Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sewing day Saturday

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!
 I usually use my weekend to sew. I hate shopping on weekends ( I hate shopping period unless there's craft supplies involved! ).
I had our Zoey yesterday and she helped "organize" my zippers. It went better then my buttons.. that was a mistake! Note to self: need locking button container!  She is good about not putting them in her mouth but when she has a pile of them she likes to "smooth" them all out and well they are still all over my floor! = ) I love her tons though!!

I'm not getting any nibs on my Etsy.. but I'm being patient as there are tons of wallets and pencil cases  out there and for some reason my Facebook family and friends are not helping spread the word for me!!! ( exception to Dana..thank you! = ) I'm not trying to sound mean !! but what's family for!!??? hehe  But I need a really great seller of something or other. A money maker! lol
I made this wallet a few weeks ago and I use it for myself and I get tons of complements on it at the stores when I'm out and about. So.. I'm saying hmmmm .. It took me forever and three needles later to get it finished.. But usually the first try is always the test huh? So, today I started another one.. more of plaids and linen fabrics. (so far no needle breakages!)  I got some other colors in line too and will post two on Etsy and see how it goes.. If not then I have most my Christmas gifts finished!! = )

Here is a preview of the one I'm working on..
I picked up some of that green linen as a remnant at Joann's and had alot of plaid laying around and always thought the colors go good together. What I like about this pattern, the tutorial is alot of pages and step by step with pictures!! And instead of interfacing for the bigger pieces you use duck canvas and gives it a nice sturdy feel to it.
I bought this pattern from NapKitten on Etsy. She has alot of cute, adorable patterns for purses , wallets and keychains. I love all her items too for sale.. check out her store Here as well ( she a Etsy store for her patterns and one for her items she makes. ) Those little wool coin purses are freaking adorable!!
I also made a purse last week...

It called for longer handles but I'm not a long handle purse person so I shorten them .. This pattern came from Here . I really like it but the handles are little flimsy. If I would make another one I would try to put some cording inside it or something.. thats a back burner thing right now ..
( I love paisleys by the way!!!)
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!
I'm going to go finish my coffee and rest my eyes.. I don't look far away enough and I read if you do alot of close up work or on computer or read alot to "rest your eyes" and look far away at a object for few minutes.. Or you can just pop a aspirin and keep doing what ya do!!!

= P


  1. It'll take time with the etsy thing. I bet around Christmas you might have some sales. Your little Zoey sounds like such a darling!!

  2. I love the new wallet and purse!! I heard etsy can take a bit to take off, but it will happen =D


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