Sunday, May 29, 2011

oh now I do like this!

Check this out!!
Its a tutorial to make paper bread bags!! I have made the bags before (sewn up on the sides) for gifts and my projects..but the way Emily over on Saltwater Kids did her own stamps is awesome! I love that idea.. and the best part I think I have some of those letter stickies!
I think I will try this for my AppleHead Threads bags when I sell my stuff.

I get excited over the little things :)


Well good grief!!! I want to stop there but I have to vent my stupidity...

Last night I made a BIG list of all my craftblogs I'm following..because I'm switching from live feeds from Firefox ( I was using a program called Brief) I like it but want to keep craft blogs separated from my coupon sites. The Brief program was slowing my browser down,because of all the craft blogs! :)
I THOUGHT I wrote all my blogs down,,hmm no.. :(        I started deleting them,one by one..and noticed I don't remember writing that one..oh and that one..YIKES! I had deleted ALOT of my blogs off and never wrote them down :(( well piddles!!!
Most of the newer ones I have saved in google reader..which I was converting over to for the craft blogs.
Ok ok ,,I got to stop explaining to myself...needless to say I will have to just come across those blogs hopefully in the future while browsing.
But the good thing to say.. I won ..again lol
I read it and thought are you kidding me??
I got to pick some fabric from here...

Sort of feel bad, but hey I stayed up late hours and got up early mornings and entered all these! = )

I'm also doing a little revamping on my blog. The background could change again as I'm just trying some out.. I finally drew my own header image! and can not wait to get that on!! I love it.. I'm not much of a artist but this was easy..Doug wanted me to get all detailed with it and I said no, simple it is.

No sewing today as I had my precious little grand daughter over last nite . She didn't go to bed til 1:00 am..slept all night til 6am.. played alittle then went to sleep in my that's what life is for :)
So of course I have to post of picture of her now :))) enjoy your holiday weekend..

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm a winner.. again...AND again

Wow! I need to go out and get me some lotto tickets! I entered ALMOST all of those give away's on SMS blog and won THREE times! I'm never EVER this lucky!

My early mornings and late night entering paid off I reckon..I feel sort of bad because I know there's some of them great people out there in blog land that didn't win nothing :((
Maybe I will do a teeny giveaway my self in the near future? I got so much to do with sewing up baby gifts (THREE different familys!) and then order's I have that keep piling in..

But another thing I want to get finished is my new header on my blog.. and making custom made labels for my items.. AND I want to open a Etsy shop.. dang I need to get busy..
But anywhooo.. I won a pattern and the whole works to make one of these from Candice over at !!! I can not wait to see my colors.. these are gorgeous!! OHHH and she is following me now !! Thank you Candice.

* credit for this image is from Candice on Made With Love.

OK and the other item I won is these cute little reusable snack bags from Amy on  Gabriel's Good Tidings
I didn't get the picture for that as I am trying to get some dinner and running out of time here.. lol
You could hop over there on both of these blogs and check them out.. I love them both..
I am going to try to get some things changed on my blog and update it and also I have so many pictures to post of things I've made!!! One is graduation gifts that I will have to sneak those pics as I don't think she looks over here ...

Oh yeah, forgot to add to my list to do is I'll be adding more buttons and craft list's of my fav blogs I love to get lost in..
Have a good weekend!!
Remember our soldiers! This weekend belongs to them :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm excited! The last couple of days I was entering the MANY craft blog giveaways listed on sewmamasew blog. It took me those couple of days to enter them too! I thought now come on I  HAVE to win something!! .........and I did!! I about choked on my coffee after seeing the item I won!

THIS -----------

I entered this giveaway on bluemountaindaisy craft blog. There is more detailed pictures of it on her blog.(and i took this image from her site to show it off)  I will be hanging this up in my sewing room!  AND my favorite colors are in it! Greens and Oranges!

Thank you so much  Rachael for this chance to enter this and win it!!

The day isn't over and hopefully I won some more goodies!!! If I do I'm going out to by Lotto lol

NOTE: I am in the process of designing a blog banner for AppleHead Threads. Trying to decide on colors and such...any ideas?? 
I bought a rubber stamp kit and will try my hand in making a stamp and whatever I make will be part of the details in my blog header.. soooo I need help!! :)
Thank you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Momma's Quilt!!

My mom has been working on this quilt for awhile.. Its finally coming together. I believe I put a picture sometime back with out the flowered part on it. I love those big red flowers! She is so good with colors!  It still needs quilted. But the hard part is done! (well to me piecing it together is the hard part).
Also the white part along the bottom is not part of the quilt. Shes placed it to take this picture over another quilt.
I wonder who is getting this one??? I hear a sister fight ahead!!!

Also I made a couple of things for my mom for Mother's Day.

 This is a clear vinyl pouch with a zippered closure. I like the little owls peeking out :) I filled it with bandaids and lotion and wet wipes. Its little enough to put in your purse . I got the tutorial on a craft site and for the life of me can NOT find that site! I'm sorry in advance to not giving credit for this one. I printed the tute out but didn't mark the name. As soon as I find it I will post that!

I made this "rug mug" out of some scraps, and the binding is from my mom. She made me alot of it awhile back! And my favorite is the boogy tissue holder.. I found the material at Joann's in the remnant  bin (alot of it!). It's soft cotton and looks like lined paper!! I want to make some pencil cases or a art case from it in the future! My embroidery isn't too hot.. the letters ran out of room near the end.. but its says You have a boogy. :)

My mothers day I was sick :( But did get to cook a good meal and had my mom and my son with his daughter, Zoey over.

I also picked a mess of fresh lettuce out of my garden! Now if only my tomatoes and cucumbers would catch up! 
I found a cute little site that I have to share..
I'm wanting to try to make those cute little cardboard binders she has. I love stuff like that!!!