Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Playing around.

I started using a program called Windows Live Writer recently and I’m still checking the extras on it.. today I’m testing the publish date.. I’m writing this EARLY Tuesday morning and going to set it to post at 9AM.. I tried that on blogger once and it didn’t work,,it never posted at all!         Or it could have been the poster..
Any of my furry baby mom’s ..and dad’s out there heard of Cedarcide? It’s a all natural animal and human bug repellent. I’m done with putting chemicals into my doggie, Baby ………….this is her. she has lost so much weight , which is a great thing!! For her size she should weigh about 7lbs.. she was 10+ and as a doggy mom I suck! Photo1345How can you not say no to this little face?? But it took a big scare and almost death of this little creature to make me think about things I feed her or put on her.. she is weighing 6.5lbs now. I think she’s too little now! I’m so use to seeing her with a big pot belly and bumps sticking out of her hips.. like me …
But anyways I feed her real boiled chicken……lol stop laughing …..and expensive dog food only from the vet. for her allergies..NO MORE TABLE SCRAPS but she still gets a Greenie!!! (they even smell good lol)
I went to get her flea meds this past month and got to reading up on some of the chemicals inside them. I was using Advantage but the vet stop selling the type I liked.. so I switched to Frontline. They both seem to do the trick. AND FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! DON’T BUY HARTZ!!!! It gets into the blood stream and can kill little ones like her and cats..I talk from experience here!!!  I shudder to remember that story!  But anyways..again… I did some research and order the Cedarcide (link above) and it has the cedar oil in this and I guess bugs hate this stuff.. I put it on myself first.. as its safe for humans and little kids even.. sortof oily but not bad.. and smells good! If you like cedar.. I spritzed it on Baby and rubbed it in.. she smelled like a little cedar chest lol  Its says it keeps all bugs, like fleas, gnats, flies , skitters,,etc away and off of you and your pet. Been using it for two days now.. I still find fleas on her… I guess they get hungry enough they still going to get on her for nibble.. its makes me mad because she is allergic to the flea saliva and we won’t get anymore allergy shots for her..Anyone got any suggestions?? I’m at a stand still..
The vet suggested giving her bath in Dawn dishsoap to kill the fleas.. its what they use. ok did that.. didn’t see any fleas dead in the water so was hoping she didn’t have any.. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

OH ! Almost forgot these


Photo1394My brother received this from me for his birthday. I was hoping it didn’t get all squishyfied but he sent a pic after he got it and seems ok..

It’s a desktop catchall.. I saw one a few days ago on a blog but I can’t remember which one.. If I don’t write it down it runs right out of my ears… I was low on MANLY fabric but my mom gave me this wood looking material , then the music fabric was something I had laying in my scraps.. He’s a musician. And VERY good! He has his second cd coming out !!! (BTW Ron, where is my copy??? )

I have a link you can click on the side over there to go to his web page . Ron Richards… You really REALLY REEEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaLLLLLLLLLLlllllllllllllYYYYYYYYYYY need to go listen to his music.. He plays all over Kansas City Mo. But anyways…

I threw some items in it to show you what it holds.. if he wanted.. I send him a bag of candy so he probably uses it for a candy dish lol

If you haven’t looked close enough enlarge the one with the items in it…….yep that’s Chicken Poop Lip Balm!! hahaha.. its YUMMY!!! the label actually says. does not contain poop..hehehe You know there are very gullible peeps out there……peeps. get it???

I know I said I would be IWOL but its not the start of the week yet.. I’m taking the weekend off from sewing.. I need to clean mr. serger and ms. singer up first.. I did promise them ya know.

I will be mailing out the giveaway goodies Monday OR Tuesday. For those that live near me of course I’ll drop them by!! = )

Have a good weekend          @—,—`     flower??? lol

And the winner is........

Ok, I'm a dumdum. I made my number generator and couldn't figure out how to put the picture of the winning number drawn on my page.. : / so.......... I took a picture of it lol its fuzzy but hey it worked.. and you will have to take my word for it that I only hit it once! Maybe there was a bit of tiny print somewhere I missed. But I'm so sorry for this.. blah. Maybe I should of let my doggie pick the winner!! I have saw a few do that !! ok ok the winner.......
OK it says comment number 10 belongs to Jasmine1485!! and I'm glad you left your email! thank you!! = )
I'll be sending emails to everyone and get a mailing address. Because........ EVERYONE else wins a bag!! I need to get rid of these , they have taken over my sewing room!!!
Actually I'll probably do another giveaway later down the road because if the comment counts stay little I could do it to where everyone wins something again! Hey, I enjoy making things for people = )
Check your email's ! Because I will need your mailing address to send your bag.

I'll be AWOL for a bit this coming week,(but you can email me and you know who you are my faithful emailers!! ) I have some orders to get finished, got behind a little and I'll be watching my Zoey bug later in the week a couple of days... so later gators..and thank you to each of you for playing with me!!! I hope you don't get too bored while visiting = )

To my new followers.. I would love to follow your blogs as well if you have one.. I'll do some snooping around..I am good at that!! lol  A big mushy thank you to everyone!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Last day for giveaway and a question

If you haven't entered yet go to this HERE or tell your friends please! I finished up 19 bags today!! That's not counting the 20 I made for the library!! I'm bagged out lol. This is open to anyone near or far , = )

Ok I got a question... I'm looking for a pattern to make a i.d. sleeve for college kids.. I got the lanyards to hang them on,, I know I can probably make a pattern, but I sort of lazy right now ... and I love trying other peoples crafts out !! I have searched the WWW and Pinterest. Found a couple but not what I'm wanting.. or I'm not searching for the right words.. dunno.. It will have to be so I can sell them so maybe I will have to make a pattern, hmmm I thought about just taking a simple coin wallet and put a clear pocket on front..

So send me links if you know any.. Thanks!!!

EWWWWWWW look what is in my backyard!! Its a hornets nest! ..a HUGE ONE!!! Its located up inside a old electric pole under a dusk to dawn light lol

I've been watching it lately and its doubled in size in a week!!

A gift and organizing..

My friend's little boy had a birthday a week ago and I'm just now getting his present finished.. I'm lame ...

But I think he will like this..It's a toy car roll up! I got the idea HERE, I only used fabric I had on hand and stamped on the numbers instead of painting them. I bought a couple of little cars to put in them.. see his name is Cooper and I got a little red cooper car??? = ) CUTE. He loves what his Snoozy makes him : D

I've got into the organizing thing lately.. been pulling things out of my cabinets and re arranging things.Even printing new lists, and calendars off to make a home binder.. I got one but its a mess.. so new one is going to be born!!
I'm tackling the kitchen first... I was going to take a before pic but was ashamed of the clutter.. ya..it was bad.. I did the pantry closet. I took all my can goods and actually put them with all the same kinds.. hmm don't look too hard at the boxes I cut up.. is that destroying federal property?? I'll say they were "damaged" before I cut on them.. = ) You can get them free !!
 I think I got enough stocked up.. 8 mustards ,8 ketchups ,5 relishes  and 6 dressings ...oh and have 6 red hot sauce(Doug's) and 6 soy sauce..I use coupons and got alot of these either free or under $1 . Same as personal bath products, haven't got that far to organize that yet..
If you want to cut some boxes up for yourself you can use this idea HERE. I also use this system for my patterns and printed off tutorials.

I gave myself a break from sewing , but not sure if its a break after cleaning all this mess out!
Getting back to sewing more bags up tomorrow. Please pass it on about the giveaway , one more day left! I've added a few more things to the other goodies.. some Command hooks and a bookmark!!!
Thanks for entering to those who did!! Good luck! I love giveaways and I entered plenty of them..and won a few!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thank you

Just a fast note to let you all know Thanks a bunchies for entering the giveaway!! Theres still one day left so let others know please!! I got tons of these bags lol My sewing table is over flowing , the hubby walked in there the other day and just blinked.. (he doesn't know I'm doing a giveaway haha) Its funny he doesn't go in my room much , he was bored one day and I said "here help me with this" .........well that's why lol, it would be like me going into his garage and he asking me to get a monkey wrench out of his toolbox........errrrrrrrrr???????? does it look like a monkey??? hehehe
I got a few pics to post but don't have the time , but that could happen tonight.. I made a friend a gift for her little boy and need to get a couple things to add in it THEN take pics!!! And made my brother his birthday gift (his birthday is Friday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON!! LOVE YOU!!) but can't post that until he receives it ..I'm pretty sure he reads my blog = )
OK off to the post office!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


For the giveaway PLEASE leave me your email in your comment!!  and a name if you are anonymous! thanks!! I have to know how to get in touch with you if you win!!! And don't forget to sign up for email updates and / or hit the follow button on the side bar over there========= > Thanks!! and thanks for all the comments!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally........ MY GIVEAWAY!!!! ------CLOSED--------

This giveaway is closed.

I am PROUD to announce I am doing my very own first giveaway! About time huh??? After winning alot of them lol
I was needing to clean out my over flowing shelves of fabric to make room for new stuff..of course! And, I wanted to give something back in return to my bloggie friends, new and regulars(didn't want to say old.cuz, well I don't like that word)  and my friends and family I know reads my dabbling, off the wall expressions, gross humor, doggy tales or "tails" , and very bad picture taking, , , posts. ... OH and my sewing!!

This is all a hobby to me and it keeps me busy and keeps my mind off alot of things going on with my life right now..I don't ask for a zillion and one followers,and not looking to sell my crafty goods to make thousands..but would be nice!! I do this for fun and I really enjoy making things for kids and friends and love cutting out fabric and it ends up being something that can be used and enjoyed.

I have a lot of neat ideas in my head for new purses or neat toys but there are so many great blogs I follow and I get side tracked and have to sew up from those..hehehe...so....
( long pause here, I was over on Pinterest checking out my pins...giggle)

OH yeah the giveaway!!! I'm sure you might of just skipped on down there and read it didn't ya???

Ok here is what you get a chance at winning...

Not 1, not 3, but 5 of these reusable shopping / library bags. You can use them for about anything.. over night bags for kiddies, or stuff toys in ,,ANYTHING! Give a couple to friends if you like!!
 This first batch went to the library but I made these below and have
these too!!

I haven't picked which 5 out because the winner will let me know if you like floral's, stripes, wild, or whatever. Here is another goody for you all... After I pick the winner for 5 bags..each of you others will receive one bag!! ( I really need to get rid of these! lol) I'm not looking for tons of people to enter this,, but if some wild storm arises here I will have to cut it off to 10 .. so if there will be more then 10 persons entering I will have to just pick 10 more winners for one bag.. make sense?? whew,, I wore myself out.. I will use Random.org to pick the winners.. I never used it or looked at using it yet,,,so hope its not hard to do!!

OK!! are you ready for the surprise!!???? The winner of the 5 bags also wins all this.......
26 assorted pens,new! 3 mechanical pencils, 4 highlighters, 3 large clips, 1 key chain (made by me) 1 pair of scissors, 1 zipper pouch(made by me), 100 paperclips(stripy ones!!)  5 assorted sticky note pads, a bag of assorted buttons, some are vintage!, 1 small notebook, few note cards, assorted scrapbook papers,
plus I'll be adding to this list!!  If you win you will have a new surprises. lol I'll be throwing in a sewn book mark too!(not shown)

Some of you know how these giveaways work, those who don't blog or have done any of these giveaway's, please let me know and I will help guide ya!! Or just follow these directions!

Two chances to win!!
1- You must be a follower of course.. and I welcome new ones!!! So leave one comment and letting me know how you follow, blogger, email , RSS feed, whatever.. as long as you stalk or follow me is fine.. =) I have a email sign up on the side and there should be a area for followers as well!
OH and leave your email in the comment..please?
2- second chance is not necessary but helps for you winning!! Post this in your blog, Facebook or Twitter. Then come back and put a second comment telling me you have done so!!  and leave email again !Thanks!!
This is open international as well!!! I will close this Friday the 26th 9pm EST and  I will pick a winner Saturday the 26th and announce sometime Saturday afternoon..
wow that was a long post!! Good luck and have fun! That's what this is all about right!???

One last thing.. I use a pattern from http://www.greenbaglady.blogspot.com/ I do not take credit for this pattern . If you would like to make your very own go over to her blog and download it!! They are easy to make and take little fabric! AND, so I hear, she will be having her own freebie giveaway sometime tonight using organic fabric and bags from Birch Fabrics , so you might need to check on her later as well for this one!


 Update!!! I posted this early this morning after 1am and when I meant in my heading "today" it was meant to mean MonDAY lol sorry for the confusion!! But the giveaway will post later this afternoon!!! Thanks !

I'm trying my darnest to get all these bags done , but my Mr.Serger ( yes he's a boy serger) seems to be getting upset with all the overtime he's putting in. I even tried talking to him, I "cooed" him , yelled at him,  and even told him he will receive a nice cleaning and oil bath after all these are finished, but he is wanting to put up a strike. Nope not happening,, so after he broke his threads while in the middle of sewing a bag I knocked his lights out.. (turned it off hehe) and told him to rest up for the night because you start early tomorrow!......
I swear it hissed at me.. hmmmm
I guess I need to get my surprise's  together that goes along with these bags anyways..
Oh, I'm not saying its anything fancy or a big deal things but its some extra stuff I think anyone would like to have around!!! = ) ok no more hints...and its not fabric! lol And FYI I might need to move the giveaway later in the week.. I said Tuesday but hmmm dunno yet???

I received my sewn bookmark from my bookmark sewn swap partner Ayala!!   (thats a mouthful)

I totally love the home made envie she sent it in! It came all the way from Israel!! Looks like a magazine page! I put that flag on there as to hide my address = ) I couldn't find the whiteout lol But also there is a cute little note card and her bookmark.. pretty isn't it?

Can't wait to do another swap for bookmarks!!
I love these swaps, and I'm watching another one but can't decide if I want to join it yet.. Like I need another project to do!! My sewing machines might end up running away together!!

I managed to clean off one shelve in my fabric cabinet!!! So ..........I treated myself to a sale from Julie's shop at The Intrepid Thread . Hey,,, I need new fabric for the Christmas gifts I got lined out to make...
Have a great day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bags,Bags,Bags,, and backpacks.

 Do you remember these backpacks??? They are for sale. My friend didn't back out on buying them at all. I won't go into detail of the reasoning but I was wondering if anyone had a couple or at least one little boy they know that would love these???OH and their names would have to be Ben or Vince!!  FOR SALE!!! lol $15. a piece They are lined and have a Velcro closure. I don't want to mess with putting them on Etsy. But I would like to get rid of them asap!!!  Pass it along for me!! Link me to the picture , anything!!! lol

I'm still making bags! lol I think I have enough to give some more to the library and get my giveaway started in a few days!! I'll have a little surprise to go with the giveaway!  = )

My kitchen table was full of bags!! (its not a big table though )

 FINISHED! I think there are 18 bags here...
I made some Halloween prints to take to the library. I think the kids will like those..

My serger is great! I love it!! Its about two years old,, I've used it alot just in the last month, but there is ONE little annoying thing I hate and I don't think I can fix it..
See that gap right under the plate??? It has a trail of fabric hanging out of it.. Well that gap lets those trails of fabric...

to do this!!!!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRR I have to stop and clean all that crud out!!! It makes me very angry.

I'll be back Tuesday (thats the day I'm shooting for at least!) to post the giveaway. = )

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm still here = )

I've been watching my granddaugther so not sewn much,,BUT did cut up tons of those bags!! Today is sewing bag day!! I'm going to have to drag my serger into my kitchen so not wake the hubby up, as my craft room is across the hall from his sleeping chambers...(he works nights) and well my serger is LOUD! At least when the whole house is quiet it seems loud lol
Also, since I will have so many of these cute bags I'll be doing a giveaway!! My first giveaway!! yay!!! I'll be posting that sometime next week...

I won a giveaway from Cynthia at The Sewing Dork. Isn't this little clutch the cutest?
And I do love scraps of vintage!

I also was selected for a swap of sorts called Pay it Forward. I've not heard of this till,well I read it on a blog and I commented and was one of three selected! lol
The way it works, the person that selects her three persons to send to has received her pay it forward swap , then after I receive my swap from her, I post on my blog about it and get my 3 persons, and I will have 365 days to send that out to them..then each of them do the same and on and on...sort of like a chain swap??? I'm glad they give a year to do it but of course I wouldn't wait as long a month to get them out!!! I would like to keep it going! = )

I hope all is good out there!!! Isn't the month of August flying by??? The grocery shelves are stocked of Halloween treats now,and I started my Christmas gift list of home made goods...I'll be holding my breathe til January now ...hoping to get all my sewing done!!! And its the weekend ALREADY???

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bookmark makings!!

Photo1357 Photo1359


I forgot to post these the other day. Actually I got busy with a little tator bug named Zoey = )Rolling on the floor laughing


I gave a bookmark to my “daughter-in-law” (she will be !!! ) and she said she could of sold these at work easily.. so I made MORE!!

I like making them as it only takes scraps, only thing is figuring out how to organize them !

I like using this program Live Writer.. Still trying to figure out all the settings..

Didn’t sew nothing , nadda today.. but I cut out more bags!! Me and Doug the husband, went shooting..yep I shoot guns = )

I was a little rusty but did ok. Just paper targets, nothing major like cars or people lol

He got a new gun (don’t ask what it is becuz a gun is one name to me….GUN. ) It’s a handgun and I didn’t like shooting it,

If I had bigger lips on my mouth I would of gotten a facefull of metal! lol big kickback. 

I entered more giveaways this week.. and two of them are for the Go! Baby!! yay!! ONE of these days!!! lol

test again!! but on a new program

Ok I am testing the Windows Live Writer out.. Its not bad. A blog friend , Sasha, told me about it, and thought  I would try it out.. Laughing out loudPhoto1366
I do like the way you can put the watermark on the pictures while you post! I haven’t found the enhance button yet to make my pictures all pro like ya know = )

Anyways… I made 11 of these reusable green bags/totes. I have 5 more to get handles cut out..I’ll be taking these to my local library. Will have to do some kid friendly fabrics next!!

OOPS... looks like I need to do some cropping.naw. lol

I still haven’t even put a dent in my stash = ( I want to get it down so I can buy new stuff!!! I told myself no buying til at least ONE shelve is cleared!!! and its so hard as I have been seeing all new fabrics coming out that I want so bad!!!
I should of taken a picture of the tote in the upper left corner closer.. It has cows on it with ballons..its cute.. My mom gave me some of this and it could be vintage but not that old..
What can’t be made into these bags I’ll be cutting up 5” or so squares and try ,yes I said TRY to make a quilt.. hehe
Ok I’m a posting this and see how it looks on the she web site..
(good thing Doug ran the vacuum yesterday, this area is at the entrance of my hallway and I usually have tons of threads and scraps stuck to it from trailing it on my feet!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Giveaway !

A fast note here... and I hope blogger posts this one in time!!!

There's a great giveaway from Lora on eager hands , a beautiful handmade necklace and some fabric.. I love her jewelry!
Go over and check her shop out.. I've been keeping a eye on her shop as I see a couple of Christmas gifts wanted to be bought!!

Remember, buy home made or make it!!! = )
Good luck!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just piddling around.

And playing around hehe..

I thought I would put some in my pictures!!
I totally love that little dog = )

This is the mess on my cutting table..I cut out 20 bags today and have the handles ready to be sewn on.. I'm using alot of fabric that has sit in boxes or in my cabinet for years or some my mom and a friend gave me..Plus I found two totes out in the garage with sewing stuff in and I'm sure there is fabric in those ... After I get these finished I will make some with a children's theme. As I'm taking them to the library and thought I would charge $2.00 each and give the library half of the cut . If they want to sell them for me..
Also thought about doing a little giveaway for a bundle of them.. I do use these at Walmart and CVS alot!! One time a older lady was commenting on one I had and I just gave it to her.. Seeing her smile made me smile.. its those little things that make ya feel good .. Right?

Thats about all I got to show ya today.. I think I've posted every day since Friday.. AND hoping my blog post shows up when I post it! Took two days for the last ones to post..
Thanks to Sasha I got to do some reading into why all that was going on.. Something to with web crawling.. dunno?? lol and GUII or something.. I like to fix computers but when they get into that mumbo stuff I'm toast.

Oh, the husband lost his cell phone.. again.. but I know I didn't wash it .....this time.........again.
I am a thinking about a small tool belt for him lol I do have camo fabric!!!!

OH I won a giveaway from The Sewing Dork I don't know what it is yet ,its a surprise!!!, she sent me a email this morning and said.. she made something for me and its in the mail..yes!

another test

Blogger.... me and you..outside NOW!

Why doesn't my posts show up when I post them right away? It always did before. And I have went through each and every account setting in here....I posted last night and still now showing up new in my list.. So what other blogger pages out there can I use? I know about wordpress,,can't think of any others...anyone try something different???

Saturday, August 13, 2011

On a Roll!! (with butter ) hehe

I'm a dork lol

But I've been pumping out the projects all week into the weekend.. marking these items off the list as well! yay for me and my tired arms...

I finished these two cute things today. A friend wanted some super hero capes for her two little ones.. ( boy and a girl) 

The bottom one is the boys.. It does look pink but its not.. its a red and its a denim blend of some sort. and the "C" is red lol I have a crap camera.. aka my cell phone !!!

The little in length because they little people = ) I didn't want the little super heros to trip over their own capes!!! You can't rescue a mommy in trouble that way!

I really need to get pics of the kids wearing these and post them.

The lady that ordered the Colts dress received it today and she totally loved it, and fit perfect! BIG SMILES. Didn't even care it had no sleeves instead of the sleeves she ordered.. (my big bad there!)

I'm hoping Blogger is being good to me and post this for me this time..

Friday, August 12, 2011

More baby gifts!!

I sure hope my friends take a break now!!! Babies are everywhere I turn here!! hehehe... Congrats to you all!!
I made a few items for a good friend and the best hair stylish in the world!!! She's having her second baby and another boy!!!
I made these for the newcomer....
 reversible bibs..

 A boy outfit!! I have made SOOO many little girl outfits I finally got to make something for a boy!! and was low on boy fabric but managed to pull it together.. I actually made the t shirt... The neckline looks wide huh? well he can grow into it lol
I made my own pattern for that so what can I say???
Of course his first initial for Wade.
 I made these little soft/ taggie toys. I put some "wrinkly" stuff in it to be..well wrinkly and noisy!!
Dana, if you are reading this I found one good use for that Spongebob ribbon!!! ( and do hope you get up and about soon Dana!)
I found this cute little how to Here  for these...
And I HAD to make a tote to put it all in!!! So much nicer then those dollar store bags. and free! = )
My friend's baby shower is this Sunday but I don't think she looks at this blog unless I post it on Facebook..but just in case I won't yet.

My orders are slowlyyyy  getting marked off IN RED off my list!!!
After I finished this tote, I had a brain storm, and it hurt : /
but I have tons of older fabric that either my mom gave me or have had it for years hanging around , so I decided to make lots of these!!! maybe sell them?? gift wraps ( of course) or donate to library (which I have this summer to the reading program ) and let them sell them to buy all those awesome books I get every two weeks there!!!! I donate alot of books as well when I can't wait for them to purchase it then have to wait on the w.a.i.t.i.n.g list. I'm not a patient person at all .
Before I forget.. this bag is made from a pattern from http://www.greenbaglady.blogspot.com/ This lady is awesome!


I wanted to post some great blogs I follow and some return the favor and follow me!!! If you are a new follower , Please let me know your blog as well so I can return the favor!!!

Not in order.. just random here.. so don't get all pushy whos first and all!!! hehe

http://harmonyinthethunderstorm.blogspot.com/  <-----------my neice = )
http://fallinginlovewithcolor.blogspot.com/ also aka Stitched by Sasha soon!!
Of course I follow so many more ( you can check the list over next door there--- > )

Go check those out !!!

One last thing!! I added a purse to my Etsy shop!!!
Ok laundry is beeping me....

Another test...

I had to add myself to followers so I can find out if this is updating in Reader.. Whats the point in posting on here if my followers can't see them??? Thanks alot Blogger!!! growl. I've noticed a a few of my other blogs I follow it will show 2-3 posts at once but they were older posts .. hmmm Hope all is good out there !!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A test and backpacks finished!

Blogger is starting to tee me off lol.. ok I got that out of my system.. Is anyone else having problems getting their new posts to show the same day?? Or is it just me?? lol ( that happens alot..just me!!) I went into trouble shootings in blogger and found some old posts but saying it was fixed and the thread was closed.huh.... THEN I went to look in some of my account settings and it said down for maintenance and thought oh now we are getting somewhere.. so this post is a test.. lol If you see it today (Thursday the 11th) plz write a short note saying so??
Getting these post's take some time and I would like for it to work... Wordpress is starting to look good  to me right now!! lol Sorry Blogger,, this is getting old.. : /

I burned the midnight oil last night and had a early start this morning finishing these cute adorable little toddler back packs!!! These are so easy to make!! The actual pattern is smaller but I had it up scaled a bit .. I line mine too, the original pattern/tutorial from indietutes doesn't, but I'm just picky like that = )
I just checked this page out to be sure its there and she has a newer up dated backpack I haven't seen yet.. with a zipper.. CUTE!!
I have made quite a few of her things from her easy to follow tutorials.. The lip balm cozy is my fav!! I have pictures of those on my Flickr group over there on the side----------> maybe a bit upward.. no down.. ok right there.!!

I hope the two little guys I made these for enjoy them immensely!!!! ( you will have business cards to hand out as well little dudes!! hehehe)
I want to thank my momma for embroidering the names on for me!! She has one of those awesome embroidery machines that I need to take advantage of more often!!
One last thing.. I got a question.......I put my "watermark" name on my images.. I use picnik to do that.. but I have to ....... do .............it............. for.............. each ..............and ...........every............ single............... picture one at a timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said that in a long drawn out tone too!!
Does anyone know how to just apply it to a group of pictures all at once??   

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New bookmarks

I forgot to post these last night.. I made some scrappy bookmarks up. One is for a sewn bookmark swap I entered .....As I was at it I made myself one = ) and one for a person that was just lucky to trade a book with me .. Have you used www.PaperBackSwap.com? If you like to read and not pay the outrageous prices for books today then you swap your used books with others.. You earn one credit for each book you send to someone that requests that book, then you use those credits to "buy" books you want! All you got invested in it is postage which is about 2.50$ depending how big your book is. They have hardback as well and Audio . 
So I usually like to make a handmade bookmark, either printed or sewn and send with my books..
I kept the middle one for myself , I used some scraps from fabric I either won or ordered on line.Or carefully snipped a corner off some of it that I am going to hate to cut into!! Waiting on the perfect project!!! I like how I used different stitching in the third one.sorry can't see it that well here. Put some use to some of the stitching I never use. They were easy to put together so I'll probably be making a lot more for gifts to have handy.. Thanks for looking! = )

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another order finished!

Stop laughing at my poses!! hehe. and my bathroom photo shoot.. I have to take my own pictures because Doug laughs when I pose for things I make.. so the big mirrors in my bathroom does the trick! 

The dress is abit big in the hip/waist part but it fit me perfect above waist.. This was a super easy dress to make. I might make me one to wear around the house.. I don't wear dress's at all btw.. never had and never like to.. My customer wanted sleeves.. but I totally got lost in my mind somewhere and have no idea why I made her a sleeveless dress.. : / I"m really really sorry if you are reading this! lol  I think this was bothering me to make for so long that everything she told me I didn't keep it jotted in my narrow brain.. ( that post it note fell off my desk maybe???)
Well she did like it.. now I hope it fits! Thats the trouble with making clothes for people and just going by size.. I don't think anyone could get my dimensions right!! I'm short. round and oval lol and bumpy...
I think it looks nice with the white shirt over top huh? Then I tried a shirt under it so she can wear her sleeves if she wanted.. Doug said,,couldn't you sew them on anyways. I looked at him like he asked if our country was out of debt yet.. no.
OH and for my friends across the big ponds.. the dress fabric is Colts. Indiana football team.. I personally don't follow any sports.. unless you count Rodeo as one?? !!!!!  
( I will not get into our countries crisis.. it makes me very upset and angry and and and...sad... )

I made some baby gifts too!! ...........but can't show them yet ..bummer.. I don't know if she reads these posts!!!
DOGGY UPDATE:  I took Baby (my diabetic dog) for a check up today.. Her blood sugar was down to 60!!! Mr vet said thats abit low but its still good. I guess 80 - 120 is good for a dog. Considering it was 700 + when this all started and then last week it was 200+  But she's doing alot better!
And I'm still hating giving her shots = (  


I lost my email post address. testing to make sure this was it!!!


Suzee Neal 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello = )

I've been a little sewing suzee  last couple of days.. Thought it was all going good until I found out I didn't get enough fabric for a dress someone ordered to make.. oh hum. BACK to the fabric store!! Not that is a bad thing but it's the drive there. : /
I did get a order for a wallet finished..
and of course I have pictures = D

I wasn't sure about the blue snap closure.. But Liz loved it!! I actually made her a keychain and  a chapstick cozy awhile back in some of the colors I used here, so it all matched!! I used the pattern from NapKitten . My goal is to make all her wallets!! I love them! She has a handbag I'm totally obsessed with that I keep going back to see it! I have to buy that pattern soon !! (need funds first)
So I must admit to myself that I did the binding on this a lot better!! I took my time and told myself I think I can,,,I think I can.. and was shocked to see the outcome! Ya, I know I've seen better out there but hey I'm learning !! Its actually the curves I have trouble with.

Tomorrow on the agenda is two toddler backpacks.. I made several of these and they are sooo adorable! and super easy to make! I had some pictures of the one's I finished last year but they are lost on some cd's laying around here.. Here is a link to the pattern I use from indietutes  . I line mine and put the children's name on the front top closure.. sure wish I could find that picture!
I also have some baby items to get finished for my friends baby shower this Sunday..eeks.

Remember the post a few days ago about my blog/sewing list planner? I kept to it but lost a day on it but still did alright. So it did help me stay on track! I will continue it for sure!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Sort of !! = )
But not intentionally ! (did I spell that right?)

Just when I think things are slowing down to get things set up in my sewing room , put water in your iron, adjust your machines, feed the dog ( no pun there intended) , got grocery shopping done for the month (or in this case bi weekly this month) checked in on Momma , etc etc...the phone rings and we are rushing to pick up new uniforms for Doug two hours away.. So.......I turn off the iron and machines,,make sure the dog is watered, gas tank filled and thinking.. well its for the good! Doug (aka husband unit)  applied for a part time job this past Monday and he was hired Thursday and they wanted him to start Friday..(yesterday)
He didn't think much about it when he applied. Usually how it goes though huh? You want and want something and nothing happens,,but if you do it and forget it.. boom! it goes hay wire...
Doug is retired from the USAF and didn't last long before he was bored.. alot of it was he sold his tractor a couple of years ago (play toy) sold his JEEP.. (play toy) then its been so awfully hot outside he won't go out, as his allergies act up and plus he HATES hot weather. He's a cold weather person (NOT ME! yuck! )
So,, he thought why not earn a little cash while hes being bored!! I said Great Idea!! I'm thinking more sewing time for me!! hehehehe.
I swear it was like getting a little kid off to school his first day.. He did pack his own lunch, snacks. But I had to check off the list to make sure he had everything he needed.. Uniform on ? key? (for company truck) lunch box, thermos of coffee, water, badge, belt, flashlight ( oh they supplied him with a maglite.. that right there will make a man drool )
So finally he's all set out the door, I'm headed out the door as well to take Zoey home and I asked before shutting the door.. car keys?..........no.
eeks! late for work first day not good! lol

Well he got home this morning (3rd shift) and he said its the easiest job he's had. So of course he will like it.. Oh I never said what job he got! A security guard at some local mines around us. He wouldn't let me take his picture of his first day! lol But I'm just glad I didn't have to sew on any patch's , I did that for 15 years while he was in the Air Force and wasn't happy about it.

But anywho... I finally got home about 10pm last night after taking Zoey home and thought I would relax finally..no, I had a computer mess to clean up. Trying to add some programs in a computer I bought off my neice( for coupon printing lol)  and my stamps program doesn't want to load in right..grrrr

I hate when I keep going and going on... I did manage to get a bit sewing done and working on a wallet. then a dress...I decided to stop taking custom orders for now.. I don't mind doing them at all, but want to work on Christmas and Etsy projects. So my customers that have orders to be finished I'm still doing them!! lol
Have a great weekend everyone....Baby decided to enjoy her's in my completed projects basket..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sewing, blogging and a dog--and not my dog!

I don't know where to start.

Firstly,about blogging.... I found a page to print to keep my blogging, and sewing organized. I have so many orders to do I almost forgot about a sewing swap I'm in that is due this week! So I printed this  
 from Here...
I wrote down everything I need done NOW and put 1-2 items to each day and if I stick to it then ,well, I will be organized and on time!!! ya ya ya,, lets see how it goes after tomorrow lol
But I got today's done and marked off! Actually after looking at it just now its more like a sewing to do list then blogging. = / ok on to sewing......

Secondly: sewing.....
I made this today.. well not the actual bag but the husband unit (Doug) wanted me to sew some of his Air Force patches onto a "helmet bag" He has TONS of patches and I'm like ut oh.. but he gave me a few of his favs and told me to put them on which ever way. Here's the front..

He served in Iraq and Desert Storm.  We lived in Turkey during this war with two little kids and was a bit scarey but I loved living there! Maybe another blog story in the future !
He was in Japan for abit too , but I didn't go then. It was a short trip..but anyways......I get off track sometimes...I sewed these patches on for him and this is the back..
I put his Air Force tag and name tag on this side like they wear them on their shirts. I'm a bit sore from sewing this because he wouldn't let me take the back pockets off here. I guess he was afraid I would mess them up! lol
But I had to twist and pull and tug and .......cuss alot to get my machine down in those pockets! good thing they weren't lined and very thin!  I was so glad to get this finished! 
He was happy with it though..thank you very much...
What is he going to use it for you ask?? Guns, bullets and that sortof stuffs. Carry his ammo and pistol in I reckon??
Ok more sewing... I made a fat wallet and was going to put on Etsy to sell but wasn't happy with the middle card slot pockets. I CAN NOT SEW BIAS TRIM ON FOR THE LIFE OF ME!! ugh!!!!!!!!!
I took it apart three times with 3 different sizes and sewn them two different ways.. I have to keep trying because I have two orders for these wallets! eek.
I showed this to my momma and she liked it so I gave it to her.. I told her well you made the bias and gave me the fabric anyways! lol
I love plaids and linen together!!!
see this looks ok...

not too bad huh?

so so I guess.. the zipper is straight!

train wreck! lol actually it looks ok here..hmm

aww pretty and so straight..
Well that didn't go too bad.. I need to take a picture of the sides. Did I mention this wallet is fat?? It's like a small book. I think thats why I like it! I love books = )
I forgot to iron this too ....so sorry mom! 

Part Two sewing....My friend was selling a few things and she had this in her car and well I snatched it up! I thought it was empty but.........

I opened it up and wow! REAL metal thimbles! and a couple of wooden spools and needles and even a old metal shoe horn lol (can't see it here) and a bag of old buttons.. some rusted bobbins but hey they still work eh??
She wanted $2 for it but I gave her $5 since she my friend and well I help my friends out.. = )
I have a small orange sewing box just like this but deeper and need to find the top try for it and that would look cute on my shelf in my craft "studio" lol 
I get excited over small things .((((.warm fussy feeling inside )))

Ok my arms are getting tired of typing so wrapping this up......the dog bit.No not the dog bit anyone.. just the dog part bit.. oh never mind...
Some moron dropped off a female dog at our house.......again..sometimes its cats, sometimes puppies.. ugh. This dog is so nice and sweet. Shes had pups because she still has milk and I worry about those puppies that I can not find = ( I HATE it when people do this! stupid people!!! We can't keep her but she seems like a good dog. Wants petted and when I feed her she sits to the side and waits.. even as hungry as she looks too! Shes a pittbull dog too and thats weird because they can be expensive dogs and people breed them. Well it looks like someone did already to this one! 
Anyone want to adopt a good dog??? = ) I deliver!! lol 
I like to find people that do this and drop them off in a amazon forest somewhere and see how they like it! 
See ya in a couple of days with more sewing projects finished!!! I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm putting the list to the test!! he he he he he