Thursday, July 14, 2011

sewing and a sore throat

I went to bed last night with a "scratchy" throat and woke up around 3-4am with it so sore. I got up to make hot tea with honey to get it stop alittle. It didn't , I just ended up going to the bathroom the rest of the morning.. ended up going back to bed and finally going off to sleep with a cough drop stuck in my cheek.. Have you ever done that? You wake up and its still there and you start freaking.."I could of choked in my sleep!" I ended up sleeping til 10 AM.. I never slept in that late in foreverrrrrr! (I'm a 7-8 o'clock sort of person and stay in my jammies til 10ish to noonish lol )
Well I wasn't going to let a sore throat get me to finish up another wallet!! So I made this one like the last post I did on a wallet. I didn't line it as thick and it still is sturdy enough. I hate thin wallets. I still not happy with the zipper. I had some older metal zippers and they do well in the small wallets I've made but I'm thinking I need to order new zippers now for these wallets. OR I have a plan to change the zipper to a front view instead of the top.
ok ok here is the pic...

You can barely see the zipper above the card slots. I need to change that. Also do you see my tag??? I made new ones finally!!! I'm happy with these too..finally.. I get a image in my head of what things need to be that I like and I stick with it until its finished! = )
See a nice big stack of them in two sizes.. some for sideways inserts and then the long one i folded up like on the wallet. I printed out the image( I had Kim from make for me) . I used PhotoFabric I got at Joann's. It came on a roll and saw a tutorial somewhere on the blogland using this. It has a paper backing that I guessing you can take off after printing your stuff on it but it gave it a sturdier feel so I left it on. Only thing I don't like if I do peel it off the fabric raffles... is that spelled right???
I'm wanting to use SpoonFlower for my next labels.. = ) That place is awesomely great!

My "Baby" never left my feet today.. I think her allergies are acting up again , so if she needs her backside scratched I won't be very far to reach down with my feet to do that .. and no that is not my dirty laundry!! Old shirts Doug gave me to use to cut up for whatever. I just happened to throw them on her pillow..Isn't she cute? ...and fat. lol


  1. Oh I'm sorry you have such a sore throat!! I've fallen asleep with a cough drop in my mouth before!! It was the only way I could fall asleep!!The wallet looks great!!! And I love the labels! so professional =D Give that cutie some back scratching from me =D feel better!!! hugs!!!

  2. Hi, I use the same material for my labels. I use a heavy weight interfacing to help keep them durable. (i do peel the paper off) Then I use a fancy stitch to sew around the label to help it stay on the fabric. Check out my blog, some of the pictures show how I attach the labels. :) Aimee

  3. I hope you're feeling better. Your new wallet looks great! So are your labels, it really is such a great logo!


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