Monday, January 24, 2011

I love my momma...

I was telling my mom the other day that I needed some prettier bias tape.. (other then the blaaaa colors from craft stores) so she had me pick out some colors from her "stash" of fabric... its like shopping there!! lol...and she made all these brightly colored bias tape for little ole me :) thank you mom!

I have some valentine goodies I'm making with them...
and I am SOOO ready for sunshine !!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year's ..what do you call it??

I hardly ever have a New Year's resolution... because it's another list I have to follow..BUT!!!! but !!! back in December I told myself , we need to stockpile food, and cut back waste...and SAVE MONEY.. well the first two things we were already doing..(high five for us), but that saving money thing I laugh every time..

But ya know.. I started doing this coupon thing and I've saw some things happening!!
We have some money left :)))) Next month I am doing a budget (better then I have been doing) So we will see...I will have to back off the Joann fabric shopping !! naww I can still look.. and they still have the coupon sales!!

Here is a little thing I made and will make more for the kiddies for Valentines Day..I think they are adorable.. Reusable vinyl baggies.. This one I gave to  my granddaughters Mom, Liz (love them both) and put Zoey's medicine in to carry in a purse..
It has a tight Velcro closure so nothing slips out.. I got this tutorial at Zaaberry blo .

Ok, my dog wants to play "food" .. I have to throw her dog food at her so she can flip it around until she eats it.. lol

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well ,this is what I get for messing with my settings! shame on me..I lost my background....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Had to post.again... coupon shopping..

Total before coupons... $10.85
After coupons... $5.85.
It would of been $1.00 less but Dollar Store wouldn't take my dollar off one of the stayfree packages after I had a buy 1 get 1 free ..ugh . The floss was FREE.. I have alot of these coupons for a dollar off and it goes for a dollar there or walmart..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coupon shopping..

Ok, I got my coupons printed and had my lists for Angell's , Dollar Store and Save Alot,and picked up some things at Walmart is a pic of just the things I saved money on and spent ..the total cost without coupons and being on sale was $48.57..
I spent just $18.57 for all this! I saved little over $30! The half gallon of chocolate milk was FREE, after buying a gallon of milk,on sale at Angell's for 2.59 and I had a Angell's coupon for gallon of milk for .30cents. They had a 10for $10 sale too and I mixed the products and got what I would use through the week,instead of getting 10 of ONE product.ugh. The salad was on sale for .99cents, I had a coupon for .50cents for that so I got it for .49cents...( we love salads!)
Ok I'm not going to list each thing, this was just a idea of what savings I totaled up.

This was bought at the Dollar Store. I got both floss's FREE and all those toothbrushes was $2.00 , The listerine I had a $2.00 coupon.. so total paid for all this was $5.50!! (I think it would of been like $11 without coupons)
I made a week's menu for meals and bought stuff to make with what was on sale..

My favorite savings was the Motrin PM .. I had a coupon for $6.00 off two motrin products. Walmart had the smaller boxes of 20 for $3.97 each, I spent little under $2.00 for the both of them .Same for the Exedrin PM.. had a coupon for $3.50 and paid $1.47 for it.. (Yes, I do take them to sleep!! lol )

It's not as hard to do really. Just watch your sale ad's and clip coupons..then you can go to some coupon sites also. There's a banner on the left here to go to and check out some good deals.. 
Another site I like is
Happy Day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

coupon kick going on...

My neice showed my on her facebook page what she got for free using coupons and watching out for special offers at certain shops.. well , I'm addicted already! For once I can't wait to go shopping! yep I'm one of the few women that hates to shop unless it's at Joanns lol. (or any craft/fabric store!)
Our winter weather has hit and I thought I would sew all day.. nope been on the computer looking up coupon deals.haha.
I'll be putting some new buttons on the page to show support and where I go to find them.
I'm loving all the  comments ! Not many but it's a start :) thank you my friends!
OH here is one thing I did make awhile back and wanted to share...
They look like coasters huh? well I love my coffee and these little babies are poptart or any sweets coasters. Or coffee mug rugs. I got this little cute idea here ..

Saltwater Kids

I LOVE HER SITE! lots of goodies there to make..
Then I made some Un-paper napkins,
I found this idea here... My Happy Crazy Life . This lady is awesome and some of her stuff she has made amazes me. She lives a green life I tell ya. (I'm not ready to give up my toilet tissue ! ) but I have been trying to recycle more and make things that I can re-use.
Last I need to post that I sent in a picture of me using my green bag I won from The Green bag lady and she posted my pictures I sent to her on her site.. :) If anyone wants a green bag I have some extra's I made and do make them if requested..for free of course. Plus, if anyone has fabric to donate I will make them from donated fabric and send back to ya :)
Hope everyone stays warm in this snow storm that is hitting most of us mid to east coast..even down south.. eeks.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh yeah!

How do you like my new background?? Found a cute site for blog backgrounds ..her button is on the left there..cute stuff there!

Slow cold week...

I have alot of projects in my head but can NOT get motivated! So, I'm doing some little projects to keep me going ... plus I get on those craft blog sites and can't pull myself away!
Here's something I'd like to make more snack/sandwich bags. I found alot of tutorials on line but thought I'd wing it and made my own.. giving this to my sister to try out..
I used a vinyl tablecloth for the inside lining and cotton for the outside. it closes with Velcro. I made it roomy enough for a big ole sandwich :) It was pretty easy to make, now need to get that lunch sack made ...
Maybe I have winter blues..ugh.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I thought I would lay off the sewing after Christmas for few days..weeks..months?? nawww , after a couple of days I was back in there.. I made a list for myself to make things for me .. at least a couple of things. I have a couple of things in mind to design a purse I've been wanting to try. Speaking of purses, my momma gave me some quilt blocks (she a big time quilter) here is her link to her site that my brother made for her. Leona"s Quilts
But anywho.. my mom gave me some of these quilt blocks that she either made too many for a quilt or messed up on them or something, asked if I could do something with them. I thought they would be cute tote bags and here's the outcome of one..this is one purse front and back views.

I made a liner to go in it with pockets.. I can't wait to show her , she will probably take it! As long as she give's me more blocks..teehee
Here is something I done for fun ... but have used! yep its from a dog food bag.. its very strong too.

I decided to make some little crafts up and try to sell them. So, I opened a etsy account. Wish me luck. I been browsing alot on on there and thought,hey I can do this..
I have no resolutions this year, I just have wishes for my family.. well I can't tell you those or they won't come true ... :) enjoy your new year everyone.