry her back some. Since she has lost some of her weight she does walk more of it. She walked the whole thing this time! Veryyy slowly. You know she has to stop and leave her doggy messages.
If you would like to read the history of Shakamak State Park you can go Here . There are pictures of the cabins to rent and the new pool..eww. I hate pools.

Do you like how I have been doing my pictures? I use a free program called PhotoScape. I love it, you can do a batch of pics all at once !! I don't have to do each picture separate. (like the frames, and watermarks)
Theres alot of different things you can do with this program.
Have a nice weekend!! Don't forget there is time to put in your chance for the give away! I will leave it open til Monday or maybe even Wednesday. But will annouce the winner Thursday the 3rd for sure.
Have a nice weekend!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A not so Posey wristlet

I didn't intend to even post anything for a couple of days....BUT!!! I had to show off this Posey wristlet I made this morning.  I am making a few up for Christmas gifts (getting a good start on my gift making!) and I had some of this creamy white vinyl laying on the shelve.. Its really soft and was wanting to make a purse but got to thinking it would make a cute clutch too!
I used Sasha's Tutorial for her Posey wristlet. Its a simple pattern and very easy to make. I made one a few months back. (HERE) I really want to keep this one!! I have more of the vinyl so maybe make a couple more up..

 Who doesn't like zebra print??? hehehe
Like my ivy ?? Its one plant I have kept alive !!! No green thumb here.The trails of it are as long as 5 foot.
 Do you like my fancy pumpkins? I made those last year.. Actually those and a few more I made is what got me started stalking some of the craft blogs I follow, and lead me to do my own blog!
I added a little tie at the end of the zipper , just because lol. And easy to grab!
This wristlet is very roomy and will probably hold tons of stuff! I use the one I made before and I just put a small wallet and keys and my phone, but would hold more I'm sure!
I want to make matching coin wallets for these wristlets.. Wouldn't that look cute??
Don't forget to sign up for my give away!! You can sign up for email if you don't have a blog. Thank you!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Give away!!! NOW CLOSED

This give away is closed!

Ok I got it finished!! I have a nice little give away gift for one lucky person that follows my blog =)
My blog birthday (one year anniversary) is Nov. 4th. When I started this I just wanted to record my craft projects. I never knew how blogging worked and saw you could follow others and put comments on and everything! I totally go addicted! I follow over 150 blogs.. Lost count after that...
I never intended to have people follow me but its nice to see people interested in what I make!! and jabber on about......
I thought I would give away a nice present for one person and I wish I could make one for everyone that follows! I probably will get a tutorial up for those that would want one?? For this!!
 I made a 2012 planner cover with planner included. I used the Little Apple's fabric line for the whole thing.
 I added pockets on the inside flaps, I wanted to get the trees up farther so you could see the little squirrels and turtles but didn't work out after I put the pockets on , my bad.
 I made a bookmark because those are always handy to have!!
 The planner I purchased at the Dollar Store, it just has the main stuff, weekly pages, and monthly pages, with a notes page. Also has address sections and information pages like conversion charts on the back.

I was going to put a pen pocket on the outside..and forgot.. I got all excited about the bookmark !!! But you can put one inside one of the pockets or it will fit tight on the velcro  closure tab when closed.
This is a standard little planner so any will do to trade them out if wanted or for new one the next years..
So here we go,, of course you have to be a follower! Because I made this for you!!
You can follow me by email or RSS or Google or whatever else there is to follow from, just let me know how you follow .  Thank you!
Just one comment please and if you comment anonymously please add a name for goodness sakes!! And email ! But of course if I know ya then that won't be hard to track ya down..
I will also throw a pen or pencil of your liking into the pot. I have many to choose from!! I will let the winner know what types I have.

This will stay open through  Monday Oct 31st. and announce winner the 3rd of Nov. =)
Its open to anyone , international as well. And new followers!

Ok,, another Zoey sighting!!

 We did the Spiderman tattoo bandages. If you notice on my arm, she was practicing real inking.
Thank you everyone for reading my blog!!  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Momma made me something!

 I sent my mom something from a blog and told her I wanted one for Christmas.. She came past the house today with this.. already! Now I will have to figure out what she will make me for Christmas again!
 A sewing machine cover!!!
 with a cute little handle!!
 And my craft blog name!  (she will have to meke me one for each season now! hehe)
Of course Zoey had to model for it.. She goes right to my sewing chair and if I try to sneak in the room she hears my door open and poof there she is in my chair!! She likes to poke the pins into the pincushion and say owie,,owie,,owie.. lol  I promised her she will learn to sew and help me make goodies.. she said. yay!!
I use to have this little blue sewing machine when I was little. I have no idea where it went or what happened to it.. but you had to hand crank the side of it to turn.. it might of been electric but all I remember is the hand crank.. or maybe the destruct-or as I was when I was little I probably cut the cord off to drag my sisters Miss Besley's doll behind my bike.. oops.. I was a awful sister! hahaha
Yes, I know how much those dolls are worth now!! eeeks.
Will be posting my giveaway I HOPE Monday night!!! crossing my fingers to getting it finished tomorrow!!! =)  

Friday, October 21, 2011

My new Ottlite!!

I won a table version Ottlite from little birdie secrets blog a few weeks ago on a give away.. I received it yesterday!! i wasn't expecting it for a few more weeks actually and was very surprised to come home and that it was sitting in my living room. = ) Doug said, UPS man brought ya something..yay!!
I didn't get it unwrapped until today though as I had Zoey bug all day yesterday and well, if she saw it had a button on it for a light , it would be all over with!!

Excuse my messy table.. I've been "thinking" again..

This was the initial first meeting to my old lamp.. she very stylish huh?? But always wanted to knock over at the slightest touch..
You think she took it ok?? She looks sortof glum..= (
I think the new one is proud to set on my desk..I didn't put the old one out to pasture.. she is going to set on my other smaller table =) I think she likes it there better.. 
The light is soooooo much better with the Ottlite.. BIG difference!! And it has a carry handle if I wanted to take it to another room!!
Thought I would show you some things that I put in the Etsy store.. (some say shop, I'm a store person hehe)
Enjoy your weekend!!
I'm not feeling so good so this is short =)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Etsy listings!

I'm still listing more but finally got these posted on Etsy!!!
You can click on the side bar on the blog or go Here to my shop!!! thanks so much for looking!! If you would like any custom orders on anything you see let me know!

I hope everyone's week is going well! Its rainy and cold here!! I hate this weather and dread winter.. =(  I envy others that is just getting into their spring time!!! ENJOY !!

I'm working on my birthday blog give away . That will be next Friday. That's what I'm pushing for anyways!!

Here's just a random picture of Zoey I thought was cute.. (but all of hers are cute! hehehe)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another wallet finished!

 Pattern is sold Here from NapKitten.

I had this custom ordered and I like it! And!!! I finally got my binding right! yay!
I did use the seam REAPER a couple of times but not so much cursing this time.. hehe

I have one more to make for another order with a purse.. I can't wait to do these as it will be done in digi camouflage !!! I just hope Joann has it tomorrow when I run up there...I haven't seen it around too much..

I cut out four notebook covers tonight. Will try to get a little assembly line going in my sewing room tomorrow. They will be going in Etsy.. unless my DIL-to be, Liz grabs those too! hehe

Remember the Ottlite I won?? They contacted me for mailing info and should be receiving that in a couple of weeks. Super excited about that!

Speaking of giveaways... As I mentioned before I wanted to do something for my 1 year blog birthday.. Next Friday (not this coming but NEXT one ) a week from this Friday..K? lol.....I'll be posting my next give away!! I haven't made up the item yet but its in the works and will be finished I promise by the 28th!
I know it was the weekend when I posted the other day about the Pay it Forward, but there is still room for 2 more people!! Don't be shy!!! It's opened for all friends near and far!! and far , far, and FAR FAR FAR away!!!  Read about it Here!!
If you do have a blog but don't do crafty things, you can send anything to your peeps that sign up with you. Everyone loves to get surprises in the mail!!! (there was one surprise I got last week I DID NOT LIKE! my electric bill did not go down as I thought it should of since we were not running a A/C or heater! what is the deal with that Mr. Remc??? Grr.)

Recently I was reading a blog ( what? me? ) and came up with a idea.. They seem to rattle alot around in my head.. but anyways.. I love to read!!! I have 3 different books going this week! I usually don't do that because I like to be focused on one at a time. But my local library got the set of books in that I've been wanting forever and they gave me all three at once.. THEN another book came in that I was on the list for.. yikes! So reading is  going on big time in this house.
Oh , my idea was to list some books I'm reading.. and I thought it would be fun if you would let me know what you are reading right now! or just finished or want to read!!! I keep a little notebook with me to mark books down I want to pick up if I'm near a used book store.. So give me some good ones!
I like drama, mystery, crime,(darker the better) and funny biography's.
Here is my list this week
-Catching Fire by  Suzanne Collins (book 2 of 3 from The Hunger Games series)
-Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich.. ( totally funny books!)
-Sign of the Cross by Chris Kuzneski (darker detective sort of ) this is book 2. its a series too, I think there is like 8 or so out??
-Blood Ties by Jennifer Lash (I'm not sure about this one, I picked it up at a Goodwill last week.)
-I second that Emotion by Patsy Clairmont (my sister gave me this one and started it but not went back yet, its on the list!)

Catch ya later!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pay it forward!!!

Do any of you remember me talking about Pay it forward I entered? Well you sort of win it but will tell you more later in this pay attention!!!

I received this cute little notebook from Suzanne over on girlforallseasons yesterday!!
It has washi tape on the edges and look at the sewn on scraps and stamping!! It's so little and cute I don't want to use it!! She wrote a little note and you might not tell here but its crinkled up a lot.. Zoey was over  and well.. she snagged it up and took off running with it because she got mad at me as grammy wouldn't let her have that cute little notebook!! I gave her the envelope it came in to maybe out smart her thinking that was the main thing.. no. Did not work. She has her love for stationary products like her gram-ma and mommy.

Since I received my pay it forward I get to play along now and its my turn!! yay!!!

Heres the deal....
 The first three people who comment on this blog post will get something handmade by me in the next 365 days! The only catch is that you have to agree to play pay it forward on your own blog–so you probably need to have an active blog to qualify.
Thats it!!! 
I can't say what I'm going to make to send but I have a couple of ideas brewing up!! And I promise it won't take me 365 days to get it sent!! Maybe a month or so max! I would like to get it done before the holidays,but will see.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well hello there...

It seems like I get away from this page longer and longer from each post. I don't intend to...
I love posting pictures on here, I love reading all your nice comments, I love making new friends!! And I do love seeing my blogger follower list grow!!! I don't beg for followers but thinking that some people out there in this big world is interested in my blog post's and want to read about it and see what I sew,, well that makes me very very happy!!! Thank's to all of you that follow through blogger reader and email!!! And welcome my newest followers!! 
It's funny because I'm a shy person and if I put in a room with all of you I wouldn't know what to say!!! But I'm sure someone would break the ice and then I wouldn't shut up.. true words..

I also noticed in my blogger draft page, I past up my 100th post and have seen  people post a celebration for their 100, 200,etc posts. Mine sneekied  up on me and I thought.. oh well.. but then I saw my very first post was on November 4 of last year. Well then I think I will celebrate that because let me tell you why.. skip ahead if you don't care!! haha
I have a habit of starting things and get bored fast. If I read a book and it doesn't keep my interest for two chapters, its gone. If I watch a movie and 15 minutes into it I'm wanting to go to another room and do laundry.. not for me... If my husband talks to me while I am reading a good book or watching a good movie I do like, I try my best to stay interested in what he is saying.. well, you get the picture here.... But my blogging surprised me. I took to it slow. I followed others first before I decided to make my own page. I think one month I had one post!! 
I saw a ad where you can make your blog into a book.. that would be something neat to do later down on the golden years road... 

Ok enough jabbering.. Since my one year blog birthday is coming up I'm going to do some sort of give away.. I got a idea and I hope it will make ya all happy!!! NO don't worry no more bags!! haha I still have some left though!!!
Will announce something on this later on in the month....

Ok I have been sewing.. derrrrrrr
I found this Little Kiddie Pouch here. I think they are so cute.. They have a pleat in the bottom and let me tell you they are LITTLE.. but perfect for little hands. I also put a key ring on them instead of the strap it called for.. I got a thing for key rings. I think they need to be on anything I make!! 
I used the Little Apples print I bought from Julie here. I love that line. I sure didn't want to cut it up either!! The Marvel Comics print I had left over from some backpacks I made awhile back.(bought at Joann's) 

 I made two more notebook covers, but you only see one right? I showed them to Liz my daughter in law to be.. and she snatched one up already, so fast I didn't have time to get a snapshot of it!!!

I have used this owl print a lot in my projects huh??? 
Liz took 3 of my fat wallets I had made up and sold two of them in one night for me!! AND got me 3 more orders!!! So after a post I'm doing tomorrow afternoonish... (you don't want to miss this one!!) I probably will be hiding in my sewing room all weekend.. come to think of it that's not a bad thing for me!! 

I did make me a new purse and forgot to take pictures.. I'll save that for a slow day...
One last thing.. my sweet friend Sasha had a little misunderstanding with her bicycle last week, it ended up her breaking her elbow.. eeks. Wanted to shout out to her that I miss her emails!! lol Go over and give her some cheer up words!!!