Monday, March 14, 2011

New purse for me :)

I needed a new purse for me and didn't want alot of fancy stuff on it. So, i basically just took a simple tote pattern and made it smaller. (this looks crooked on pic but its not haha) Also I do like pockets inside but instead of sewing them inside I made a "insert" that can be taken out and put into a different bag, if  I wanted a change.(alot)
It has pockets all along the panel and I just roll it up .....
and place inside my little bag!! Everything is nice and tidy..
I will probably sell these with or without inserts. They don't take up much time to sew at all. It's the cutting out the fabric pieces and ironing on all that interfacing that takes sooooo long.
I didn't put a fastener to close the bag but I'm thinking a magnet closure would be nice.I'm going to try to get another made in next couple of weeks...
I posted this to my blog instead of facebook page because I wanted it laid out this way to see each picture.
Also I made this little cutey .... its only barely 2" big lol with workable zipper.