Monday, July 11, 2011

Three long days....

Three Long Days,,,Isn't that a  song?? =)

As in sewing yes its been long!! but the outcome of it has paid off!! I made this.

Please don't look too close either! I messed up a couple places but went EXACTLY by the tutorial but still ended up funny ,, imagine that from me??HUH?  but I do LOVE IT!! It is suppose to be a wallet for a friend that I owe one to,but well sorry Amy its mine! and because it just took me way to long to make and broke 2 and almost 3 needles.and cut the end of my zipper off  = ( .AND my iron went out this morning right when I was to finish it up!  So a fast (and HOT) trip to Wally World as Joann's was too far away :( I really had my eye on a bright green or pink one at Targets last week and if I had known..thats how it goes huh?

OK here is the rest of the pictures of my cute , FAT , sturdy lovely wallet I'm calling ..well..fat owl wallet, lol. It's like a fat paperback book!
 first  & second page.there are also pockets behind all the pages as well!! 
last pages. i forgot to take pic of inside pages
inside for the bills
and closed 
I give myself a pat on my back for this one..This is the wallet I was wanting to make to sell on Etsy but..hmm no I don't think I would get any done to make money!! Maybe a gift or two for Christmas's.
I got the pattern here from NapKitten. Her's looks so neat and pressed and her binding is so much better.. I got sortof upset with my binding skills for a minute but thought hey at least I sewed it! yay!!! I only put one snap on the tab as she put two. I don't like to fumble with snaps.. = )

I wanted to shout out to my lovely niece Nicole that is having her first baby girl Ella this friday!! We are all so excited!! She found out she is breech, and my friend Jeannie found out her baby girl is breech as well and she will be having her little girl next friday!! I have one more friend having a baby boy next month!! What are you all doing out there people!!!?? HAHA

My great brother Ron, got my web name up!! Its officially MINE!! mawahhhahaha!!! Actually he just redirected the web name to my blog, so I didn't have to move anything and the blog name stays the same.. but I can put my web name on cards now!! Did I's mine?? = )

Last note.. The new season of Design Star starts tonight on HGTV!! I LOVE David Bromstad!!!  go here to get the info

= )


  1. You did a great job on the wallet!!! I think it looks perfect =D You never know, you might make a couple more and then it will be easy peasy!!!

    Congrats on all the up and coming babies!!! Oh and another congrats for getting your web name!!! That's so great!!!!! I just went to the site and yep...everything looks perfect =D

  2. Well, I didn't look close, but from where I sit, it looks amazing! I would've kept it too after all that work! =)

    Congrats on a new baby in the family! =)

  3. Hello Suzee of!! That's exciting! I love your Fat Owl Wallet! It has a zillion pockets! I bet you could even fit tea in there. Congratulations on all the babies arriving! You'll have fun making them lovely things!


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