Friday, June 17, 2011


Ok I get carried away when someone gives me fabric.. any kind all sizes and from anywhere! Another one's OLD fabric is new fabric to me!!
So laugh if you all want because I'm posting my free fabric given to me from my friend Dana !! thank you so much!
My favorite is the two vintage sheets!!! Zoey will be getting some little dresses out of those !! and as again I apologize for the terrible pictures..
I need a new GOOD camera :(
I did get a little sewing finished this morning. These are going out to my sewing swaps partners, with a couple of other little things. I hate sewing with vinyl but love the outcome of what you can make with it.My favorite is the orange one, and since I sort of mess up on that one,, I'm keeping it.
I've made a few of these with Velcro closures and bigger ones too. You can use them for anything. I got this tutorial HERE from Crazy Mom Quilts. I love that name!!

I had to break down and turn the A/C back on today.. the last couple of days were so nice and cool and was nice to keep the bedroom windows open at night and sleep with the frogs.. (we have a small fish pond right beside our window and some did get a little noisey)
Baby, my little doggy, buddy, friend, and dog daugther lol, always has to be right with me if I'm in my sewing room or in the bathroom!! I swear she thinks I'm going to squeeze through the tiny window in there and escape without her at times! She found a sunbeam in my sewing room and took advantage of it, once she is grounded all you have to do is walk around and over her or you can't get anything done.
(NO she is not pregnant ! she just like to look like me too!)

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