Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have been sewing like crazy few days ago..then took a mini break yesterday ..well from sewing..sortof?? I started out sewing, then couldn't find something I needed and then I started moving things around and one thing led to another and before I knew it my whole craft room was reorganized !! It took  me til this morning to get the way I wanted and its so much better.. Its a small room but I ended up having more room then I did and I moved another sewing table in! I now have access to all three of my sewing machines!!
What have I been working on is some purses to sell. I made two and want to make another different one and let some of my friends "sample" them and see if they are good to sell..or if I need to change anything different..

My first one I made is called a Slouchy Bag..I used corduroy for exterior and cotton for lining. I found this cute pattern/tutorial from . You need to check this blog out ! There is alot of cute ideas there and this is one of them , cute! Thank you ladies for this tutorial!

Another bag I made today was easy easy! and really cute! It doesn't even call for interfacing but I'm thinking about adding some next one I make..
These bags usually fall under the "hobo" or sling bag. There's a lot of versions and tutorials out there to grab. I got mine here at Oh, and this one is reversible too.It looks pink here but its actually peachy color. (Dana, you might be seeing some fabric that looks familiar! )

I received one of my swap packages from my three partners! This one is from Colorado and she really went way out and send a very well put together package of all sorts of goodies!! This little wall hanging is so cute!
 And with that came all this..She sent me a bag full of Scrabble tiles that I have no clue yet what I should do with them. I see them in alot of scrap booking but I'm don't do alot of that. Any ideas out there?

My favorite thing was this little book...The Workbasket.. circa 1955. I got a kick out of looking through this gem. My mom use to get these all the time.(later in the 70's when I remember!! lol) Do they still sell them? for .15cents???? HAHA The advertising in it was a hoot.

Everyone have a nice and safe 4th of July!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Giveaway !

Wanted to share this really fast tonight.. I have followed The Green Bag Lady for some time and have won several of her bags in giveaways.. go to her blog and win you a green bag!!! I love making these.
Remember my post about my library bags I made? I used her pattern. If you want to make your own she has a FREE printable pattern on her blog...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New dress for our Zoey !!

Sadly she's not with me today to model this one.. I had it cut out yesterday and went to work on it early this morning. I used stretchy knit (I'm beginning to like this fabric alot!) My mom gave me this awhile back and she had it ..well forever!! maybe early 80s????!!!!  I wasn't going to put anything on it til I noticed it made me dizzy to look at it!! I thought..stripes and circles!! I cut out circles with pinking shears (use these as much as possible) and I needed a second color but didn't have any other knits that would go with this.. I dug around in some of my old t-shirts that I begin to hoard.. and found a red one..and started cutting it up. I like working with t shirts as they don't fray and can use them for anything. BTW.. I'm in need of some v neck's in colors!!!

Looks like a monster eye here.. lol
I only sewn down the biggest circle and the button holds it all down..

I searched the web for this pattern..Actually I sort of modified it from someone's that I'm having a hard time finding it again! I put in the v neck and the sleeves are different.  But I would like to give credit to my missing person ....I'll still look.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodies in the mail and a new purse !!

I received my giveaway winning from The Intrepid Thread  and I LOVE IT!! The fabrics are sooo bright and pretty in person =) She even wrapped it all up for me !! I'm just going to use Julie's picture from her site, as my camera doesn't help with showing the colors. I showed my momma these today and I saw her drool abit..hehehe Thank you again Julie!!

OHHH and!!!! she had a sale in her store and well........I HAD to buy a yard of this!!!!
I love it!!! I wanted to do new valance's in my sewing room and I wanted something cheerful and when I saw this I knew I had to have it...and hopefully have enough to make a little purse for Zoey bug =)
Go over to Julie's shop here and see all the goodies she has!

I got alot of sewing done today. I finished a purse pattern I wanted to try.I found a "inspiration" purse . It was in leather but I made mine from clothe for now.. I used heavy fabric so I wouldn't use up my interfacing and now I wish I had used interfacing as it came out pretty good..small tweaks if I do make it in soft "leather (vinyl). I did NOT like how I finished the hole for the handle.. I'm my own critic and my worse one! lol but.. I do like it and will use it even if its not bright in colors as I ususally like..

Ok is my inspiration
Click here
I didn't feel like putting in the zipper thing on the outside OR the handles.. I just wanted to see how I liked carrying it and it came out like this!!
But anyways.. carry on...

I been making things to add to my Etsy shop!!! yay!!! That will come in due time.. alot of time!

Ok ..on with unrelated things not crafty...
It was SOOO nice outside today!! Partly cloudy and looked like rain alot but a nice breeze blowing all day and was only in the higher 70's!! LOVED this morning me and my little applehead, Baby went for a walk out back around our pond. She's not been feeling too well lately but she made it!!!
 Doug keeps a wide path behind the pond mowed for us and it was nice and cool in there today.. I didn't want to leave so we walked slow...
 This was shot way back in the corner ..we walked from over on the other side there by all those trees.. there is a driveway there if you believe it..well sortof grown up now...

Homeward bound!!! Baby has had enough and actually started running here haha! She flopped down on the floor after we got inside..

But she wasn't too tired as we all went back and did it again this evening..

Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Bags

My local library does a book reading program every year for the kids. My kids are in their early 20's and they went to these when they were young! They always give out great books and gifts for each reading level/age. I enrolled Zoey. She is just 18 months old but they had a age group for her , we just count the pages read to her . She loves books already, (takes after me and her mommy).

I was looking at some of the children's fabric I had wanted to make something and thought about tote bags for books.. sooooo, i made three of them today. The red,white and blue ones I already had finished and needed some for the older kids.. I had terrible lighting in my room so the colors don't show up very well. The Mickey Mouse and "art" print was given to me from Dana. If you are in need of some cute and beautiful handmade hair bows she's the one to get in touch with!!!

oh yeah.. I not sure if I should post this as I'm starting to feel bad lol but ............I WON ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!! ....
I had actually forgot about this one i entered over on The Intrepid Thread. I got to pick which color line of five different sets... I get a fat quarter of these colors!!!
well just the orange set.. It was hard to pick from.. sometimes I think I would rather they sent me some and surprise me!!
I'm building up a nice stash of goody fabrics!!! Thank you so much Intrepid Thread!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Go here and enter a great fabulous! giveaway from Shawna at 1 Choice 4 Quilting. I love her shop!! She also has a 20% sale going on off anything in her store!! Go take a gander...
 Also I want to share my grand daughters new easy peasy little summer dress I made from some of that fabric Dana gave me..Zoey loves it.. When I showed it to her she grabbed it and loved it like a little doll baby lol. Then I put it on her and she danced around and kept rubbing her little tummy while smiling. Well, I'll defiantly have to make her more!!

I think she was showing a little too much leg in this one. hehe
 I got the pattern from a blog few days ago and I usually write the name of the blog on the pattern if its not already..well I forgot and now after searching blog land I can't seem to locate it :(  I need to find it tho and write it on my pattern. I altered the neck line abit too..It had a simple neckline but it looked so small so i cut it lower as a V and like it better this way.
I'll find it and post that soon!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Ok I get carried away when someone gives me fabric.. any kind all sizes and from anywhere! Another one's OLD fabric is new fabric to me!!
So laugh if you all want because I'm posting my free fabric given to me from my friend Dana !! thank you so much!
My favorite is the two vintage sheets!!! Zoey will be getting some little dresses out of those !! and as again I apologize for the terrible pictures..
I need a new GOOD camera :(
I did get a little sewing finished this morning. These are going out to my sewing swaps partners, with a couple of other little things. I hate sewing with vinyl but love the outcome of what you can make with it.My favorite is the orange one, and since I sort of mess up on that one,, I'm keeping it.
I've made a few of these with Velcro closures and bigger ones too. You can use them for anything. I got this tutorial HERE from Crazy Mom Quilts. I love that name!!

I had to break down and turn the A/C back on today.. the last couple of days were so nice and cool and was nice to keep the bedroom windows open at night and sleep with the frogs.. (we have a small fish pond right beside our window and some did get a little noisey)
Baby, my little doggy, buddy, friend, and dog daugther lol, always has to be right with me if I'm in my sewing room or in the bathroom!! I swear she thinks I'm going to squeeze through the tiny window in there and escape without her at times! She found a sunbeam in my sewing room and took advantage of it, once she is grounded all you have to do is walk around and over her or you can't get anything done.
(NO she is not pregnant ! she just like to look like me too!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bias Tape

Need I say more? for those who want to do it but afraid? As I was :( so pitiful .. I sew just about everything under the sun but I was afraid to make bias tape!! I always asked my momma to do it for me..hehe
BUT I'm a big girl now and my gosh I think I've mastered it ..well until I looked closer at it...and tell me?? Do you see what I see!!???
(sorry about the unfocused pic . I use my cell phone)
NO its not my dirty crumb covered table clothe lol ...hint.. are my dots all in a row?? giggles.
well I DONT CARE I MADE BIAS TAPE!!! :D but i'll use solid color next time!!
Anyways... I had to make bias tape as I'm making something that needed..well.bias tape. I hope to get those finished up tomorrow.. I am making four and only have one to go!! yay.. I'm trying to make some little things for my sewing swap I entered last week and I got my partners today!! One from Australia , oh speaking of down there.. Rachael Daisy...expect something from me from your very own postal man/or lady maybe next week?? 
My other two partners are from United Kingdom and Canada!

Alittle note.. I started this blog for one reason.. to list and blog my craft things I make and hopefully sell some items here and there but I get off the path sometimes,,so its becoming like a daily journal of about everything inbetween. But, as I notice on other great blogs I read they do the eh.... I'm doing ok .
My brother made it in today from Kansas City , MO..You know the one that is famous and has TWO cd's out?? well one but almost two soon!!
If you haven't yet, check his play list out... click over there on the right of my page and  wander around his place.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My momma's quilt

She's been working on this new quilt that had her stumped for awhile. She lost some of the pieces or blocks and some of fabric she wanted to use.. (or she's misplaced them as I think! lol ) but it is coming together nice. It's a bit different but that's why I like her quilts. I'm not sure what she is calling this one.. will get more info on it as I was in a rush that day when I took these pics and its been a long day..another story ...

The middle is her design, and I'm thinking she found the corner embroidery pieces at a yard sale?? Ok I will have to get the story from her and update this !!! My mind is tired.
Tomorrow I am going to try to get back on track of sewing.. I entered a sewing swap with Creative Collective on Swap-bot . I'm excited about this one as you get THREE partners!! yay!!! Three goodies in the mail!!!
You can check it out here if you might be interested. Deadline is June 14th (tomorrow!) to join. If you don't want to try that one there is TONS of different swaps you can enter at
I'm working on a new label for my items I make and a new header for the blog.. I have it all drawn up but I don't know what program to use to get it into a jpg file. I used Avery program to make the label but it won't let me save it in any other file to bring it up on paint or something else. I don't have Word or other of the other expensive programs. Does anyone know of a FREE photo/word program I can make my label to print? (and I'm thinking about sending to Spoonflower to make some labels as well!) the thing is the program I will use will have to have the option for curved text..I'm excited about this label I made !!!
Have a good evening..or morning =)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hurt Book Sale!!!

There is a sale on sewing books at the Interweave Store!!! Alot of good books on sale half price! Lots and Lots of goodies to sew!! Now , if I only had more money in my Paypal account.. hope you all are having a great weekend! Its gorgeous here in Indiana. Its 70 degrees and a cool breeze blowing, and that's a big change from 80-90s last week!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Samelia's Mum: AccuQuilt GO! Baby - Giveaway

Samelia's Mum: AccuQuilt GO! Baby - Giveaway: "You may have seen my Pinwheel tutorial earlier this week, highlighting how great the the AccuQuilt GO! Baby is to use. If you didnt, HERE i..."

Package received and swimming

Going to try to get this post in this morning....been trying to do this for couple of days..
I had my granddaughter Zoey yesterday and we had a blast!!! We set up the little pool and let the sun warm it for a few hours.. I took her out to look at it before it was ready and her eyes got HUGE! I told her to feel the water and she said brrr haha. But it did finally warm up and a nice breeze started blowing and it was perfect day for a kid size pool swim. She thought Mamaw had to get in as pics of that! :)
( do you notice our 3 year project in the back? We have a pond full of fish and not much rock and nice plants around them ) ..yet

I received my winning from bluemountaindaisy and I LOVE IT!! You can see a closeup of it Here.
I hung it up temporarily above "my thinking table" (because i seem to think of what to do instead of cut here)
I have a small shelf I want to hang below it. At least I have some color on my bare walls now!

Along with this adorable little quilt I got a little stack of fabric squares. I'll probably hoard those for now. I have my eye on a quilt project that I want to do. I only made one quilt top my whole life. The log cabin quilt is probably the easiest to put together. My mom had quilted it for me..this has been years ago and I had washed it so much then my kids played on/with it and so on and it finally wore out. I learned my lesson from using thin fabric too..oh hum.
ok .. I got off the track a bit....but heres a pic of the fabric squares!
I have to show off the back of that little quilt too! I so love the label she made for me!!!
Tomorrow I'm going to try to post some pics of my mom's quilt she is working on..We are going to do some shopping today at Joann's and I have to use a $3.00 coupon at Staples today ..its literally burning a hole in my wallet. AND it expires today! Coupons that equal free or under a buck makes me happy :)
Also one last thing.. some of you probably wont read this far down lol but ...
How many blogs are too many??!!! I am following so many wonderful blogs and keep adding to the list.. as you can see on the right there of my page my list..and I have added since I posted those! I feel like I'm going to miss out on a cute project! (or giveaway!)  I do read them all when they update. I have to draw the line somewhere but can't stop myself! Oh and can't forget the list of coupon blogs I follow! :)
Well I guess if you're going to hoard something its best to do it as a list then cats ( i like cats but only have ONE!!)..or tiny pieces of paper that your can't seem to throw out..or...rooms full of useless junk.. (I'm appalled at those horder shows on tv)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Have you heard my brother??

I'm so proud of my brother.. he plays fingerstyle guitar and has his SECOND cd coming out! I love listening to his music and its so calming.
the following is copied from his site.. 

About 3 years ago Ron won a State Fingerpicking Championship in Kansas. Ron said he could have won first place if the other guy knew how to make a mistake.
Ron is currently working on a new CD "Acoustic Dreams" which will contain most of his original compositions. The CD should be released 2011.
In addition to his solo guitar work, Ron is now accompanying the Award Winning Singer Songwriter Karla Bauer on her tours across Missouri and Kansas. Karla has released two CD's and together they have teamed up with some unplugged versions of her original songs along with Ron's fingerstyle work. Watch their calendars for a event in your location (

You can preview his songs and register to his webpage for latest show's he will be attending and playing!! Go check the site to support my brother !! :) 
(I'm a "pushy" sister) hehe

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I won.. again.. =)

yep yep..I'm getting a lotto ticket Saturday!!

But anyways I won a pattern from Shoeology ...sorry not whats picture..story of those follows... This is her Etsy shop and I won the Gilligan pattern!! I have never made SHOES for me before! But I'm going to try it! They look soft and comfy and can't wait to try them! The pattern came with several sizes too!  OH I almost forgot also I won ANOTHER bag from I love her bags and have made alot of them from her pattern. I do make them for anyone for free!!! (trying to use some older fabric up!!) We have to get rid of those ugly plastic bags one shopper at a time!!!

OK final thing.... I made these little wallets today. My mom wanted a little wallet for her cards and I whipped this up this morning.. She will have her pick..There's a little story for her wanting this. I gave her a "tea wallet" and had put tea bags in it. well one day shopping with her I noticed she was using it for her credit cards.. I said "hmm mom that was suppose to be for your tea bags" She said to me "oh..I wondered why you put those in there and thought it was a regular card wallet." 
Well. few days past and she calls me asking me to make her a new wallet.. she said she had a little fumble with her "wallet" and all her cards fell all over Walmart floor. I guess my sister was with her and they was laughing and sister said.. "mom all your tea bags fell out" .......snorts.
I love my mom and I always have a blast shopping with her,she's always doing something funny!!! LOVE YA MOM!! 

Monday, June 6, 2011


I finished the Thread Catcher Kit I won from Candice over on Made With Love blog. I like how the boning keeps the opening..WIDE open. It was a easy pattern to follow and didn't take me very long to make..(not counting the endless interruptions from Baby (my applehead) and husband.(hardhead) lol oops  did I type that outloud??
and phone calls..and.and.
Ok here's the pic...
Thank you so much Candice for this chance to win this!!! They are great!

Also I been organizing my fabric and sorting scraps. Now that is work.. ugh. I have a FULL trash bag of the littlest scraps that can't do nothing with.. anyone want them? If not I'm taking them to Goodwill to recycle. They are pieces that are long end strips that aren't sewable at all. (don't worry I don't get rid of anything that can be sewn up!)
but anywho.. I got my shelves sorted abit and my Baby wasn't happy I took her "bed" of scraps..oh. I just had a thought..I just decided to keep my scraps!!!
I took this pic of her after she wrestled to get up in the bottom shelf.. I love this little puppy :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A great blog to follow...

I love this blog! Amanda has some amazing printable planner pages. If you like this sort of thing , printing out your own pages , calendars, to do lists, and/ or just doodling on paper she has just the thing for ya!

I made her little paper binder and its soo cute! I keep it next to my keyboard to jot notes or date down.
Just to let you know HOW awesome she can be,,,welllll she just sent her fans on Facebook a link to download her Printable Planner 2011-2013! (normally you would have to order this) I love these pages. What are you waiting for? Go over to her blog and check out her great ideas and printables and other cuteness and crafts! Oh and also she is counting her days to meet her new baby less then 2 weeks!! Go over and give her a shout :)


I just found the option that can update your blog page from your email so this is just a random post..with a picture of a outfit I made for my Zoey .... smile!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Extra Ordinary Bree: The Extreme Makeover Grand Finale!

Extra Ordinary Bree: The Extreme Makeover Grand Finale!

Long over due

I have been receiving my giveaway goodies I won in the mail this week!! First I got the Thread Catcher kit from Candice over at Made With Love blog . I love the colors she sent me..will be using this after I make it next to my serger.
Candice, if you read this I promise I'll send finished pictures!! I like her business cards..and here is a link to her etsy shop!! She has some lovely clutches and tote bags there.

OK the second thing I received was a set of re usable snack bags! I know they will come in handy around here.. These came from Amy over on gabrielsgoodtidings . Loving the reds!
The fabric next to it from Carly at  cjscraftcorner. I was actually the second runner up because the first winner she picked realllllllllly messed up and didn't contact Carly.. :( I would of hated that!!! and kicked myself..
The fabric is called Farmdale Blossom and I know I will use that to make something for ME!!! ok if I have scraps maybe a little keychain or something for someone special :)
I think I posted on facebook last week I received a swap package from a lady in Singapore. I went to rate her on Swap-bot and she isn't even listed anymore. Uh.
Well she sent me some cute little charms and buttons along with some bookmarks. (not showed) and some tea mix.. smells yummy but not tried it yet!

OK if you're still with me here I got some pictures of some items I made for friends, family and orders..
These are graduation gifts I made for my super duper friend up north of Indiana from me and I think she totally loved them as I received a special call from her today .. GRINZ!!! A small snap/zippered wallet, a boxy bag to carry all her goodies like make up and such in collage this fall!! ( going to be a IU student yay!!! )
and the fold over clutch is a pattern I purchased from . I have made several of these. Very easy to do!

I made a small zippered pouch for a order and my customer requested a shoulder strap.. never made it this way before but it turned out cute enough.. :)

And her matching shorts!!! I can not for the life of me take good pictures. I don't have a good camera so I rely on my phone.. but these shorts are a draw string waist with pockets.. This customer has me making a pair of these every week with different teams and sizes! ( I even have a order for a 9 month size hehe that will be cute to match the mommy!)
These people are big fans of football I'm reckoning..

Still here?? hmmm ok..I have to tell you if you haven't purchased a label / stamp machine yet..DO! Its worth it! I myself got mine like almost free though .. Long story but I love Staples scratch and dent warehouse sales !!! :))))
I set mine up today (there was a small crack in the lid but hey it still works) and I'm hooked.. I mail alot of packages out and going to the post office to stand in line isn't fun.. wait.. I live in a small town,, I'm maybe second in line most the time and then end up talking for 20 minutes to someone I know or the lady behind the desk ,,but you get my point..
I'll just say I will save gas! ok, I set it up and it came with a scale so I can weigh my packages/letters even. how cool is that?? I printed my stamp...eeeee !!exciting.But just this once I did take it to the post office to make sure the postage was right.. well it was right on the money! oh and printing postage at home saves !! you get a discount..teeny one but its money in your pocket..

wow this is alot to talk about,, its coffee time oh did I mention its my birthday!!! , I still have more pictures to post but have to save something for tomorrow. .....
Happy day to me :)