Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 Update!!! I posted this early this morning after 1am and when I meant in my heading "today" it was meant to mean MonDAY lol sorry for the confusion!! But the giveaway will post later this afternoon!!! Thanks !

I'm trying my darnest to get all these bags done , but my Mr.Serger ( yes he's a boy serger) seems to be getting upset with all the overtime he's putting in. I even tried talking to him, I "cooed" him , yelled at him,  and even told him he will receive a nice cleaning and oil bath after all these are finished, but he is wanting to put up a strike. Nope not happening,, so after he broke his threads while in the middle of sewing a bag I knocked his lights out.. (turned it off hehe) and told him to rest up for the night because you start early tomorrow!......
I swear it hissed at me.. hmmmm
I guess I need to get my surprise's  together that goes along with these bags anyways..
Oh, I'm not saying its anything fancy or a big deal things but its some extra stuff I think anyone would like to have around!!! = ) ok no more hints...and its not fabric! lol And FYI I might need to move the giveaway later in the week.. I said Tuesday but hmmm dunno yet???

I received my sewn bookmark from my bookmark sewn swap partner Ayala!!   (thats a mouthful)

I totally love the home made envie she sent it in! It came all the way from Israel!! Looks like a magazine page! I put that flag on there as to hide my address = ) I couldn't find the whiteout lol But also there is a cute little note card and her bookmark.. pretty isn't it?

Can't wait to do another swap for bookmarks!!
I love these swaps, and I'm watching another one but can't decide if I want to join it yet.. Like I need another project to do!! My sewing machines might end up running away together!!

I managed to clean off one shelve in my fabric cabinet!!! So ..........I treated myself to a sale from Julie's shop at The Intrepid Thread . Hey,,, I need new fabric for the Christmas gifts I got lined out to make...
Have a great day!


  1. Naughty Mr Serger!! You made me laugh so much at your story of trying to get him to behave. I got a postcard in a magazine page envelope today, what a coincidence! It's so nice how those books you get have handmade book marks with them.

  2. lol! You're so funny!!! I love your swap present! I hope you are able to finish your bags today!


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