Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Squeezable bears and kittys!

Here they are!
I have made 2 big bears, one little bear and two cats. My little bear eyes are looking a little weird I think LOL
I wanted to use fleece in the big bears to give them some character.. and their clothes look like jammies!!!
Of course Zoey saw these and demanded for me to make her some lol and of course Gramma says yes mam.

All the eyes and some nose's are buttons from the shirts themselves. On the bigger bears I took bigger buttons and laid the smaller ones inside..
the front of the bellies I took the front part of the shirts that button up and sewed it up the front of the bellies to make it look like a buttoned up top! I thought about adding a small pocket but would of been too little. 
Don't you love their fat bellies!!! And they are so soft and squeezable!!! 
I used my new labels I ordered from gutenTAGs on Etsy. I love them!!! I got two sizes and both are made to fold over and sew in. One side has Applehead Threads and the underside says by Suzee Neal made in usa..

 The patterns for these critters come from CreateJoyMakeStuff on Etsy!!! They are so cute!

I have one more thing I'm making with the left over shirts.. but its a secret!!! I'll be sending these out soon because it will take a bit longer to finish the secret thing up... or things??? I'm trying to make use of every bit I can.. any ideas what to do with the cuffs of shirts????


Lovely Year of Finishes.. Jan FINISHED!

I am posting about my Lovely Year Of Finishes that I mentioned I joined few weeks ago..
I had it done the first week and then almost missed my deadline to post about it finished!

I made the Island Tote Bag by Ala Mode. It was pretty easy and went with the clutch style.. I wish now I made it as a longer tote. I don't like everyone seeing down inside my purse ! I didn't put a closure on it either.. 
but here it is...
 Please excuse my backdrop.. I somehow managed to lose my white boards I used for backdrops for my pictures.. how can I misplace or lose 2 large white sheets of poster boards?? I have no idea!
 The inside stuffed.
 Instead of inside pockets I went with a insert .. I found this tutorial on Pinterest from freshcrush.. Its made using a cereal box! ha!
 I had to show you my Holborn Slim Filofax I'm using as my wallet.. hehe
 I will being a second post later today .. I been making some teddy bears and cats from some flannel shirts a friend gave me to use as personal memory items.. stay tune!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I just wanna be.....

Yourrrr Teddy Bear!!!! 
(got that song stuck in my head since making these!)

I been making teddy bears!!! 
Some good friends gave me some flannel shirts to make some "In memory of " things for a loved one that past on.. 
They requested a teddy bear and cat made out of these.. I made one out of some fleece I had for a sample.. Since it is red I was going to give it to Zoey for Valentine's Day . BUT......stupid me forgot to put it away and she saw it first thing laying on the rocker.. great. lol Her eyes lite up and she said.. OHHH MY GOSH! IS THIS FOR ME????? lol so of course I said.........yes. She hugged it tight and stuck her thumb in her mouth and laid down with it ... lol
So here it is...
Its a whopping 16" tall... has a big fat belly and a little smile =) I found the pattern from HERE  on howjoyful. Its a free tutorial!!! I forgot to sew on the eyes before I stuffed it so they look a bit weird I think lol
Zoey says its a GIRL bear.. I said well of course.. she has not named her yet...
I have one another one in flannel sewn up without a  head on my sewing table and will be posting it soon. I have some other things I want to make out of the shirts for surprises = )

OHHH I finally ordered new sewing labels and received those in the mail today!!! 
I ordered them from GutenTAGs  on Etsy...She works on them super fast and in the mail super fast!!! I ordered them on the 11th and got them in my hands the 15th. Can't wait to see them in my projects! I had told her to put by suzee neal on the back side.. she added made in usa.. I liked that!
Thanks for reading!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

A new binder and Goodies !!

I saw it, and bought it lol 
Its not a Filofax but I'm not really picky with name brands.. This is a one of a kind binder from Franklin Covey. Its big, mean and green!! LOL

Carla over on yayforfridays blogged about this binder she won on ebay and decided to sell it and of course I jumped at that!  I fell in love with the HUGE 1.75" I could stuff that baby all day long !!! I like to have all my things and papers in one binder.. I tried to have two for different binders , but it is not working out...At first I didn't care for the buckle but after seeing it in person I love it.. (It has a magnetic snap)
So tomorrow I will work on putting my blog/sewing inserts and all inside it with my everyday other stuffs...
She sent me some goodies with it as well! Note papers, dividers with divider stickers, heart stickers, some plastic inserts for cards and a plastic zipper divider.. and 2 page markers.. weeeeeeeee!!!!  I'm glad I decided to get this.. 

Well I might as well show off the inside!!!
See those massive rings! 
Gobs of pockets too... 
Two pen slots.. love that.. and they will fit a much bigger pen if I decide to use my multi color pens..

I decided to use the weekly pages that my Filofax came with. I just dolled it up some = 0)

I use a post it note on my page marker for lists.. I try to plan my week out then add to it daily..

I put the note papers Carla sent me in the back.. Look at this stuff little green piggy lol or should I call him Kermit?? LOL 

I still have extra inserts I need to go through to get rid of.. I will have to go back and check who had asked for them! But its not been forgotten. 
Have a good weekend !!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A lovely Year.. to Finish!

No, I'm not ready to end 2013!! hehe .. As mentioned last post I have entered A Lovely Year of Finishes .. I am excited to do this.. Not only will it motivate me to finish some long lost projects I have collected , but to   expand my sewing skills and learn how to quilt..a small lap quilt.. SOMETIME this year I will make a quilt top! I will ................I will. My mom is the quilter in this family and I want to at least continue the tradition . I use to help my Grandma tie the little yarn bits on the quilts the old fashion way of "quilting" the blocks down. I don't even know if I said all that right LOL
I am going to start with making a purse.. I need a new one..again.. Yes I am girl, I have to have many many purses!!!
I decided to do the Island Bag tote from Ala Mode pattern. Actually I will do 2! The fabric is some fun stuff I bought for a custom Kindle case awhile back and needed to use it up.. Tomorrow I'm going fabric shopping to get lining and my second choice of fabrics.. 
I think there is still time to join this fun sew along! Come ooooooon!! DO EEEETTTTTT!!!
Oh I went to see The Hobbit.. LOVED IT!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year , new beginnings..

Happy New Year... 

I am amazed how fast 2012 went.. The only thing I remember I wanted to get accomplished was to make new curtains for the kitchen.. nope. I just rehung the old ones back up haha.

My goal this year is to sew to sell. I have some ideas for a purse pattern too. Motivation is the key here.. I sit with my laptop and browse Pinterest and nothing else gets done but pinning.. ugh. I have tons of patterns I want to make.. I want to set a goal to sew at least two projects a month.... just for fun projects. I want to test out some patterns I would like to use to sell products too.  I made a sewing planner using my Pink A5 Domino Filofax to use to keep me on track.. ( will post about that soon!) 
My friend Sasha told me about A lovely Year of Finishes whole year sew along from fiberofallsorts. You make a project once a month .. You can make anything you like.. as long as you finish it and link up on your check in date. It starts today and you have seven days to post about it... and you have a chance to win prizes!!! Would you like to join ? There is a button on the side or you can clicky the link above that I mentioned.. 
My second goal of the new year is going to be to post more. I plan on at least 2 a week.. good start huh? 
Here are some items I made this last week..
More key fob's. 

I guess I do have ONE more goal to sit... I want to read the whole collection of Brother Grimm's Fairy Tales.. yep. not the Disney proof collection,, the real Grimm's collection.  This book is massive huge. So will be broke down weekly. Not aiming to read the whole book in a week.. I do like to read and use to read up to 2 books a week.. sometimes 3.. then sewing bite me and I'm lucky to finish one book in two weeks!  
A good friend gave me a gift card at Book's A Million book store and I can't wait to go get my book to start.. I saw the fairy tale book before Christmas and told myself that will be mine soon. I don't buy new books often. I like to purchase used books at a used book store , swap on Paperbackswap or go to the library. So this is a treat for me.. I have also been collecting older hardback books of children's classics. I want to build a nice collection for Zoey. 

You won't see me post many photos of me here.. but I just had to post this one! 
We had a blizzard hit us last week.. we got 10 inches one day then a couple days later got hit with 4 more.. nice. (not)
We have 3 white ducks that stay on a small pond behind our house. The water froze up and they had no where to escape the predators of the wild (these ducks can't fly like most ducks, Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes), so Doug the hubby built a little house for them and we caught the duckies and they are safe and warm now.. hehe.