Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I really have to post this fast as there is a storm blowing in fast.. I usually unplug all my computer stuff when that happens. I have lost way too many laptops, or computers, modems..etc. !!!

SOOOO anyways I posted 3 more items on Etsy.. you can access it from my blog page or HERE TO ETSY !!

I have more to make to add later. I start my day waking up and getting my coffee ready and say..Sue, you will sew NOW.. but I sit down, and say.. hmm  wonder what blogs posted,, or check email for a winning giveaway!! ( that would wake me up!) but as the morning drags on ,, so do I. So by time I get to sewing its lunch time and too much going on then. Then during the evening I'm thinking.. I should of got THAT done today!! 

Then its coffee time again and I'm sitting on my fat.. @zz and wasting time again... hehehe But its not really wasting time.. I'm reading about everyone else's blogs and great idea's and then I go to Pinterest and see what the latest Pin's are.so.... I hope they keep internet around!!! = )

Puppy update.......shes eating and doing wonderful!! We took her to doggy doc today and her blood sugar was still up above 200 a little but he said its probably going to be a few more days and just moniter it. So she goes back in a week. wheweee. As Mary from Jack's Big Music Show says........WHHATTTTT AAAAA DAYYYY!!!  If you have kids you really need to check that cute show out on NickJR!! Check it out if you don't have kids.. its a fun show!!
Also what I forgot post yesterday is that I had won another green bag from http://www.greenbaglady.blogspot.com/ and won the dark brown one in the middle... bag.  I received it the other day and I love the fabric. Its organic cotton from http://www.harmonyart.com/  They have some really nice fabric there.. and its Organic!! = )
Night ya'all
Enjoy our little goof...


  1. I love the new Etsy items!!!! Gorgeous!!! I need to spend more time sewing/knitting myself. I'm glad I'm not the only one =P

    Hugs to Baby!!! I'm glad she's getting better. Your granddaughter is such a cutie!

  2. Congrats on your Etsy shop...I hope its a smashing success!!! :) So glad to hear that the pup is doing better. Its so hard when we love them as much as we do! :)

  3. You're an Etsy super star!! And the luckiest giveaway winner, youre always winning something :)! But the luckiest thing of all is Baby is heaps better!! And how cute is that little cutie! Its so easy to get lost in blogland for hours and hours!


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