Monday, July 25, 2011

Better days = )

I had a LONG weekend! But not in a good way.. but in the end its turning out better! My last post of my dear little doggy, Baby gotten terrible sick but with the good vet that I have she is on her way to recovery!! (and I must say a much richer vet!!! lol )
She does have diabetes and will have to keep giving her shots ...forever now. Her blood results showed her kidneys were on border line shutdown but wasn't quite there yet. Her blood sugar are MUCH lower now. 200 range but they said it needs to be down under that a bit more. I do not know a thing about diabetes and I guess I'll have to read up on doggy-betes .
I took her to vet this morning and left her and they called me within the hour to say to come get her as her stress level was too high and wouldn't eat. As soon as I brought her in the door she went to her food bowl . I was SO happy!! she ate alot today!! She better enjoy it because docter vet said no more eating just when she wants to. Schedule , schedule, schedule.. and no more poptarts!!! (she shares with me so I guess that means no more poptarts for mom either ) oh hum....but all in all... I'm happy she is recovering. Too stressful!!! I do love my animals buddies.

I started this blog to keep my sewing projects in order. But as you see my new blog its about everything I love!!! I need to squeeze my two boys pictures in there!!! I still need to tweak things on it but just the background and all.

I been sewing!!!! of course....

I need more things on Etsy.. I have alot of things I want to add there because I need funds to buy more fabric and more crafty goods!!! = ) Its a never ending circle isn't it?? Here's a sneaky peek.....

A little bit of hand embroidery, something  I would love to do more of but I have a "dead" finger.. it's constantly numb .. not really dead.. lol 
I'll be trying to get these up soon.

I don't write down ahead of time what I want to post on here , I just do it as I go... so I forgot what else I wanted to post... well ok.. then.. goodnite!!! = )

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  1. I'm so glad she's eating and her sugar is down quite a bit!!!! Your new projects look really pretty. I especially love the embroidery =D


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