Saturday, July 23, 2011

Well, I couldn't help myself...

 I have a very sickly doggy = ( and to try to take my mind off of it and not to think the worse as I usually do!! I decided to make my header for my blog..
Whadda think???? I'm mighty proud of it too! I need to add the credits later but the picture of Zoey, and Baby are mine of course.. and the blog title..I drew the sewing machine!! the rest I got free from some searching.
I used Picnik to make it all. It was pretty easy after reading up on it and getting all my pics in order.
Back to Baby, well long story short,,she has diabetes. I have to start giving her insulin shots twice a day at meal times. She is not to get NO more treats!! Oh boy. This is going to be hard.. That will be like telling me I can't sew anymore!!!!!!!!! EEEKS! But we take her back to vet Monday and will get blood work results and hopefully her kidneys and pancreas didn't start shutting down..
Remember my A/C going out? She got over heated even tho we kept fans on her. She panted ALOT and drank alot so I thought she will be ok and tough it out like us. NO. I'm so upset with myself over this. She stopped eating Friday and starting vomiting the water right back out. So first thing this morning I took her to vet. Mr. Vet told me good thing because she might of made it .. I have cried all day today hoping she will be ok...
People that don't have pets think silly thoughts of this but I don't care. She is like my kid. I actually think we have spent more on her then our kids!!!
I'm a dog mom and damn proud of it!!
Doug had her delivered to me on Valentine's Day in 2003 while he was in Turkey on one of his many deployments with the Air Force. She kept me company and I was so happy with her = )
It will be another long night I believe, I didn't get any sleep last night either. Had a couple short naps in today..
I hate this!! grrrrrrrrrrr
Have a good Sunday if you haven't started it yet.. if you have hope it was enjoyable!!!



  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your doggie! My three cats are my kids. I would be devastated if anything ever happened to them. *BIG HUGS* to you and give Baby hugs from me!!

    p.s. I love the blog header!!!!

  2. I used to have a cat we had to give two insulin shots a day. It's a bit freaky at first but the reward was seeing her improve in lots of ways that we'd been putting down to old age. We found out she had diabetes when she was 10 and she lived to 15 years old. I'm a big believer in furry babies, people who don't understand are just silly! I love your new header, it's everything that is special in your life.


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