Thursday, July 21, 2011

OH Happy Day!!!

 Update .......Is this showing up in blogger ????

I FINALLY got my Etsy up!!! yay!!!! It located over at the right side bar!!! (sorry bring your own refreshments!)  I plan on making alot more stuff and hopefully to SELL alot of stuff!! lol
The notifications for my email is back in order!! AND hopefully the air conditioner man will be here by noon!!! We slept with two fans on us last nite!! My poor doggy , Baby, panted all night.. I tried to keep one fan directly on her but she was up and down all night.. none of us slept good! Its bad to say we have took for granted with some of our luxuries we have in our life.. I grew up with NO air conditioning.. and I don't remember it feeling this hot and bad out.
But anywho!!! take a look at my Etsy and  check back again to see what I've added!!
Also I am on facebook as well.. look up applehead threads = ) its not a LIKE page just a normal click and add friend page so I can keep in touch with YOU as well!!

For some of you that sell on Etsy would you care to look into my policy pages and all and see if I got things right? I sort of copied and pasted from other pages and turned the wording around!! lol
Here is what I made!!! a preview...


  1. Ohhh congraats on Etsy!!!! Those are adorable!!! And will school shopping coming up soon, I'm sure they will be a hit. This post didn't show as new for me in reader, but I couldn't wait anymore lol!

  2. I think this is showing up in blogger.. it was on my blogs sidebar list of blogs. Thats a lot of blog words in one sentence. I love your etsy store, your pencil cases are a great idea, at a very reasonable price and the variety of fabrics is fun. Your policies sound really great too! How exciting that you have an Etsy shop. May you have a zillion sales and may your customers always be happy!


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