Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peekie boo

I am posting!! yay!!! I had a few minutes to get this on.. so here goes..

I made some summery night gowns for two little girls this week.. Our Zoey and my friend's daughter, Maddy. Luckily they are both the same size!
 I used some vintage sheets my friend Dana gave me. Love how they are so soft and thin and roomy for the little girls.
 Our little Zoey trying her hardest to stand still one sec. Its very hard to do with her. She likes to wave while she says cheeseeeeeeeeeee.
I had 4 cut out..but I did a ooops.. I cut one side on the wrong "fold" line lol then didn't have enough to finish it..I'll figure something out...

I might not be so distance from the blog after all!! Things seem to settle abit around here. Remember the house with the basement we were going to do?? Nope.. not going to happen. We won't have enough to finish the top floor and we do not want to start the project and run out of money... sooooooo we decided to stay put and put a front and back porch on the one we are in now. Plus Doug is in need of another we have to get that too...Actually its some stress off both our shoulders now! ugh.

My sewing mojo is returning slowly.. I try to stick to some simple things..
Here are my next 2 projects on my want to get done for me list...

I bought this pattern from Jane over on Projectsbyjane. She had all her patterns for sale last week and I had to grab this one up! It's just my style!!! They are not on sale any longer but you need to check out all her patterns and cute little pouches and bags she has in her Etsy shop!!
*photo used by permission from projectsbyjane.

My second project is a bit bigger. I made the smaller one couple years ago. Decided it was way too small... I don't have a photo of it but you can clicky on that link to view it..
Love all the pockets on the outside!
I think I bought this at Joann's years ago.. not sure?
Jules Bag pattern

Have a good weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2012


I've lost my sewing mojo and not seeing it returning for some time.. eeeks

Not sure if its the weather and/or all the stuff going on with me lately. Health, kids, building this new house.. TOO MUCH!

And I'm going to start packing some things up and sorting out for Goodwill. So probably just do some sewing for myself or some things for friends. But Etsy might stay up for now. I won't be posting photos here much but if you want to keep posted I do post on Facebook and I have it linked to Twitter @_suzee__  if you want to follow through there as well!! OH and of course Flickr!! (appleheadthreads at yahoo dot com)
You can find my facebook button on the side over there----->

I will still be stalking my blogs I follow for sure!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know  a good rain dance???? As in NEED RAIN NOW! My grass is crunchy and brown...

Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm slacking

I will blame the weather lol Its cool then its hot. WE NEED RAIN! Its in the forecast but probably past right by us saying..HA HA! no rain for you ! So our water bill is going to be higher so we can have a garden..blah.

My stars and moon or whatever hasn't been lined up for me for sometime and my nerves are shot to all get out..I'm forgetting easier.. was always a problem but its worse now lol

I did finally got some Kindle covers made for my shop. It took 4 days to get the buttons on them and then to take the pictures were a hassle lol

These will be on Etsy sometime today

I'm taking new pics though. These came out bluish for some reason even after I used Photoscape to do magic.. After doing these with button closure my next one I'm going to try a Velcro closure. I've not had complaints yet about the button but I like the bigger tab closure myself.. and my fingers do not like to sew on buttons for the main reason lol

I made another skirt.. this will be a birthday gift for a friend of Zoey's . Its so cute I'm diffidently making one for Zoey! I used Apple of my Eye fabric.. I can't get enough of that line!
I been searching for new patterns to make for kids.. I'm getting obsessed in making kids clothes!
Now just the time to get them all cut out and sew. I really wish Zoey would learn to use the machine! hehe

OH I ordered new labels. I really like them. They are on twill , but my font I picked didn't show up very well = (
My fault there she did send me a sample photo and of course I enlarged it and didn't think much about it lol 
I'll drop my name off of it and see how that looks next time.. now just have 75 more labels left lol

I ordered from Here a shop called Greenbeansnstrings on Etsy. She sent them in a cute little envelope.
They are 1"x1" and I can sew them right on without turning under. She fray checks them for ya!

Have a nice week!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy me

= )
ok, on to better things... lol

Not going to be a long post..I promise.. Not been myself last few days.. I want to sew, then I don't, I want to read, then I don't.. ugh. Then the temporary replacement phone I was using broke.. so I looked all over for the phone I did want and none .. out..gone. So found one to order and it wont be here til later next week..grrrrrrrr Along with some personal matters , things were not good this week = /

 Here's what I did manage to do.. 

 Its very hard to keep a 2.5 year old to model without moving arms and legs.. so the pics are fuzzy because of that...(and don't look at my messy areas in the background lol)
The fabric I used in this pillowcase dress was a gift from Jane over at Projectsbyjane. I knew after I saw this fabric it would be a dress for the Zoey-bug. Thank you Jane!
 LOL I LOVE this picture.. She's been toting these old books that use to be mine when I was her age around everywhere. I told her to sit still like a robot.. she did this LOL
 This is her serious look...
I made a hat using a tutorial from  Here . You use a old t shirt.

 See her peeking up lol
 This pic totally makes me  smile!!Once again her hands were moving lol

She does love her clothes I make her. I showed them to her and she grabs them and smiles big.. LOVE that.. and its makes all worth the time into them = )
Here is the shorts I made for her.
Ok last pic..
My sneaky peek pics, they are going to be Kindle covers...I would have them finished but forgot I have to wait for my new labels I ordered. = (

Enjoy your week!!!