Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A hot day outside.. sewing inside!!!

Maybe I should have a "A mess from my desk Tuesday" every week!! I have a little assembly line going !! I'm making a different sort of pencil pouch. I don't want to give the extra goody away yet!! Maybe you can figure it out from this mess!! = )
And did you notice I added my logo name on the picture? = ) I've been learning alot about this blogging thing lately!! The nerve of some people trying to steal images and make them their own baffles me!!! Hopefully not happened to me but have read some horror stories ,even stealing tutorials of made items and claiming as their own..good grief!!! I always try to give credit for anything I use on my blog. I know there's alot of work into crafting and I just couldn't think of anyone doing that to someone's hard work!!!
But anywho... I've made 3 of my goodies and have 4 more to finish. Hopefully by tomorrow morning!! I'm going to stay in all day today as the heat index today here in Indiana is a sweltering 110 F degrees!!! I sure hope people are taking care of their elderly folks and of course their animals outside.. I HATE driving past a house with a dog tired up with NO shade or water bowl outside.. GRRRRR I'm a very VERY animal lover of any sorts... =) I will even stop to get a turtle out of the road and help him to the other side.. My son when he was little said to me once.. "but what if he wasn't going that way?" I said "well, then he will have to double back and we will help him again!"

OK now whats on my kitchen table :

Well, its in my fridge now getting cold now...
I made fresh fruit salad.. and can NOT wait to eat it.. I've been sneaking bites though!
My friends from northern Indiana brought us some FRESH Blueberries!!! I use to hate blueberries.ack! the store bought ones were so nasty and I always thought they all tasted that way.. We went up there a couple years ago to pick and I popped one of those big fat ones in my mouth and started eating them like crazy!! MMMMM they taste like miniature plums!! and sweet!
So we ordered 10 lbs of them and I gave a few out to sister and momma.. I made blueberries muffins too!!
I hate 4..yes FOUR that same night. lol
Also in this is fresh peaches we bought from a Amish farm. They weren't Indiana peaches but they still good = )

Got a question to my crafter bloggies.. how do you put a 'signature" on your posts? like at the bottom of each post? I've looked but must of past it up!!! 


  1. Hey...this didn't show up in reader as new to me :( I just happened to click on your blog in my list and saw you had a new post =D
    I found this and it looks pretty neat! http://www.anshuldudeja.com/2009/04/how-add-signature-below-each-post-in.html
    LOL! I can't wait to see more messes =P And I'm loving your fruit salad!! I just made my first pie yesterday!!! I used blueberries, strawberries and blackberries =D

  2. Ok weird...I just went back to reader and now it's showing as a new post!! Along with a couple others...


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