Wednesday, August 17, 2011

test again!! but on a new program

Ok I am testing the Windows Live Writer out.. Its not bad. A blog friend , Sasha, told me about it, and thought  I would try it out.. Laughing out loudPhoto1366
I do like the way you can put the watermark on the pictures while you post! I haven’t found the enhance button yet to make my pictures all pro like ya know = )

Anyways… I made 11 of these reusable green bags/totes. I have 5 more to get handles cut out..I’ll be taking these to my local library. Will have to do some kid friendly fabrics next!!

OOPS... looks like I need to do some cropping.naw. lol

I still haven’t even put a dent in my stash = ( I want to get it down so I can buy new stuff!!! I told myself no buying til at least ONE shelve is cleared!!! and its so hard as I have been seeing all new fabrics coming out that I want so bad!!!
I should of taken a picture of the tote in the upper left corner closer.. It has cows on it with ballons..its cute.. My mom gave me some of this and it could be vintage but not that old..
What can’t be made into these bags I’ll be cutting up 5” or so squares and try ,yes I said TRY to make a quilt.. hehe
Ok I’m a posting this and see how it looks on the she web site..
(good thing Doug ran the vacuum yesterday, this area is at the entrance of my hallway and I usually have tons of threads and scraps stuck to it from trailing it on my feet!)


  1. You are a bag making machine!! WOW! I like the watermark and the smiley face...I'll be trying that program out soon too!!

  2. Wow, look at all those bags!! Everyone in your neighbourhood that uses the library will have one! 3 Cheers for you being strong and using up your fabric before buying more. The watermark on your photos looks great, I really should try that. We're getting a vacuuming robot to keep our floor clean, I hope it doesn't run away when it sees all the threads on our floor. Lol. I hope this test worked better for you.


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