Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sewing day Saturday

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!
 I usually use my weekend to sew. I hate shopping on weekends ( I hate shopping period unless there's craft supplies involved! ).
I had our Zoey yesterday and she helped "organize" my zippers. It went better then my buttons.. that was a mistake! Note to self: need locking button container!  She is good about not putting them in her mouth but when she has a pile of them she likes to "smooth" them all out and well they are still all over my floor! = ) I love her tons though!!

I'm not getting any nibs on my Etsy.. but I'm being patient as there are tons of wallets and pencil cases  out there and for some reason my Facebook family and friends are not helping spread the word for me!!! ( exception to Dana..thank you! = ) I'm not trying to sound mean !! but what's family for!!??? hehe  But I need a really great seller of something or other. A money maker! lol
I made this wallet a few weeks ago and I use it for myself and I get tons of complements on it at the stores when I'm out and about. So.. I'm saying hmmmm .. It took me forever and three needles later to get it finished.. But usually the first try is always the test huh? So, today I started another one.. more of plaids and linen fabrics. (so far no needle breakages!)  I got some other colors in line too and will post two on Etsy and see how it goes.. If not then I have most my Christmas gifts finished!! = )

Here is a preview of the one I'm working on..
I picked up some of that green linen as a remnant at Joann's and had alot of plaid laying around and always thought the colors go good together. What I like about this pattern, the tutorial is alot of pages and step by step with pictures!! And instead of interfacing for the bigger pieces you use duck canvas and gives it a nice sturdy feel to it.
I bought this pattern from NapKitten on Etsy. She has alot of cute, adorable patterns for purses , wallets and keychains. I love all her items too for sale.. check out her store Here as well ( she a Etsy store for her patterns and one for her items she makes. ) Those little wool coin purses are freaking adorable!!
I also made a purse last week...

It called for longer handles but I'm not a long handle purse person so I shorten them .. This pattern came from Here . I really like it but the handles are little flimsy. If I would make another one I would try to put some cording inside it or something.. thats a back burner thing right now ..
( I love paisleys by the way!!!)
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!
I'm going to go finish my coffee and rest my eyes.. I don't look far away enough and I read if you do alot of close up work or on computer or read alot to "rest your eyes" and look far away at a object for few minutes.. Or you can just pop a aspirin and keep doing what ya do!!!

= P

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Go! Baby giveaway!

Once again I'm entering ANOTHER giveaway for a Go! Baby cutter and 3 dies!!.. ONE OF THESE DAYS!! lol but also a chance for you my friends as well!!
See I share = )
Go to Little Cottage Comforts Blog and enter yourself in!!! You have three chances to win!! good luck! If you win from reading this let me know so I can be so jealous of you!! hehehe.
There is a picture of the Go! Baby on the right side bar some ways down.. You can also click on that to go to giveaway!

Hope everyone is doing well !!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Momma's Quilt

My mom emailed me some pic's of her quilt she has been working on for......awhile lol .

She hasn't named it yet. Anyone got any ideas?? It has sort of a Christmas'y feel to it after looking at it again. She used different fabric leftover's from other quilts she had done.
The top on the pillow is not attached. It's going to be like a pillow sham cover. A quilt for pillows???
Here is a couple of postings I did on her quilts HERE and HERE . And there is a few on her web page listed about half way down my page on the right.
I always think her quilts have a vintage look to them. I need to take some shots of all the quilts she made me!!!

She lives maybe 15 minutes from me and always calling her and asking.. "did you sew today?" she would say yep or nope and then she ask me.. "did you sew today?" lol

I tried to sew today but couldn't get into it.. alot on my mind as well as not getting any sleep for 3 days puts a toll on the noggin!!
I got a purse lined up to sew tomorrow..cross my fingers I'll work on it!!

Happy blogging = )

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I really have to post this fast as there is a storm blowing in fast.. I usually unplug all my computer stuff when that happens. I have lost way too many laptops, or computers, modems..etc. !!!

SOOOO anyways I posted 3 more items on Etsy.. you can access it from my blog page or HERE TO ETSY !!

I have more to make to add later. I start my day waking up and getting my coffee ready and say..Sue, you will sew NOW.. but I sit down, and say.. hmm  wonder what blogs posted,, or check email for a winning giveaway!! ( that would wake me up!) but as the morning drags on ,, so do I. So by time I get to sewing its lunch time and too much going on then. Then during the evening I'm thinking.. I should of got THAT done today!! 

Then its coffee time again and I'm sitting on my fat.. @zz and wasting time again... hehehe But its not really wasting time.. I'm reading about everyone else's blogs and great idea's and then I go to Pinterest and see what the latest Pin's I hope they keep internet around!!! = )

Puppy update.......shes eating and doing wonderful!! We took her to doggy doc today and her blood sugar was still up above 200 a little but he said its probably going to be a few more days and just moniter it. So she goes back in a week. wheweee. As Mary from Jack's Big Music Show says........WHHATTTTT AAAAA DAYYYY!!!  If you have kids you really need to check that cute show out on NickJR!! Check it out if you don't have kids.. its a fun show!!
Also what I forgot post yesterday is that I had won another green bag from and won the dark brown one in the middle... bag.  I received it the other day and I love the fabric. Its organic cotton from  They have some really nice fabric there.. and its Organic!! = )
Night ya'all
Enjoy our little goof...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Better days = )

I had a LONG weekend! But not in a good way.. but in the end its turning out better! My last post of my dear little doggy, Baby gotten terrible sick but with the good vet that I have she is on her way to recovery!! (and I must say a much richer vet!!! lol )
She does have diabetes and will have to keep giving her shots ...forever now. Her blood results showed her kidneys were on border line shutdown but wasn't quite there yet. Her blood sugar are MUCH lower now. 200 range but they said it needs to be down under that a bit more. I do not know a thing about diabetes and I guess I'll have to read up on doggy-betes .
I took her to vet this morning and left her and they called me within the hour to say to come get her as her stress level was too high and wouldn't eat. As soon as I brought her in the door she went to her food bowl . I was SO happy!! she ate alot today!! She better enjoy it because docter vet said no more eating just when she wants to. Schedule , schedule, schedule.. and no more poptarts!!! (she shares with me so I guess that means no more poptarts for mom either ) oh hum....but all in all... I'm happy she is recovering. Too stressful!!! I do love my animals buddies.

I started this blog to keep my sewing projects in order. But as you see my new blog its about everything I love!!! I need to squeeze my two boys pictures in there!!! I still need to tweak things on it but just the background and all.

I been sewing!!!! of course....

I need more things on Etsy.. I have alot of things I want to add there because I need funds to buy more fabric and more crafty goods!!! = ) Its a never ending circle isn't it?? Here's a sneaky peek.....

A little bit of hand embroidery, something  I would love to do more of but I have a "dead" finger.. it's constantly numb .. not really dead.. lol 
I'll be trying to get these up soon.

I don't write down ahead of time what I want to post on here , I just do it as I go... so I forgot what else I wanted to post... well ok.. then.. goodnite!!! = )

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Samelia's Mum: Sewline – Review & Giveaway

Theres fantastic giveaway on Samelia's Mum blog for a Sewline Fabric Glue Pen!! I keep thinking when I share these giveaway's it minimizes my chances to win!!! lol but I'm a sharing sort of person so good luck !!! I so want the trio pencil!! Will defiantly look into buying one.
Jump on over there and put your name into the hat!!! You get three chances!

Samelia's Mum: Sewline – Review & Giveaway: "Remember my post about the Quilt & Craft fair last month? No? Well you can pop over and have a look now. The link is HERE . Go on. I’ll wait..."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Well, I couldn't help myself...

 I have a very sickly doggy = ( and to try to take my mind off of it and not to think the worse as I usually do!! I decided to make my header for my blog..
Whadda think???? I'm mighty proud of it too! I need to add the credits later but the picture of Zoey, and Baby are mine of course.. and the blog title..I drew the sewing machine!! the rest I got free from some searching.
I used Picnik to make it all. It was pretty easy after reading up on it and getting all my pics in order.
Back to Baby, well long story short,,she has diabetes. I have to start giving her insulin shots twice a day at meal times. She is not to get NO more treats!! Oh boy. This is going to be hard.. That will be like telling me I can't sew anymore!!!!!!!!! EEEKS! But we take her back to vet Monday and will get blood work results and hopefully her kidneys and pancreas didn't start shutting down..
Remember my A/C going out? She got over heated even tho we kept fans on her. She panted ALOT and drank alot so I thought she will be ok and tough it out like us. NO. I'm so upset with myself over this. She stopped eating Friday and starting vomiting the water right back out. So first thing this morning I took her to vet. Mr. Vet told me good thing because she might of made it .. I have cried all day today hoping she will be ok...
People that don't have pets think silly thoughts of this but I don't care. She is like my kid. I actually think we have spent more on her then our kids!!!
I'm a dog mom and damn proud of it!!
Doug had her delivered to me on Valentine's Day in 2003 while he was in Turkey on one of his many deployments with the Air Force. She kept me company and I was so happy with her = )
It will be another long night I believe, I didn't get any sleep last night either. Had a couple short naps in today..
I hate this!! grrrrrrrrrrr
Have a good Sunday if you haven't started it yet.. if you have hope it was enjoyable!!!



Aunt Polly's Porch is having a super giveaway for one of these!!! You have two chances to win!! Giveaway ends Wed. July 27th @ 9PM est.
I have been trying to win this all summer! So I enter them when I see them!! Good Luck to me and everyone else!! = )

Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby gifts

I almost forgot about posting these baby gift items and remembered when I read in Facebook she is on her way to the hospital this morning to have her baby!! Welcome to the world Willow!! I LOVE THAT NAME!!!! Congrats to Jeannie and Pete on their first baby !!
I'm not even sure if she reads my blog but she is in the hospital and I'll be safe to post this,as I have not given her gifts to her yet!! I shame myself : /
and I have to hurry to post this as my grand daughter spent the night and she is due awake probably any time!!!
 This pattern is fromNoodle-Head . I directed the link right to her tutorials. I have made a few things from her tutes!!! Love that blog! The little dress is from Smashed peas and Carrots . She also has some adorable tutorials on her blog! The little pants I just made up. I made them from a old vintage sheet..take a closer look at the hem!! The shoes,, (eeeks Zoey just woke up!!) are from here. 
Three bibs!!!! reversible !!!

Ok my time is up.. time to make pancakes!!!!!!!!!!! ( did i seemed rushed??) lol

Thursday, July 21, 2011

OH Happy Day!!!

 Update .......Is this showing up in blogger ????

I FINALLY got my Etsy up!!! yay!!!! It located over at the right side bar!!! (sorry bring your own refreshments!)  I plan on making alot more stuff and hopefully to SELL alot of stuff!! lol
The notifications for my email is back in order!! AND hopefully the air conditioner man will be here by noon!!! We slept with two fans on us last nite!! My poor doggy , Baby, panted all night.. I tried to keep one fan directly on her but she was up and down all night.. none of us slept good! Its bad to say we have took for granted with some of our luxuries we have in our life.. I grew up with NO air conditioning.. and I don't remember it feeling this hot and bad out.
But anywho!!! take a look at my Etsy and  check back again to see what I've added!!
Also I am on facebook as well.. look up applehead threads = ) its not a LIKE page just a normal click and add friend page so I can keep in touch with YOU as well!!

For some of you that sell on Etsy would you care to look into my policy pages and all and see if I got things right? I sort of copied and pasted from other pages and turned the wording around!! lol
Here is what I made!!! a preview...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is a test

A couple of my followers are saying they didn't get a update from my last posts.. so this is a test to see if it went ok?? Please let me know!!! Thanks!!!
OH MY GOSH ITS SO HOT OUTSIDE!!! lol and our central air went out...........darn it all!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A hot day outside.. sewing inside!!!

Maybe I should have a "A mess from my desk Tuesday" every week!! I have a little assembly line going !! I'm making a different sort of pencil pouch. I don't want to give the extra goody away yet!! Maybe you can figure it out from this mess!! = )
And did you notice I added my logo name on the picture? = ) I've been learning alot about this blogging thing lately!! The nerve of some people trying to steal images and make them their own baffles me!!! Hopefully not happened to me but have read some horror stories ,even stealing tutorials of made items and claiming as their own..good grief!!! I always try to give credit for anything I use on my blog. I know there's alot of work into crafting and I just couldn't think of anyone doing that to someone's hard work!!!
But anywho... I've made 3 of my goodies and have 4 more to finish. Hopefully by tomorrow morning!! I'm going to stay in all day today as the heat index today here in Indiana is a sweltering 110 F degrees!!! I sure hope people are taking care of their elderly folks and of course their animals outside.. I HATE driving past a house with a dog tired up with NO shade or water bowl outside.. GRRRRR I'm a very VERY animal lover of any sorts... =) I will even stop to get a turtle out of the road and help him to the other side.. My son when he was little said to me once.. "but what if he wasn't going that way?" I said "well, then he will have to double back and we will help him again!"

OK now whats on my kitchen table :

Well, its in my fridge now getting cold now...
I made fresh fruit salad.. and can NOT wait to eat it.. I've been sneaking bites though!
My friends from northern Indiana brought us some FRESH Blueberries!!! I use to hate blueberries.ack! the store bought ones were so nasty and I always thought they all tasted that way.. We went up there a couple years ago to pick and I popped one of those big fat ones in my mouth and started eating them like crazy!! MMMMM they taste like miniature plums!! and sweet!
So we ordered 10 lbs of them and I gave a few out to sister and momma.. I made blueberries muffins too!!
I hate 4..yes FOUR that same night. lol
Also in this is fresh peaches we bought from a Amish farm. They weren't Indiana peaches but they still good = )

Got a question to my crafter bloggies.. how do you put a 'signature" on your posts? like at the bottom of each post? I've looked but must of past it up!!! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Rambling.. with a cough

Yep still sick. I thought I was getting better, now it's turned into a cough and blowing my nose. I tried to adventure out today but it was all wrong. Nothing went right. .. and I'm not getting into it that story!! Let's just say I ended my day as leaving the cashier at Walmart with all my stuff to put back!!

Let's get to the sewing bits.. = )
  I sewed this...I ripped a old fake leathery coin purse apart to get the zipper.. and ended up making one just like it!! I should of taken a picture of the before huh??? 

I love this fabric. I bought it at Joann's awhile back as a remnant . It's outdoor canvas. I still have a teeny bit left!!

I ordered zippers FINALLY!! I bought them on Etsy at The Zipper Store . Alot of assorted colors!And she has cheap!!! postage!!! check it out.

My doggy , Baby, has to take a trip to the doggy doctor tomorrow.. This happens about once a month. She's a delicate creature . I was looking at her paw last night and one of her pads was swollen up HUGE and gross looking. As a good dog mommy I put ointment on it and wrapped it. She looked at me with sad eyes and said, Thanks mommy lol Good thing I wrapped it because it popped open last nite.(sorry gross talk here) Actually it looks better but still red and going to let the vet take a gander at it. She is one expensive little hairy thing but we love her and I wouldn't trade her for nothing in the world!!! Doug said while I was out shopping today she laid in my sewing room the whole time . I felt bad so we "hung out" together tonight..she on my lap scratching her back and me..well scratching her back!!
Oh,, back to sewing.. = )

I made another purse too but don't have pictures yet.. I need a model and well Doug just looks at me funny when I ask..maybe one day I'll make a shoulder harness for his gun and he will model for me then!!! giggle.

Ok nite nite crafters and friends and family (some maybe just waking)... I wanted to shout out to my followers that you are the best! I love emailing back and forth , and reading each others blogs enlightens my day!!!

Suzee I need a signature

Thursday, July 14, 2011

sewing and a sore throat

I went to bed last night with a "scratchy" throat and woke up around 3-4am with it so sore. I got up to make hot tea with honey to get it stop alittle. It didn't , I just ended up going to the bathroom the rest of the morning.. ended up going back to bed and finally going off to sleep with a cough drop stuck in my cheek.. Have you ever done that? You wake up and its still there and you start freaking.."I could of choked in my sleep!" I ended up sleeping til 10 AM.. I never slept in that late in foreverrrrrr! (I'm a 7-8 o'clock sort of person and stay in my jammies til 10ish to noonish lol )
Well I wasn't going to let a sore throat get me to finish up another wallet!! So I made this one like the last post I did on a wallet. I didn't line it as thick and it still is sturdy enough. I hate thin wallets. I still not happy with the zipper. I had some older metal zippers and they do well in the small wallets I've made but I'm thinking I need to order new zippers now for these wallets. OR I have a plan to change the zipper to a front view instead of the top.
ok ok here is the pic...

You can barely see the zipper above the card slots. I need to change that. Also do you see my tag??? I made new ones finally!!! I'm happy with these too..finally.. I get a image in my head of what things need to be that I like and I stick with it until its finished! = )
See a nice big stack of them in two sizes.. some for sideways inserts and then the long one i folded up like on the wallet. I printed out the image( I had Kim from make for me) . I used PhotoFabric I got at Joann's. It came on a roll and saw a tutorial somewhere on the blogland using this. It has a paper backing that I guessing you can take off after printing your stuff on it but it gave it a sturdier feel so I left it on. Only thing I don't like if I do peel it off the fabric raffles... is that spelled right???
I'm wanting to use SpoonFlower for my next labels.. = ) That place is awesomely great!

My "Baby" never left my feet today.. I think her allergies are acting up again , so if she needs her backside scratched I won't be very far to reach down with my feet to do that .. and no that is not my dirty laundry!! Old shirts Doug gave me to use to cut up for whatever. I just happened to throw them on her pillow..Isn't she cute? ...and fat. lol

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another wallet!!

Well this one was finished in one day!! and..why does everything look crooked in pictures?? I really like making this one, but I used quilted fabric for the outside and also lined it with canvas.. Its nice and sturdy but almost broke ANOTHER needle! My friend Amy gets this one for sure and she does like it!!! Shewee..It also has a zippered coin pocket and I used a older zipper I had but hopefully it will be ok.. I really need to order some!!

I think I'll take a break from sewing tomorrow and have a Zoey day = )
With this face I can't pass that up!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Three long days....

Three Long Days,,,Isn't that a  song?? =)

As in sewing yes its been long!! but the outcome of it has paid off!! I made this.

Please don't look too close either! I messed up a couple places but went EXACTLY by the tutorial but still ended up funny ,, imagine that from me??HUH?  but I do LOVE IT!! It is suppose to be a wallet for a friend that I owe one to,but well sorry Amy its mine! and because it just took me way to long to make and broke 2 and almost 3 needles.and cut the end of my zipper off  = ( .AND my iron went out this morning right when I was to finish it up!  So a fast (and HOT) trip to Wally World as Joann's was too far away :( I really had my eye on a bright green or pink one at Targets last week and if I had known..thats how it goes huh?

OK here is the rest of the pictures of my cute , FAT , sturdy lovely wallet I'm calling ..well..fat owl wallet, lol. It's like a fat paperback book!
 first  & second page.there are also pockets behind all the pages as well!! 
last pages. i forgot to take pic of inside pages
inside for the bills
and closed 
I give myself a pat on my back for this one..This is the wallet I was wanting to make to sell on Etsy but..hmm no I don't think I would get any done to make money!! Maybe a gift or two for Christmas's.
I got the pattern here from NapKitten. Her's looks so neat and pressed and her binding is so much better.. I got sortof upset with my binding skills for a minute but thought hey at least I sewed it! yay!!! I only put one snap on the tab as she put two. I don't like to fumble with snaps.. = )

I wanted to shout out to my lovely niece Nicole that is having her first baby girl Ella this friday!! We are all so excited!! She found out she is breech, and my friend Jeannie found out her baby girl is breech as well and she will be having her little girl next friday!! I have one more friend having a baby boy next month!! What are you all doing out there people!!!?? HAHA

My great brother Ron, got my web name up!! Its officially MINE!! mawahhhahaha!!! Actually he just redirected the web name to my blog, so I didn't have to move anything and the blog name stays the same.. but I can put my web name on cards now!! Did I's mine?? = )

Last note.. The new season of Design Star starts tonight on HGTV!! I LOVE David Bromstad!!!  go here to get the info

= )

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Redesigned blog

I've been playing around with this blog and wanted to get it set right..once and for ALL!! I think I'm done with it now. I went for plain title with the new label design in my profile picture.So..if you're reading in your Reader or email jog over and let me know what ya think..or not lol.  Maybe I'll do a new header way later, but have too much to do then play around with that!! ugh. OH I had my label designed by Kim on 733 blog. She worked with me for a couple of days...I couldn't get the "ears" (A's) right. If you haven't figured it out its my dear doggy's face and the A's in the title is her "ears" haha I'm a goof but I love it!!

I finished some sewing this morning. Not as much as I wanted..but..I tried!!

I got a goody bag of stuff made for a friend that is due this month!! So I really had to rush at that one! Not sure if she reads this page but I'll play it safe until I give the package to her and just post the bag that I made to put it all in!! = )

I made me a pouch from a tutorial on fallinginlovewithcolor blog. And used some of the FQ's I won from Julie on Intrepid Thread blog which I found Sasha's blog from !!!

I love it! I finally made something for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! and will keep!
 My next project is going to be some wallets to sell!!! And my friend Amy will be trying out the first one for me!! Hopefully my deadline to put some up for sale is Aug 1st..ish
But first I need to get my new labels made !!! AND  will be doing a teeny tutorial!! = )

Have a great weekend everyone...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ok before I move on to say.. let me know what you think and what do you see here??

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swap goodies!

I received a package today from my swap partner in Australia. The package was so cute with all the little stickers and labels on it. I just knew I got some good stuff!! And I was correct! Eva from Bunny-Sisters did a excellent job on sending some items from my profile I had mentioned I liked..

I like the handmade gift tags..and those little crocheted flowers are adorable. The cut out hearts are from a music book( there are a few pieces there, it doesn't look like it )
 A small bag of beads and charms and some buttons..
I like this the best...a sewn card.. look at that little mushroom!! so cute!

Then the matchboxe's are so neat.. There is four match boxes glued together and with ribbons for the pull tabs.Those won't be going into the junk drawer!!! I added her to my facebook and following her on Pinterest. She has some great printable ideas there!! If you haven't joined Pinterest yet you need to. I love browsing the sewn and printable items.. I use it to keep my favorites that I want to try out later. When I want to find something I wanted its all right there with pictures!! If you join  or have joined let me know and I'll look you up. I'm right here....
Here is everything laid out with the package it came in..
I tried my best to get some things sewn up today but wasn't meant to be... I hate that too! lol Trying to get a big shopping list with coupons together as we are going to the Commissary tomorrow. We try to go once a month and stock up as they are so much cheaper then any other place. Its a small commissary but it carries alot of good products. Doug is retired Air Force and we can still shop there.. yay!!!
Maybe tomorrow after we get back I can start a project. I have alot lined up to finish!! And I need to stay off the blogs so I don't add to that list!!!
Hope you all are doing good ....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

We aren't doing much this year, well as every year we don't. We celebrate our freedom and love our country every day of the year...I guess when little Zoey Bug gets a couple years older we will do more with her , take her to the parade or carnival.
Me and my mom are going to Joann's today though!! haha. I need to stock up on interfacing and its half price..and I have 4 other coupons I can't let go to waste!! = )

So everyone that is celebrating tonight be safe and have fun!!! Keep your eyebrows on!!