Saturday, August 13, 2011

On a Roll!! (with butter ) hehe

I'm a dork lol

But I've been pumping out the projects all week into the weekend.. marking these items off the list as well! yay for me and my tired arms...

I finished these two cute things today. A friend wanted some super hero capes for her two little ones.. ( boy and a girl) 

The bottom one is the boys.. It does look pink but its not.. its a red and its a denim blend of some sort. and the "C" is red lol I have a crap camera.. aka my cell phone !!!

The little in length because they little people = ) I didn't want the little super heros to trip over their own capes!!! You can't rescue a mommy in trouble that way!

I really need to get pics of the kids wearing these and post them.

The lady that ordered the Colts dress received it today and she totally loved it, and fit perfect! BIG SMILES. Didn't even care it had no sleeves instead of the sleeves she ordered.. (my big bad there!)

I'm hoping Blogger is being good to me and post this for me this time..

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  1. Oh those kids are going to love them!!! I hope you are able to get some pictures of them running around with them on!!!!!


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