Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just piddling around.

And playing around hehe..

I thought I would put some in my pictures!!
I totally love that little dog = )

This is the mess on my cutting table..I cut out 20 bags today and have the handles ready to be sewn on.. I'm using alot of fabric that has sit in boxes or in my cabinet for years or some my mom and a friend gave me..Plus I found two totes out in the garage with sewing stuff in and I'm sure there is fabric in those ... After I get these finished I will make some with a children's theme. As I'm taking them to the library and thought I would charge $2.00 each and give the library half of the cut . If they want to sell them for me..
Also thought about doing a little giveaway for a bundle of them.. I do use these at Walmart and CVS alot!! One time a older lady was commenting on one I had and I just gave it to her.. Seeing her smile made me smile.. its those little things that make ya feel good .. Right?

Thats about all I got to show ya today.. I think I've posted every day since Friday.. AND hoping my blog post shows up when I post it! Took two days for the last ones to post..
Thanks to Sasha I got to do some reading into why all that was going on.. Something to with web crawling.. dunno?? lol and GUII or something.. I like to fix computers but when they get into that mumbo stuff I'm toast.

Oh, the husband lost his cell phone.. again.. but I know I didn't wash it .....this time.........again.
I am a thinking about a small tool belt for him lol I do have camo fabric!!!!

OH I won a giveaway from The Sewing Dork I don't know what it is yet ,its a surprise!!!, she sent me a email this morning and said.. she made something for me and its in the mail..yes!


  1. Kinda OT here, but did you see that Chez Ami has their fabrics on sale until tonight or sometime tomorrow....

  2. I love all those little critters you've drawn on your photo, so cute!! Great idea for library bags. That is so nice that you gave a lady in the supermarket one of your bags! Congratulations on winning a giveaway, you win more giveaways than anyone I know!


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