Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Rambling.. with a cough

Yep still sick. I thought I was getting better, now it's turned into a cough and blowing my nose. I tried to adventure out today but it was all wrong. Nothing went right. .. and I'm not getting into it that story!! Let's just say I ended my day as leaving the cashier at Walmart with all my stuff to put back!!

Let's get to the sewing bits.. = )
  I sewed this...I ripped a old fake leathery coin purse apart to get the zipper.. and ended up making one just like it!! I should of taken a picture of the before huh??? 

I love this fabric. I bought it at Joann's awhile back as a remnant . It's outdoor canvas. I still have a teeny bit left!!

I ordered zippers FINALLY!! I bought them on Etsy at The Zipper Store . Alot of assorted colors!And she has cheap!!! postage!!! check it out.

My doggy , Baby, has to take a trip to the doggy doctor tomorrow.. This happens about once a month. She's a delicate creature . I was looking at her paw last night and one of her pads was swollen up HUGE and gross looking. As a good dog mommy I put ointment on it and wrapped it. She looked at me with sad eyes and said, Thanks mommy lol Good thing I wrapped it because it popped open last nite.(sorry gross talk here) Actually it looks better but still red and going to let the vet take a gander at it. She is one expensive little hairy thing but we love her and I wouldn't trade her for nothing in the world!!! Doug said while I was out shopping today she laid in my sewing room the whole time . I felt bad so we "hung out" together tonight..she on my lap scratching her back and me..well scratching her back!!
Oh,, back to sewing.. = )

I made another purse too but don't have pictures yet.. I need a model and well Doug just looks at me funny when I ask..maybe one day I'll make a shoulder harness for his gun and he will model for me then!!! giggle.

Ok nite nite crafters and friends and family (some maybe just waking)... I wanted to shout out to my followers that you are the best! I love emailing back and forth , and reading each others blogs enlightens my day!!!

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  1. I hope you keep feeling better!!! I love that little pouch!! The fact that the zipper goes so far around it is great!!!!


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