Sunday, August 19, 2012

Marking off my list...

I finished more things... and made something for me!
No the robe isn't mine...

 I made another robe for a happy little boy. Since I made the princess robe for his sister, he wanted a boy style for himself.. I couldn't let him down = ) He put a rush on me to finish it by this weekend so that I did.. He is a happy camper!!
 Along with some new shorts ....
 I finished my purse from the Jules Bag pattern. I'm not sure about the yellow binding.. I only had enough of the denim trim for the pockets.. I was hoping my mom would have more as she gave me the trim to begin with but no luck.. and no luck finding it at Joann's. So yellow it is.

 I changed the straps on it a bit.. I like the look of multiple stitching on straps.. and it gives it a solid feel to it with no slipping off my shoulder.
 Inside plenty of room!
 I love the outside pockets .. good for throwing your keys and phone into and not losing it deep in your bag!
My next project up to do is a test pattern for a messenger bag!!! Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


A whole month I haven't posted??? Whaaaa???
I have missed it though! And I got some goodies to show you!

Lets see.......hmmm some of you have seen some of this on  my facebook, but I'll post them anyways.. I can't remember anything I've done lately lol

I made a jumper and a princess robe for my friends little girl. She turned 3 and she's a princess of course.. so I had to make the robe just for her = ) She loves it! and wears it to bed (as hot as it has been!)  and had wore it to town once lol

I been making some custom E reader covers and been having some very satisfied customers !!! =)

 This red one was a weird size for a Sony reader and I thought the cut out of the card board I used for sizing looked tight.. but the device fit perfectly!!! yay!
 I designed a wallet.. again.. I made one similar awhile back and got mad at it and threw it in my corner , I think its still there! hehe
But this one I made this morning and I loved the colors I used and thought I had it figured out! It a easy pattern and not sure what I was doing wrong!
cute huh???
 It has 6 card slots and a receipt/cash pocket.. I like simple.. I wanted a clear window for my license and I.D.

I put all my goodies inside and closed it and it was TIGHT! omgosh what?
I wasn't happy with it.. what I did wrong the bias trim on the clear pocket is too thick.. and I used heavier fabric for the exterior and interfaced it ......blah!

So.. back to the drawing board..oh, after a power outage of about a hour !!!
I made it a tad longer and used quilter cottons and interfaced with thinner stuff.
 I'm soo happy with this one! All my cards slots are roomy ,
 My receipt pocket will hold lots of receipts..
 and it closes great!!! I stitched up 3 lines instead of one middle one.. it closes better! gives it a book like feel .

I believe I want to make some of these up to sell..My mom and I are going to try to get a yard sale going soon and I'll try to sell some of my crafty things.

I'm making this tote bag but ran out of the fabric I used..this is what I've finished so far.
 I made a littler bag of the same patter and it was like way too small and love the pockets on this bag!
See my welted pocket!!! I'm proud of that baby!

Theres a large deep pocket on the back and the dived pocket on the front.
I have to get fabric for the straps.. I used this pattern from HERE . I think I bought it from Joann's ,I can't remember for sure...
I'll be craft supply shopping tomorrow!! Got to get fabric for a new messenger bag I'm helping to test by Jane at .!!! She is very detailed with her patterns and I love them. You need to go over and check out her free tutorials as well as her Etsy shop!!! 

A storm is coming so need to get off her and I think my sewing bug is back..There has been alot going on with me and I just told myself to get with it SUE!!! snap out of it! .....slap slap.. I got many things to catch up on!!! Seeya!