Friday, September 2, 2011


I miss sewing.. = ( 
Everyday I wake up and say.. ok I have to do get this accomplished today....nope. I rearranged my craft room maybe it would help..nope.I went on Pinterest.. well that sort of helped, I found some awesome things to add to my bucket list to make..I have been busy but have had time to sew but its like..nawww.. I ordered some new fabric.. that got me smiling!! I like to order here at Julies shop... The Intrepid Thread shop. Wish I could get more but I limit myself but my new fabric stash is building so I must get back to sewing soon or nothing will get done! And plus Christmas gifts....yikes..

To the peeps that won the giveaway I have sent them finally!! So sorry, I like sending everything at once and I was having problems with my program and well I had to end up taking them to the real post office ,, twice. But be on the look out for a goodie in your mailbox...

Had to take my momma to the hospital few days ago, all is good but just wanted to be sure.. She had a broken blood vessel on the back of her leg and it bruised something terrible and had a knot in it.. Doctor said its ok though =)
No pictures to post.. I'm even lazy on that part! lol 

Have a good day!


  1. Oh! I hope your mom is recovering well. That sounds pretty painful. You'll be back to sewing soon enough!!!!

    I need to start thinking about Christmas gifts myself. I'll probably give baked goods again this year =D

  2. Hello to you too!! Some days can be a bit ho hum , but you'll get your zest back soon! I'm glad to hear your mum is okay, that would have been a bit of a scare! Oh yes Christmas is creeping up..


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