Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm alive!!! LOTS of photos!

Wow, its been like a forever since I did a blog post.. ugh
I have been posting pics on Istagram and Facebook mainly.. (you can find me from the side bar over there)
I have been sewing a lot too.. a few months ago I came up with a pen/pencil pouch for myself and showed it on a group on FB and someone wanted one too. Long story short I have lost count how many I have made!!! Here are a couple of the favorite ones..

I sort of gotten burned out on making these... So when a friend of mine asked me if I could make her a purse organizer I knew I wanted to! And because I had one in mind already and was wanting to make them soon.
So here are photos of what I finished up today
This is a view of it packed with my goodies from inside my purse and then inside my big tote bag, I do get tired of fishing around for my keys!!! I see them sticking up now!
One side view with pockets(inside a place for sunglasses!)

Other side view..

I just randomly stuck things inside the pockets.. I do NOT carry a lighter! lol

Ok for my planner / pen junkie friends!!!
I stuffed this with pens/markers/highlighters/ pencils.. and my planner stuck in the middle..
(my Holborn personal Filofax )

and a side view again using stationary goodies.. 

This is just a the beta version. I will be using this for myself.. I still have to make minor adjustments.. someone mentioned a outside side pocket which I will add.. for a cell phone maybe?
 I couldn't put my cell phone in the photos because I was using it to take pictures.. 
Even without all the junk stuffed inside this stands up by itself.. I only used interfacing on the outside fabrics.. might add it to the inside lining as well. Oh forgot about the handles! 
Not big enough to be in the way but makes it great to carry around and to change into different bags..
This size is roughly 10" W x 7"H x 4" thick
I'm still thinking of a price for this.. it will take more fabrics and more interfacing. 
OHHHH one more thing.. I'm wanting to make a little change purse to go with it.. still have to make one I have in mind!
Thanks for looking!